Frenza Needle Robot
Eurasia Placeholder
A group of Frenza Robots aiming their needlers
Faction Eurasian Commonwealth
Cost $1200
Build at Security Camp
Requires Technology Laboratory
Detailed Information
Eurasian Frenza Place of Origin Eurasia Flag of Unknown Faction
Trained Classified
Role Heavy Infantry

Heavy Anti-Infantry
Light Anti-Vehicle

In Service Active
- Needler Arm Cannon

- Advanced AI
- Breakproof Dome
- Heads Up Display
- Self Healing Mechanism

"Target acquired."
- Frenza preparing to attack -

Built to combat enemy infantry or vehicles whenever required, Frenza Needle Robots are pretty much the powerhouse of the Commonwealth's Security forces. These humanoid robots are much of a threat towards infantry since he is a good unit against enemy units at long range with his arm cannon, they are the revolution to combat and utility humanoid robots first built in Eurasia.

Design Edit

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Combat Service Edit

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Second Eurasian Conflict Edit

Dealing with terrorists can sometimes be hard for Eurasia's Soldiers due to enemy operatives being on their back and Forth Reich of Yuri forces attacking them from all sides, the Commonwealth's specially designed combat robot known as the Frenza Needle Robot to deal with the problem and ensuring that Security Soldiers can escape from the enemy without being killed.

They have been one of many soldiers which can take on enemy infantry from a good distance, able to survive some sniper shots to the head thanks to their break-proof domes surrounding their head before being broken if the dome takes enough damage, Frenza Robots are also the answer to enemy snipers since their needles can reach a good distance from several yards away.

Further Abilities Edit

  • These robots are the first sets of evolutionary robots built within Eurasia, similar to the styles to Yuri's Cyborgs. But equipped with a needler, and break-proof equipment.
  • Frenza Robots cannot go slow if they are heavily damaged similar to other robotic infantry, cannot be crushed by vehicles but they can be disabled by EMP Weapons.

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • Inspired by the Cyborg from C&C: Tiberian Sun, he is armed with a Needler, inspired by the Halo franchise.
  • He has the base model and style of the C&C 3 Tiberium Wars Nod Saboteur but with a different style, the Frenza serves as the heavy anti-infantry for the Eurasian Commonwealth.