GLA Insurgancy in Africa
Africa Map (GLA-Insurgency)

The map of Global Liberation Army's Insurgancy in Africa, with presences of the United States, the UFA-Allied Nations joint forces and the even the new Eurasian Continental Militia

Previous GLA-Chinese Conflict
Concurrent US-GLA Conflict
Next GLA Splinter Conflict
Conflict First Eurasian Conflict
Beginning September 13th 2016
End August 22nd 2023
Place Africa
Outcome USA-African Victory

- Increased UFA Presence
- GLA Insurgancy Disbanded
- GLA Splinter Conflict Begins

Flag of GLA GLA Insurgants Flag of USTF United States

Flag of AN Allied Nations

Flag of Unknown Faction United Forces of Africa

Flag of ECM Blue Eurasian Continental Militia Flag of Unknown Faction Cuban Reinforcements

- Flag of GLA Prince Kassad

- Flag of GLA Rodall Juhziz

- Flag of USTF Robert Ironside

- Flag of AN Frank Winston

- Flag of Unknown Faction Andrew Mandela

- Flag of ECM Blue Jafar Mikin
- Flag of Unknown Faction Fidel Garcia
(Pre-ECM Career)

Cobra Cell Forces

Scorpion Cell Forces

Full American Arsenal

AN Peacekeepers

UFA Armed Personnel

Eurasian Militia Fighters
Cuban Military Regiments

Heavy Heavy Light

"We won't tolorate aggression! Death to the oppressors!"
- Captured GLA Rebel during interrogation -

Conflict to be updated...

Behind the Scenes

  • The GLA Insurgency in Africa is a series of events which take place after the original GLA leader was assassinated before it was changed into a terrorist faction, several of the GLA's old terrorist cells in Africa are found in the campaign.

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