GLRF-North American War
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The current overview of North America, with GLRF and American/Company areas marked on the map as battles go on between US/CoL and GLRF forces

Previous Kalini Crisis
Concurrent South American Civil War

Second Eurasian Conflict
Chinese-South American War

Next Middle Eastern Crisis
Beginning September 24th 2026
End Ongoing
Place North America


Outcome War currently ongoing

- Canadian forces involved due to GLRF attacks
- United States initiate state lockdown
- GLRF forces attempt to seize regions
- Use of experimental weapons authorized
- Company forces deploy to Canadian and American territories
- Law Enforcement units report train thefts across US and Canada
- US Airforce and USMC Shield Sectors deployed in defense positions

Major Battles Battles in America

- Attempted Assassination of Frank Winston
- Battle of Baton Rouge
- Florida Occupation
- Florida Train Theft
- Grand Canyon Territorial Battle
- Las Vegas Lockdown
- Los Angeles Terror Attacks
- New York City Terror Attacks
- Phoenix Air Bombing
- Washington DC Lockdown
Battles in Canada
- British Columbia Bombings
- Canadian Deployment to Winnipeg
- Canadian Railway Theft Attempt
- GLRF Hostage Takings in Alberta
- Toronto Air Attacks
- Ontario Defensive
- Quebec Lockdown
- Regina Liberation
- Yukon Occupation

USA - Canada - Allied Forces

Flag of USTF USA Homeland Defense
Flag of CoL Company US Division
Flag of AN Allied Defense Units
Flag of USA Small Law Enforcement Agencies
Flag of USA Small National Guard Garrisons
Flag of Canada Small Canadian Armed Forces

GLRF - Separatist Terrorist Forces

Flag of GLRF Global Liberation Resistance
Flag of GLA GLA Separatists
Flag of Unknown Faction Local Gangs
Flag of Unknown Faction Local Terror Cells

Flag of USTF Malcolm Granger

Flag of USTF Robert Ironside
Flag of CoL Julius Jackson
Flag of AN Frank Winston
Flag of USA Small President William Payton
Flag of USA Small Unknown Law & National Guard Commanders
Flag of Canada Small Unknown Canadian General

Flag of GLRF Asliraf Masori

Flag of GLRF Osuma Deathstrike
Flag of GLA Imran Al-Assad
Flag of GLA Muhammed Al-Assad
Flag of Unknown Faction Unknown Gang Leaders
Flag of Unknown Faction Unknown Terror Cell Leaders

Flag of USTF United States Air Force

Flag of USTF USMC Shield Sector
Flag of CoL Company Commando Units
Flag of USA Small Small Law Enforcement Numbers
Flag of USA Small National Guard Numbers Unknown
Flag of Canada Small Unknown Canadian Numbers

Flag of GLRF Cobra Cell Forces

Flag of GLRF Viper Cell Forces
Flag of GLA American Theron Separatist Forces
Flag of Unknown Faction Cell Numbers Unknown
Flag of Unknown Faction Gang Numbers Unknown

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"Attention my fellow Americans, it looks like our enemies have decided to invade our homes, our businesses and our nation in hopes to take over our proud nation and to implement a facist rule on us to destroy our freedom and our hopes of the future of our children. If you got what it takes to fend off these animals of the GLRF and their allies, grab your weapon, join your local National Guard garrison to fight this terrorist menace and secure our place on the planet as a place of freedom and as a bastion of capitalism. God Bless America!"

- William G. Payton, United States President broadcasting to his people, to inspire them to fight the GLRF -

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Behind the Scenes

  • Unlike most of the conflicts in mainly the Middle East, Asia & even in Africa, this conflict takes place inside the United States with several battles inside the borders of Canada with the GLRF invading.
  • The war will have several references to the storyline of the 2011 game Homefront where a Unified Korea named the Greater Korean Republic (GKR) invades the United States & Japan, instead of Japan being invaded & conquering by the GLRF the terrorist faction will have an attempt at conquering Canada.
  • Currently, details on the GLRF-North American War is scarce at this time, but we will have additional details on missions for the American-Canadian-Company coalition and the GLRF-Theron joint terror operatives for this year, some of the missions will possibly be based on the stoyline of Homefront.