GLA Landings in Japan
Mercenary Placeholder

A pair of Japanese JASDF F-15J Tengu Fighters on patrol, performing searches for GLA Cargo Planes and amphibious vehicles

Previous Battle for Korea
Concurrent Operation Scorched Earth
Next Liberation of Kyrgyzstan
Conflict GLA-Chinese Conflict
Beginning May 7th 2019
End June 7th 2019
Place Japan
Outcome Chinese-Japanese Victory

- GLA attack repelled
- Japan sends support to China

Flag of PLA Peoples Liberation Army

Flag of Japan Small Japanese Defense Battalion

Flag of GLA Global Liberation Army
- General Shin Fai

- General Kenji Young

- Osuma Deathstrike
PLA Defense Unit

- 250 Red Guardsmen
- 150 Tank Hunters
- 100 Battlemasters
Japan Defense Unit
- 375 Imperial Peacekeepers
- 150 Stubber Sentry Drones
- 100 Kanto Prototype Tanks
- 25 F-15J Tengu Fighter Jets

GLA Terrorist Forces

- 400 Rebels
- 250 RPG Troopers
- 150 Terrorists
- 200 Scorpions

Moderate Chinese-Japanese Casualties
Heavy GLA Casualties
Moderate Civilian Casualties

"I wait for my task against terrorism, in the Emperor's name!"
- Imperial Warrior's motto during the GLA Landings -

Battle information to be added...

Behind the Scenes

  • This battle is set around the late 2010s, it is rumoured to be one of the battles ending before 2020 near the end of the GLA-Chinese Conflict.

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