GLRF Barracks Icon

GLRF Barracks

The main base of infantry in the GLRF, the Barracks trains all infantry forces and send out infantry mounted vehicles
Faction Global Liberation Resistance
Cost $500
Build at N/A
Requires Worker

Primary structures for infantry deployment and training, the Barracks like all others in the other 7 primary factions the GLRF's Barracks is also one of many structures that can deploy infantry mounted vehicles for scouting, attacking & defending bases into battle, also it is known to be deploying a set of rewired drones strapped with explosives into battle using old Stubber Drones as a base for suicide attacks.

These structures have been known to be operated by the Global Liberation Army for the training of infantry but under harsh conditions due to the environment, once the GLRF risen and Prince Kassad taking power of the faction, he ordered a complete overhaul to all infantry training facilities to ensure things inside the structure are more suitable and less harsh on the soldiers being trained allowing the morale of infantry in the facility to become higher for combat effectiveness and also to overcome all obsticles that could threaten new recuits through newer programs.


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During the newer times of the GLRF with Prince Kassad taking power, he ordered immediate overhauls of all infantry training protocols to ensure the morale of his fellow followers do not go under desired rates once they are deployed into combat, also during the overhauls he also ordered bikes, ATVs and also snowbikes to be deployed from the Barracks instead of from the Arms Dealer since priorities and vehicles are being moved to various structures to save time at the facilities.

Also the GLRF Barracks is known to deploy rewired drones strapped with TNT and explosives onto them and ram enemy forces with them, however since they are known to be old models and variants of the known USTF operated Stubber Drone by the United States, since they do have a similar appearence the drones controlled by operators from the Barracks know the weaknesses of the drones and can easily exploit them during any part of battles.

Infantry Trained

Cameo Name Description
GLRF RPD Rebel Icon RPD Rebel

During the GLA's times, Rebels are mostly equipped with AK-47's and mostly trained in various conditions and not much in terms of combat training, since Prince Kassad became head of the GLRF since the army's revival he overhauled the Rebel training protocols.

He ordered all rebels to equipped with RPD light machine guns and throw molotov grenades at their enemies whilst they are in a firefight with enemy units. RPD Rebels can now attack aircraft, since they received standard AA training also.

GLRF Placeholder Cannon Rebel

The RPG Trooper was very valuable against enemy tanks and aircraft whilst on the battlefield and also guarding many Tunnel Networks from enemy attacks whilst they are keeping entrances for soldiers open for battlefield use.

Today, Cannon Rebels take charge as the GLRF's main personal anti-armour soldier and he can also since utilize his anti-tank cannon made from spare parts to combat vehicles.

GLRF Stinger Trooper Icon Stinger Trooper

Used to hang out at Stinger Sites waiting for missiles and aircraft to show up, Stinger Troopers are equipped with FIM-92 Stingers and are usually found on patrol with soldiers from the GLRF instead of waiting inside nests at bases.

Now since Anti-Air Sites are now replacing Stinger Sites for aircraft defense, Stinger Troopers thanks to authorisation from Prince Kassad during the faction overhaul they have been spotted with their comrades in arms against the oppressors.

GLRF Fanatic Icon Fanatic

The classic blow'em up soldier with a lot of explosives strapped onto him, now that the Global Liberation Resistance forces began their war against America, China and the Company of Liberty.

Fanatics are soldiers which risk their lives for the cause in blowing up enemy bases and causing a lot of damage to enemy units where he chooses to target, either in a vehicle or on foot.

Thanks to more efficient training programs introduced by GLRF head Prince Kassad, they're now cheaper to deploy.

GLRF Bio Rebel Icon Bio-Rebel

Special soldiers which utilizes toxic streamers which spew out Beta biological chemicals as specially designed, built and mainly supplied to these soldiers by Dr.Thrax.

The Bio-Rebels are specially trained to use these biological agents which can clear out enemy structures and kill infantry within a matter of seconds. These soldiers cannot throw molotov grenades but due to his training, he can throw a chemical grenade at his enemy.

GLRF Combat Mob Icon Combat Mob

All-thou the GLA utilized hordes of angry civilians which want to rise up against the Chinese and Americans during the 2016-2025 conflict, the GLRF Combat Mobs consist of skilled members using machine guns.

