GLA Splinter Conflict
Mercenary Placeholder

Africa with several pockets of GLA insurgency and peacekeeper command bases & outposts

Previous GLA Insurgency in Africa
Concurrent US-GLA Conflict
Next Battle of Akmola
Conflict First Eurasian Conflict
Beginning August 23rd 2023
End September 21st 2023
Place Africa
Outcome GLA Loyalist Victory

- Khaled Detained
- Splinter Conflict Ends

Flag of GLA GLA Loyalists
Flag of GLA GLA Splinter Cells

Flag of ECM Blue Eurasian Continental Militia

Flag of PLA Chinese Allies
- Mohmar Deathstrike

- Osuma Deathstrike

- Khaled Deathstrike

- Jafar Mikin

- Mao Li Chang
Full GLA Arsenal
Full GLA Arsenal

Various Militia Groups

Several Chinese Tanks

Red Guard Regiments

Heavy GLA Casualties Heavy Splinter Casualties

Low Militia Casualties

Chinese Backup Units Lost
Minor Civilian Casualties

"All we know about Khaled defection is he doesn't support terrorism"
- USA Ranger during a briefing about Khaled's defection -

Conflict to be updated...

Behind the Scenes

  • This conflict is based on one of the GLA missions in C&C Generals, where it involves two GLA commanders against each other, which also involved the Chinese Army supporting the splinter faction.

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