Global Liberation Army Separatists
GLA Logo
The logo of the former GLA, currently used by the seperatists
Formation November 9th 2025

Kazakhstan - Middle East Flag of Kazakhstan Small

Faction Color Light Green
Type of Faction Survivalist Forces
Leaders Imran Al-Assad
Officers Muhammed Al-Assad
Special Weapons None
Strategies Sneak Attacks
Strengths Strong in Numbers
Weaknesses Weak Ground Vehicles
Status Ingame

25% of Units Ingame

Founding to be a small group of forces forming from older terror cells operated by the Global Liberation Army after their defeat from the First Eurasian Conflict, the GLA Separatists are a group of soldiers who are not associated with Allies or Company of Liberty task forces but supporters of the Resistance Movements that are attacking enemy forces across Eurasia, the forces currently ran by Imran Al-Assad are the known by their enemies as the Theron forces due to their training and weapons used.

History of the Separatists, Founding of the Theron Guards

The Theron Guards of the GLA Separatists first founded in early 2024 as part of the Global Liberation Army's campaign against America, no terrorist threats or attacks were recorded since then; Since the GLA was on their last legs with the final battle in Akmola in Kazakhstan being exposed to Chinese-American forces, the Theron Guard forces were quickly focused on the final battle, before it reached the main GLA Stronghold, it was to late to help their lost brothers.

Therefore as of now, the Theron forces are now known as the Separarists and now they have vowed to take revenge against the United States Task Forces for their aggressive attacks against their leaders, but thanks to Prince Kassad and his GLRF forces bringing the separatists back into their employment, the group's Theron forces focused on their attacks against North America.

Current Activity

Right now, the Theron forces have planned various attacks against the United States and Iron Dragon PLA forces in various parts of Eurasia and even in the Middle East in their part in the Second Eurasian Conflict. The Therons are experts in explosives and armour battalions, using several old technology from the First Conflict like the classic Technical and using old toxin sprayer tractors equipped with flame throwers.

They have five ranks of Theron operatives, three armoured vehicles, two planes, one helicopter and airship and two scout vehicles to use against their enemies, most of their armour battalions are based off mixed groups of Ocelot and Panther tanks from World War II along with a modified version of the T-34 set as a self-propelled artillery codenamed the Boomer.

Currently Imran and Muhammed Al-Assad's Theron Guard and their separatist forces are part of the GLRF's main forces along with the Martollo Cartel as associates for contact, the groups along with Imran's also support various splinter groups and terrorist cells currently part of the GLRF.


The GLA Separatists have a range of infantry throughout a range of training, with affiliates from the Global Liberation Resistance and their Martollo Supporters, the Separatists main infantry are known as the Therons, a group of trained soldiers preparing to take up time to take on their aggressors.

Cameo Name Description
Mercenary Placeholder Theron Footman Main Infantry in the separatists, equipped with a P90 SMG and a set of IR Goggles to detect stealth enemy units and known to be main soldiers in the entire faction, the Footman when in a battle uses 25 rounds in his SMG and he is known to be swift and best equipped.
Mercenary Placeholder Theron Rocket Footman Using AT-4 Rocket Launcher Launchers rather than using the RPG-7 Launcher for anti-vehicle and anti-air purposes, these Footmen lack the IR Goggles and they are sometimes abit slower than standard Footmen.
Mercenary Placeholder Theron Bolter Equipped with a home-made revolver, a bullet-proof helmet, a bullet proof vest and running shoes, he is resistant to enemy snipers and faster than his brothers; Thanks to home training, Bolters can serve as foot based scout units for searching supplies and tech structures.
Mercenary Placeholder Theron Sniper The expert long range operatives in the group, the Sniper Class Theron is equipped with a Zastava M76, an AK-47 derivative to attack enemy units from long-range and using less ammunition, they also have stealth capabilities while not moving.
Mercenary Placeholder Theron Sapper Explosive experts in the separatist forces, the Sapper is equipped with timed demolition charges and using a small machine pistol which does small amounts of damage, they can also disarm and disable other explosive devices.

Ground Vehicles

Limited use in tanks and light vehicles, the GLA Separatists rely on some old tanks, some scouts and an Anti-Personnel vehicle to lay down some suppressive fire against anyone who is against them.

