FutureTech Corporation
Mercenary Placeholder
The Current emblem of FutureTech
Founded August 21st 1984
Origin Amsterdam, Netherlands Flag of Netherlands Small

Europe Flag of Europe Small

Products Futuristic Weaponry

Drone Research & Production

Type of Company Future Defense
CEOs Rupert Weasley


Employees 14,427 Employees
Military Connections Company of Liberty


Established in the city of Amsterdam, Netherlands by Rupert Weasley in 1984, FutureTech Corporation is a science, research and robotics corporation which serves several factions across Europe and the Pacific in the world, FutureTech played a vital role in the Cold War co-operating with the Allied Nations and the Soviet Union to combat terrorism in several places across Europe and South America.

FutureTech provides intelligence and scientific research and special weapons such as new drones and combat vehicles to allies who co-operates with Rupert's team. Currently at the moment they are contacts with the ECSN and including several operatives executives from the Organisations Against Terrorism.

Rupert Weasley's clients in scientific intelligence and drone production contracts is Eurasia's Security Network co-operating with Osman Defense Industries of Turkey supplying them with weapons and drones for combat and support roles, these can help in anti-aircraft and anti-ground roles for taking on enemy forces, there are also sone drones produced for spotting enemy units to allow nearby allies to fire at a better rates than normal, there is also a prototype experimental drone which can disable vehicles and buildings.

Establishment & History

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FutureTech specialises in combat and support units in drone or vehicle formats, the company has a special line of equiment which is mostly used by Eurasia's security forces. There are some units which can people can buy for a good price, some of these are mostly newer generation drones and vehicles which are improved than their last version.

Ground Vehicles

Cameo Name Description
Mercenary Placeholder Samba Deployable Artillery Half-tracked artillery, equipped with concussion warheads which can shake up and disable onboard vehicle systems for a short time, the FT36 Samba isn't armoured but it is good for causing problems for vehicle collumns. The artillery is good for sieges, they can shoot a volley of shells towards far distances.
Mercenary Placeholder Murcielago Anti-Air Hover Tank First concept drawn in 2014 in Europe, the F48 Murcielago is equipped with a set of dynamic hovering mechanisms allowing it to navigate whilst gliding across water and along the ground, it is equipped with a stack of rocket launchers and machine guns, good at dealing with enemy aircraft threats.
American Reaper MLRS Reaper Hover MLRS Being a new addition to the lineup of FutureTech's ground forces for sale, the new M14A8 Reaper Hover MLRS can make a quick escape from almost all ground forces through going across the water, all-thou it can still be chased by several amphibious units it can still pose a danger to enemy forces due to its rockets.

Ground Drones

Cameo Name Description
Mercenary Placeholder Pioneer Utility Drone Specially designed drones which can heal infantry, the latest and advanced FT22 Pioneer repair vehicles and clean up toxins which can help the commander with cleaning up hazardous areas and help units whilst they can provide assistance in repairs and medical supplies.
Mercenary Placeholder Seeker Scout Drone Anti-Infantry drones. The FT31 Seeker is equipped with a set of needler rifles and can take on enemy soldiers at long range with its specially equipped focus rifle which will instantly kill enemy infantry within seconds.
Mercenary Placeholder Tank Buster Battle Drone

Moderate armoured drones which can deal with vehicles once deployed on the battlefield.

The FT27 Tank Buster specially designed drones which can take on vehicles without a problem whilst they are fast when evading enemy vehicles after a fight with an enemy vehicle.

Mercenary Placeholder Air Hunter Battle Drone

These are specially equipped with anti-aircraft needle rifles which are mainly good in defending a base which is without component towers with AA missile turrets installed.

Being an anti-aircraft drone, the FT28 Air Hunter drone is also equipped with a set of rocket launchers which can be used with other anti-aircraft vehicles and other drones to deal with heavier aircraft.

Mercenary Placeholder Stillmaker EMP Drone

Being a support drone, the FT33 Stillmaker class drone is known to be specially equipped with an EMP armed micro-missile launcher which can disable vehicles and buildings within its range.

It can also fire some long range missiles to disable any target.

Mercenary Placeholder Spotter Target Locator Drone Drones which can spot targets for enemies to destroy with an increase fire rate of its allies which are next to it whilst targetting an enemy for it to attack, FT26 Spotter drone can also spot stealthed enemy units for its nearby allies to attack.
Mercenary Placeholder Construction Droid Building Drone Builds structures and disarms mines and explosive traps, the FT44 Construction Droid is immune to all sorts of hazards within battlefields such as anthrax, toxins and nuclear radiation when inside these regions but they are unmanned but weak to enemy units.

Airborne Drones

Cameo Name Description
Company Jaguar Icon

Mercenary Placeholder

Jaguar Sentry Drone

An airborne sentry drone, currently being built as two types, one with a machine gun with another equipped with a 20mm laser projector unlike the last version which is currently being used by the Allied Nations' Company of Liberty.

The FT-2 Jaguar Airborne Sentry is equipped with either a small machine gun or a laser so it can take on enemy units on the ground and in the air, also being equipped with point laser defense systems and also being able to detect hidden enemies.

Today the Jaguar is also armoured so it can take quite a punishment but the second generaion version of the Jaguar, built by FutureTech newer armour plates and better hovering dynamics for better flight when in combat but not currently used by the Company of Liberty.

Mobile Construction Facilities

Cameo Name Description
Mercenary Placeholder Constuctor Mobile Factory Vehicle Mobile Facilties designed by FutureTech which build Hover Drones which can be used on the battlefield, they are heavy armoured and they can upgrade with a set of defenses, the vehicle comes with a set of Anti-Air and Anti-Ground Lasers for defensive purposes whilst trying to build Hover-Drones for war and utility purposes.

FutureTech Facilities

Cameo Name Description
Mercenary Placeholder Research Facility

Located across most regions across the world, these buildings can supply factions who operates them drones and advanced vehicles for combat.

The Research Facility includes a garage for ground vehicles & drone, there is also an underground hatch for the FT-2 Jaguar to launch from the facility when finished.

Mercenary Placeholder Intelligence Laborotory Can help keep an eye on enemy movement on the battlefield at anytime, Intelligence Laborotories can help commanders who capture them to locate enemy forces and find supplies that can be useful for war efforts.

Behind the Scenes

  • FutureTech is based off the same company from Red Alert 3, it plays a small role in the mod supplying some good vehicles which can be utilised by all factions.
  • They play a big role in supplying the Eurasia Commomwealth Security Network with a range of combat, support and utility drones for combat whenever the ECSN is currently in a battle, the company also supply the Jaguar Drone for the Company of Liberty.

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