Rocket launchers and sometimes stinger launchers which can deal allot of hurt on the enemy, causing units and vehicles to become prey to these rumbling hordes of war thirsty soldiers.

GLRF Saboteur Icon Saboteur

The keys to the safe mostly depend on how to crack it open and tamper with the enemy. For these jobs, Prince Kassad deployed the best specialists, Saboteurs, a non-combat soldier.

His skills and services allowed today the GLRF to tamper with their enemies and also steal valuable cash and also shutting down power plants when he heads inside the target structure and allowing him to do his work, the Saboteur is armed with a 15 round pistol for defensive measures.

GLRF Hijacker Icon Hijacker

Venerable and silent soldiers which don't appear on the battlefield armed with a fire-arm.

But mostly when he needs to acquire a specific vehicle for the GLRF to study or use on their enemy, the Hijacker is dispatched to that specific target to use when on the battlefield.

Thanks to further training, he is now equipped with a Knife if he is to conduct stealth kills against enemy soldiers if he is discovered by enemy the enemy and sent soldiers onto him.

GLRF Jarmen Kell Jarmen Kell

Rescued by the Global Liberation Army in the year of 2017 by Rodall Juhziz and with training recieved from many of his friends and colleagues in the GLA, Jarmen Kell was a soldier not to be messed with until the GLA's defeat in 2025.

When the venerable sniper acquired special training from GLRF Stealth General, Zenans Ozilq, he is armed with a sniper rifle, a pistol and specially designed C6 demolition charges to plant on enemy structures.

The charges he plant are remote controlled, once his prey is inside any range of the target area, he can blow up the charges to cause large levels of damage to enemy units and the structure planted on.

Barracks Deployed Vehicles

When during the time of the Second Eurasian Conflict, the Arms Dealer cannot keep up with demands from soldiers to build them specially designed Combat Motorcycles to deal with the enemy in a specific time.

After discovering this problem, Prince Kassad ordered Motorcycles to be built at the Barracks, where it will take less time for soldiers to plant weapons on the bikes and ride out to liberation against the armies which are against the GLRF as time rolls by, Motorbike Riders also jump off their bikes if its about to get destroyed.

Cameo Name Description
GLRF Snowbike Icon Snowbike

Used by Prince Kassad's specialist Snow Rebel Teams in the artic and snowy lands of the world, GLRF used Snowbikes is equipped with a front mounted toxin sprayer for dealing with mainly enemy infantry and is capable of clearing garrisons.

Throughout their use in the GLRF's forces, several of these bikes were mainly either stolen from Chinese or USA convoys Snowbikes are known for going through the snow, however some of these were spotted on dry lands traversing the sands of the world's desert.

GLRF Placeholder Burner Scout Cycle

Utilised by the Rebels, these off-roading motorcycles can launch molotov grenades at enemy vehicles and infantry within a matter of seconds once its rider begins the attack on his target, the Burner is armed with a machine gun and molotov launcher.

Which will do decent amounts of damage against enemies infantry whilst fending off hostiles from their home base, Burners whilst being a light cost unit is good for early hit & run tactics.

GLRF Placeholder Viper Mortar Cycle

The GLRF bought a large amounts of these motorcycles from many sources and secret merchants while preparing for war against the Chinese and the Americans.

After they are acquired, Viper Mortar Cycle is armed with a set of mortar launchers which will do massive amounts of damage against enemy vehicles and structures when ordered to attack.

It can be used to destroy small outposts and scout vehicles in groups, it cannot attack enemy vehicles unless backed up by tanks.

GLRF Placeholder Warthog Attack Quad

Found to be a rare sight on the battlefield, the Warthog is a better version of the Burner and Viper motorcycles together in one package, equipped with a series of four machine guns for better anti-infantry capabilities and a series of biological anthrax mortars for fighting off enemy vehicles.

Due to its better capabilities than the Burner scouts, Warthogs can switch riders anytime for various roles, making it one of many best multi-role vehicles deployed from the Barracks.


All through the GLRF don't mainly use robotic weapons and drones for their war against the Chinese-American task force, the Eurasian Commonwealth and the Company of Liberty.

The GLRF Salvaged several old USA Sentry Drones and rigged them up with TNT, bombs and rewired to operate again, it can also be guided to its target by remote control, used by its operator at any Barracks.

