Fourth Reich of Yuri
Reich Faction Logo
The current faction emblem of the Forth Reich of Yuri
Formation 2021

Yuri's "New" Russia Flag of New Russia Small

Faction Color Purple
Allies Unknown
Enemies Allied Nations

Company of Liberty
New Andes Armada
Iron Dragon PLA
United States Task Forces
Middle East Alliance
Global Liberation Resistance
Eurasian Commonwealth

Type of Faction National Battlements Force
Leaders "Yuri"
Officers Marshall Oleg Charkov

(SpecRush Ops)
General Viktor Zubarov
General Nikita Gavrilova
General Mstislav Voronin
(Radioactive Weapons)
General Lev Potemkin
(Stronghold Ops)

Special Weapons Tesla Weapons

Magnetic Weapons
Gamma Radiation Weapons
Psychics and Magic

Strategies Special Tactics

Massed Infantry

Strengths No Power Plants

Heavy Tier 3 Armour
Unique and Special Infantry

Weaknesses Weak Tier 1 Units

Slow Movement

Status Ingame

10% of Units Ingame
More Units Being Added

Nothing much is know about the Forth Reich of Yuri, nut it was the faction that founded around 2021 during the depths of the Russian Civil War which broke out in 2017 which separated the entire country with violence and corruption.

Overall activity of war and corruption which separated the entire country and caused several splinter groups to form, merge and separate into hostile factions which have been fighting each other since the cause of the war and since the Global Liberation Army was around, the Forth Reich's foundation caused separate factions which were formed during the civil war to submit to Yuri's will, this is mostly to ensure they don't get demolished as Yuri's new army rolled into several cities in Russia and fight off the factions which deemed hostile to the new formed government.

The Foundation

As the years have settled in Russia, the Reich was formed by the mysterious Yuri who was settled in Moscow when the war broke out between separatists and splinter factions between Russia's government forces. There have been numerous outbreaks in the capital where "Yuri" was known to be born, overall his aggressive behavior against the separatists and splinter factions caused him to form the new Reich.

Founding his army in Moscow and fighting the enemy factions, they began to submit Yuri's new force, the forces of Yuri's army consist of new and old vehicles and weapons which form the backbone of the army itself, after the end of the civil war in 2027. The Reich brought surviving separatist groups and loyalists together and decided to take the fight against anyone who attacks Russia and Yuri's territory.

The Army's founding crumbled several separatist groups and caused them to run or join the Reich to ensure their survival; there have been times where groups form alliances and fight off the Reich. Its sworn enemy which is fighting off the faction is a government force known as The Russian Resistance, which uses almost the same combat systems and weapons like the Reich but mostly outdated weapons and well-known weapons used by the faction itself.

The Reich has been fighting the Company of Liberty Blue Helmet forces and terrorists of the Global Liberation Resistance, the Peoples Liberation Army assisted with The Russian Resistance. Eurasia has been on its guard since the Commonwealth has been fighting Yuri's well-trained Conscripts, Molotov Grenadiers and Igla Troopers in the areas which the Commonwealth control.

Divisions of the Reich

Forming the main combat core of the Forth Reich of Yuri, they serve the faction's battalions for dealing with enemy forces across various parts of Yuri's "New Russia" if any hostiles if they are being attacked in several types, including waterborne based attacks.

Frontvolk Corps

Conscripts, Militia, Locals of the brave and the fearsome, the Frontvolk Corps of the Forth Reich consists of civilians which have been acquiring alot of training over the past years of the Reich's forming, Since the Forth Reich's history, the Frontwolk Corps have been forming during the Civil War and fought the separatists bringing peace to several cities across Russia.

Yuri's propaganda inspired Russia's people to rise up against aggression of the enemy and those who fight on main territory occupied by Yuri and his men. Overall fighting caused Civilians to join and go into the territorial conflict in the Civil War.


A special operations branch in the Forth Reich. Consisting of Telsa Weaponary, Explosive Specialists and Desolator Technology equipped on some of their well-known infantry divisions.

The Wolf-Brigade is one of the unknown groups which have been similar to the Spec-Ops group of almost any faction, soldiers in this brigade have unlimited amounts of weapons for their specialisation on their own types of combat vehicles while not just infantry, The Wolf-Brigade is famous in Yuri's favor for his skilled and crazy-minded Crazy Ivan soldiers.

Kasimov Division

One of Yuri's main Top Secret divisions operating in the Forth Reich of Yuri, this sector operates in using various types of deadly technology beyond limits unlike anyone has seen. Mostly applying to electricity, cybernetics and radiation, the Kasimov Division is known for extensive use in toxic substances and even applying big amounts of electrical currents to vehicles, infantry and structures.

Weapons in the division like electrical based equipment have been utilised for defensive applications, include the Tesla Coil defenses whilst offensive applications were used for experimental purposes on tanks and several types of infantry, Cyborgs were also created by scientists within the sector itself, people also believe that the Kasimov Division was also responsible for developing toxin sprayers were also developed for Desolator infantry for using radiation onto enemy units.

Manufacturers supporting the Forth Reich

KOSAIR Aeroships - The airship manufacturers of the Forth Reich, provides Yuri units such as propaganda airships and primary combat built and support airships for battlefield use whenever required, KOSAIR is also developing a UFO shaped aerotank that can not only attack all sightings of enemy units but they can also drain cash from supply facilities.

