Gatling Cannon
Overlord Gatling CannonHelix Gatling Cannon

Chinese Overlord Gatling Cannon

A Type-93 Overlord sporting a Gatling Cannon, they can also be utilized on Emperor Tanks and Helix Helicopters
Faction Iron Dragon PLA
Cost $1000-$1200
Research At Overlord Tank

Emperor Tank
Helix Helicopter

Rough anti-aircraft have been a scale problem for most occasional fights. This attachment have been improved to be utilized with all speed to fend off enemy aircraft, Gatling Cannon attachments have been utilized on the tanks which allows them to multi-task against enemy foes who are against the might of China's forces.

These weapons can attack enemy units around them, they are the good anti-aircraft capabilities which can chew up enemy aircraft whilst they are mostly known to be a threat towards all. Since Firefly tanks have replaced the Slicer Tanks, there have been some cost increases to the Gatling Cannon attachments, but secretly they have been lowered in price to ensure status on any Overlord/Emperor/Helix add-ons when it comes to battle weapons.


To be added...


Affects: Overlord, Emperor, Helix
Type: Attack Add-On


Allows an Overlord, Helix or Emperor Tank to take on enemy aircraft and easily kill infantry
This attachment locks a target Overlord with this configuration

Pros of the Gatling Cannon

  1. Without this, the Overlord, Helix or Emperor will be taken out easily by enemy aircraft and infantry. This provides anti-infantry and anti-aircraft cover.
  2. On-board Gatling Cannons provide additional firepower will be provided for several other attack purposes

Cons of the Gatling Cannon

  1. Installing a Gatling Cannon will cost around most resources and will take more time to install on the turrets of Overlords, Firelord, Helix and Emperors
  2. Once installed, the selected tank or helicopter with the upgrade cannot revert back to its former state or install any other attachment.

Related Attachments

Not every single overlord is limited to one or two attachments, but its Emperor and Helix brothers can also use this attachment to face off against enemy aircraft and infantry, the Type-93 Overlord has a variety of upgrade it can utilise in various ways. Currently it has two other types of attachments to support their allies on the field.

  • Battle Bunker - Installs a small defensive hub on a turret, this allows infantry to take an Overlord or Firelord Tank to transport soldiers safely across the battlefield, they can utilize fireports whilst inside.
  • Speaker Tower - This attaches a speaker set to an Overlord, Helix or Firelord tank, all-thou this attachment dosn't add any additional firepower, the Speaker Tower increases moral of all units around the tank.

Behind the Scenes

  • The Gatling Cannon, yep, you guessed it, it is the similar one from the original game.
  • Keeping its original code and style, the Gatling Cannon will stay in its standard condition when first found in terms of coding, there might be some changes to the attachment future.

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