Cameo Name Description
Separatist Technical Icon Improvised Technical Fast transport vehicles serving as primary scouts for the Theron forces, the Technical is equipped with a small machine gun, a Grenade Launcher or a Small Rocket Launcher to deal with various enemy units, they come with a random weapon after construction, whilst instead of having a mounted gun on the back of the vehicle.
Mercenary Placeholder Scorcher Flame Tractor During the GLRF's vehicle overhaul, the oldest vehicle from the GLA's armed forces was known to be the Toxin Tractor. But since the GLRF taken the old vehicle from service, the separatists equipped them with stolen flame streamers, turning them into the Scorchers, the flame tractors.
Separatist Ocelot Icon Ocelot Battle Tank Mainline battle tanks from World War II, the old but still reliable German Panzer IV Ocelot was rebuilt to match the Separatists specifications when supporting Theron allies and any of its operatives whilst on a mission.
Separatist Marauder Tank Marauder Battle Tank Strapped down with explosives and equipped with a recently restored 90mm Cannon, Marauder tanks serve as the Seperatists backup and distractive battle tank in terms of all-purpose attacking and enemy clearence, comes with a nice Ka-Boom free of charge.
Separatist Panther Icon Panther Battle Tank Bought from the Martollo Cartel to serve as the backup and alternate if the old and reliable Ocelot tank isn't powerful enough to deal with armoured threats, the Panther like the Martollo Cartel comes with additional armour plates for extra protection.
Mercenary Placeholder Boomer Self Propelled Howitzer Procured from the GLRF as main artillery for the separatist advances on the battlefield, a T-34 howitzer codenamed "Boomer" is designed to be the main artillery backing up the Therons while securing a vital objective.


Using outdated and old, salvaged, bought and restored aircraft, the Separatists have a small group of planes but they have a small helicopter and an armed transport to help out in dealing with threats and doing several jobs when required.

Cameo Name Description
Mercenary Placeholder Sky Runner Fighter Classic fighters built from blueprints salvaged from several places in undercover areas across the world, currently the Separatists utilise the old USA plane originally named the P-51 Mustang, now it is known as the P-51 Sky Runner by the GLRF as their main fighter.
Mercenary Placeholder Griffin Heavy Bomber Heavy Bombers developed during the World War II and used by Germany, the old but reliable Heinkel He 177 Griffin was rebuilt and restored with latest equipment for the use by the Theron Guard forces in the separatists, the bomber is equipped with miniature biological bombs.
Mercenary Placeholder White Shark Hokum Currently rare versions of the GLRF's Black Shark, the KA-50 White Shark helicopter while being used by the Theron Guard unit has been specially designed to incorporate stealth detection technology.
Mercenary Placeholder Battle Barge Similar to the GLRF's balloons in the same instance of design and operation, currently the barge in the Theron forces is equipped with heavy machine guns on the sides for self defense, the new Battle Barge also allows infantry to fire out of the balloon's fireports for increased firepower.


Cameo Name Description
Mercenary Placeholder Fortified Palace Main hideouts operated by the Separatists and covering for all ground based units for battle, the Theron Guard forces can use vehicles and infantry for various roles on the battlefield stored in the undeground garages under the palace. No anti-air vehicles are known to be operated by the separatists itself.
Mercenary Placeholder Makeshift Airstrip Built to maintain planes, helicopters and battle balloons, these airstrips are not strong unlike the ones built with robust materials, these airstrips are known to maintain one plane at a time, but can build helicopters and balloons for transport & combat.


Cameo Name Description
Mercenary Placeholder Weapons Bunker Equipped with a machine gun and rocket launcher, can take on ground and aircraft with a quad turret deployed above the bunker itself, these multi-role defenses are main structures which can deal with enemy units from all catagories.
Mercenary Placeholder Destroyed Helicopter Used as temperory cover to hold off against enemy units, these old and rusting holdouts cannot take a heavy beating from heavy fire from those who are going off against the separatists.

Behind the Scenes

  • The mini-faction's main soldiers, the Therons are inspired by the Theron Guard of the Locust Horde from the Gears of War series.
  • Some units are usually based from real-life, apart from the Battle Barge, the classic Technical transport and scout from C&C Generals and the Flame Tractor.
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