B-44C "Fuel Air Aurora" Supersonic Bomber
USA B-44 Fuel Air Aurora
The B-44C Fuel Air Aurora, equipped with Fuel Air Bombs and a distinctive paint-job
Faction United States Task Forces
Cost $2100
Build at Airfield
Requires Strategy Center

Ace Air Force Sector

Detailed Information
USA B-44 Fuel Air Aurora Icon Place of Origin United States Flag of USA Small
Manufacturer Classified
Role Supersonic Bomber

Heavy Anti-Ground
Heavy Anti-Structure

In Service Active


- 100lb Fuel Air Bomb

- Districtive Paint-Coat and Vinyls
- Advanced Heads-Up Display
- Supersonic Turbo Drive
- Experienced Bomber Pilots

"The Fuel Air Bomb should be enough"
- Fuel Air Aurora Pilots -

To be added...

Behind the Scenes

  • The Fuel Air Aurora is based off its original counterpart with its original code and weapon from the Super Weapons General from C&C Generals Zero Hour.
  • Moved from the Superweapons Sector to the Ace Air Force, since General Alexis will begin fielding the experimental Plasma Aurora Bomber, an advanced version replacing the Fuel Air Aurora for the Special Weapons Experimental Weapons Sector.

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