Upgrades Available

Cameo Name Description
Capture Building Capture Building This allows RPD Rebels to capture enemy buildings, they can also acquire tech structures which could prove important.

Faction Cell Exclusives

Scorpion Cell Exclusives

Cameo Name Description
GLRF Placeholder Grenadier Rebel

Expert explosive weapon handlers which replace the Bio-Rebel for General Juhziz.

The Grenadier Rebel is armed with a grenade launcher which he can launch any grenade of his choice at enemy targets, he is best in taking on enemy infantry with two types of grenades to choose from in his backpack.

He can use HE grenades or maybe a threatening radioactive grenade which he can use to clean out garrisons.

Chameleon Cell Exclusives

Cameo Name Description
GLRF Placeholder Desert Sniper

Surviving veterans of the Global Liberation Army which are specially trained in assassinating their enemies from a far distance with a Sniper Rifle like Jarman Kell.

Most of the Desert Snipers were recovered from regions which were targeted by the Company of Liberty and the Eurasian Commonwealth where they live, now serving as the primary sniper which followed Zenans Ozilq road against their enemies.

Cobra Cell Exclusives

Cameo Name Description
GLRF RPD Rebel Icon Terror Squad Rebel Elite versions of RPD Rebels, equipped with an upgraded RPD machine gun and known to hide among civilian crowds but they are found easily with their weapons, along with their molotov cocktails on their belts. Despite being hidden among the crowds, they can strike without hesitation thanks to new training.
GLRF RPG Trooper Icon RPG Trooper Replaced by Cannon Rebels during the GLRF's Overhaul along with almost being outdated by newer weapons and technology, RPG Troopers have been found operating within the Cobra Cell and known to be fighting in sets of Terror Squads which sometimes recieves backup from newer Cannon Rebels.
GLRF Terror RPG Trooper Icon Terror Squad RPG Trooper Upgraded from normal RPG Troopers, these elite set of troopers are equipped with a series of biological rockets with civilian clothing to hide among civilians, several of these soldiers have been found in the elite ranks of the Terror Squad, like their RPD Rebel allies.
GLRF Placeholder Terror Squad Assassin Similar to Zenans Ozilq's Desert Sniper operatives, these forces are long-range hunters equipped with a crossbow to hunt down hostile forces without sounding any alarms, these men can also utilise biological tipped arrows to poison enemy units from a distance.
GLRF Placeholder Terror Cell Officer Operating all Terror Squad Operatives across all regions operated by the Cobra Cell and Asliraf Masori's forces for world domination, Terror Cell Officers can call in a series of airstrikes and raise the morale of any GLRF forces around them, they are known to be high value targets by opposing factions

Armadillo Cell Exclusives

Cameo Name Description
GLRF Guardsman Cell Guardsman

RPD Rebels transformed into Cell Guard regiment units by Solimaan's training and donation of newest weapons, there have been sightings of Cell Guardsmen leading rebels into battle against his enemies.

These well-experienced soldiers are more accurate and double their ammunition rate, doing more damage than standard RPD Rebels do and their anti-aircraft capabilities have also improved.

GLRF White Guardsman White Guardsman

Upgrades of Cell Guardsmen.

The ultimate rank of the Cell Guardsman, the rare but better equipped White Guardsmen which currently have specially designed ceremonial uniform and better equipment.

GLRF Placeholder Bazzoker Trooper

Equipped with modified Rocket Launchers, Bazzoker Troopers can launch 2-4 rockets at a time if required to hold down an area for expansion of the GLRF.

They first start off launching 2 rockets at a time, and when they desire to face off with more enemies, they can launch 4 more rockets with additional ease onto their enemies.

Another feature which makes them more capable at their anti-armour job is that they wear thick kevlar coats which gives them better protection against all kinds of attacks, but makes them slower. They are a valuable asset to Solimaan.

Behind the Scenes

  • Like every Barracks, the GLRF variant is also one of the many structures in the GLRF that can now deploy the Combat Cycle divisions and Suicide Drones.
  • Also it one of many structures that can switch command sets at any specific moment during battle so two sets of the structure will be required for infantry mounted vehicles such as cycles and quad bikes and another for standard infantry.
  • Currently there is a small glitch that causes the barracks command set to switch ones used by the GLRF's Worker units, currently we're working on a remedy to sort this bug out.

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