Improvised "Frontier" Rocket Track
GLRF Frontier Track
The vehicle equipped with a set of rockets & including all-terrain threads
Faction Global Liberation Resistance
Cost $800
Build at Arms Dealer
Requires Palace
Detailed Information
GLRF Frontier Icon Place of Origin Eurasia Flag of Unknown Faction
Manufacturer Unknown

Modified by several Arms Dealers

Role Siege


In Service Active
- Home-Made Rockets

- Home-Made Turret
- All-Terrain Tracks
- Mine-Plow
- Bullet-Proof Windows

"Rocket barrage, ready!"
- Frontier Operator -

Frontier Rocket Tracks are medium-armoured siege vehicles equipped with a set of Home-Made Rockets, these vehicles are known to be a bigger problem than their old counterparts, the Mustang Ratfink Buggy; currently being utilised by the Iron Dragon PLA's mercenary forces.

The vehicles unlike their predecessors can survive more harsh conditions when on the battlefield, unlike the old Ratfink, Frontiers since their armour is more heavier than the Ratfink along with better firepower whenever siege attacks are required; SCUD Launchers were good but since they were expensive, Frontiers are good alternates to the ballistic missile launcher.


The vehicle is designed to act like a tracked artillery, but whilst mostly mocked for being a truck on tank threads it is known to have a series of strengths compared to its predecessor operated by the now-disbanded GLA, it was known for support by GLRF Leader Prince Kassad since it was praised by many soldiers for its better protection and speed, despite having lower ammunition unlike the Ratfink. When upgraded with two additional rockets for further deployment on the field, the Frontier is also capable of being upgraded with additional protection from enemy units through scavenging pieces to upgrade armour, the design also includes bullet-proof windows and a mine plow, giving the vehicle small extra protection against small-arms fire and mines.

Combat Record

The Frontier has been spotted taking part of the GLRF's early attacks in Eurasia, these attacks were part of the faction's early entries of the Second Eurasian Conflict, combining armour together with firepower the vehicle this type of combination made the vehicle more of a bigger threat than the Ratfink due to improved firepower and survival capabilities.

There have been versions of the vehicle packing five missiles, causing them to become a bigger threat than the versions which utilised three missiles. However Prince Kassad's main forces utilised the ones which launches the trio first before they launch five, people say that the ones that launch five are known to be upgraded versions since these versions were uncommon since they are mostly upgrades.

Behind the Scenes

  • The Frontier is based off the logic of the Scorpion and Rocket Buggy from the original game, all together combined with a Technical chassis, they take more damage than their older counterpart.
  • Frontier tracks are medium armoured but slow, the vehicle is good for dealing with enemy units and buildings at long range.
  • Its design was originally be a truck with rocket launchers on the back, but it was redesigned to make it better, which uses Scorpion Rockets and featuring additional armour.

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