Babushka Metal Factory - Provides metal and armour plating of various types of supplies for aircraft and ground vehicles for Yuri's forces, the long running Babushka Metal Factory is a business that was present during World War II who provided the meterials to build the T-34 Hammer Tank. Currently along with other supporters of the Forth Reich after they provide the meterials for newer vehicles and weapons today.

Putin Aerospace-Works (PAW) - Named after Volkov Putin, the president of Russia during the Cold War that was established in 1987 and survived the nuclear fallout of the Kalini Crisis, Putin Aerospace-Works is a sole supplier of fixed wing jet fighters, combat and utility helicopters with salvaged blueprints from offices all over the state PAW is known for building newer counterparts of old aircraft.

Wladimir Vehicles Manufactorium - Formed by surviving heads of vehicle and AFV companies that survived the devastation, the new founded and fully functional Wladimir Vehicles Manufactorium builds Yuri's vast divisions of combat vehicles and support units to the frontlines, they were also known to build newer and better versions of old Russian combat vehicles including classic T-55 Anvil and T-80 Drake tanks.

Vodkar Materials Supplies - To be added...

Zarkov N.65 Labs - Responsible for the Cyborg project and also behind the recent ressurection of former Forth Reich conscript Boris Reznov, the unknown and secret Zarkov N.65 Labs is a science division of the entire faction that is responsible for researching on the use of cybernetic technology in soldiers and vehicles for better capabilities, they are also known to create Tesla, Magnetic and Gamma weapons for Yuri's forces.

Notable Command Flagship

The Forth Reich of Yuri has a heavy armoured flagship based on a Russian Nuclear Ice Breaker design, which has utilised for offshore combat and commanding Forth Reich units from sea. Currently theres one ship being used by Yuri's naval forces, capable of breaking up ice and taking on enemy forces with Anti-Aircraft machine guns and a set of tri-barreled cannons in one package.

Cameo Name Description
Forth Reich Placeholder FRCS New Russia

Named after Yuri's new founded and currently operating New Russia, this Ice Breaker class ship was refitted with weapons and heavy armour to take on enemy forces on land and sea.

If required in icy areas of the world, FRCS New Russia can break any ice that is in the way whilst cruising out to sea on route to provide support its allies on the sea and on the land.


The Forth Reich's infantry is divided into three Brigades. Firstly the Frontvolk Corps and the Reserves with over 5-9 million men in arms, often armed with only most basic firearms (AK's, Molotovs and Strelas) produced from the huge factories that are hastly constructed in former Moscow since the late 2020's.

Then the Wolf-Brigades, comprising Desolator and Tesla Trooper are hailing from Central Yuralsgrad (used to be Kalinigrad) supported by Rothemd infantry for defensive urban warfare and last the Kasimov Division, which utilise the newest line of soldiers: Cyborgs. At the start pathetic, the Forth Reich infantry can become the most powerful if utilizing their most advanced elite soldiers, equiped with cybernetics.

Cameo Name Description
Forth Reich Placeholder Supply Miner

Russian citizens used for operating the Reich labor, they collect supplies to fund Yuri's war machine at the army's very unique mobile Supply Center, known as the Track-Miner.

They are armed with small machine pistols for self-defences, allowing them to fend off their attackers; when on supply duty, the miners will follow the Track-Miner like drones.

Reich Conscript Conscript

Young front-liners of the Forth Reich, the Conscripts are cheap soldiers which can capture structures and armed with a standard home-assembled AK-107 assault rifle.

Decent against infantry, these soldiers are good for patrols and co-operation with Molotov Grenadiers and many other anti-aircraft based Conscripts.

Reich Molotov Trooper Molotov Grenadier

Basic anti-tank Conscripts which can launch fire explosives at their target, the Molotov Grenadier is good against weak tanks and structures at the start.

With their specialist training, the Molotov Grenadiers can deploy a small explosive charge to damage buildings or tanks if he is lucky enough to get away before the charge detonates, however in some cases the charges do have a 5 second timer unlike 10 seconds.

Forth Reich Placeholder Igla Trooper Anti-aircraft Conscripts. The Igla Trooper are soldiers are the Reich's anti-aircraft personnel which can deal good damage against hostile aircraft with his Igla rocket launcher, he is a good soldier when you need to clear up any airspace for your control.
Forth Reich Placeholder Rothemd

Armed with PK light machine guns and heavy armor, the Rothemd are the guardmen of Yuri's bases against enemy infantry.

They are cheap to deploy onto the battle, but slow whilst they are on the move due to their heavy armour suits, this makes them better for defence.

Forth Reich Placeholder Combat Engineer

Field supporters of the Forth Reich. Combat Engineers carry a toolbox full of handy tools which he can use to fix up structures and help with defending a location with a set of buildable bunkers and rocket Turrets.

Whilst he is capable of building small defensive positions he can deploy booby-traps onto structures for a suprise attack and kill any weak or injured soldiers with a six-round revolver.

Forth Reich Placeholder Crazy Ivan

Explosive specialists which can lay down a set of TNT charges on enemy vehicles and buildings, however he is defenseless against enemy infantry and therefore must be protected with Conscripts and skilled operatives to ensure their objectives are complete.

If he is killed by vehicles running the Crazy Ivan operatives over they can explode but at the same time they can destroy vehicles that run them over.

Forth Reich Placeholder Conscript Sniper

Advanced infantry, joining the Reich with decent skills as a sniper in his grasp, he can kill a single soldier whilst he is using a his trusty Dragunov SVD sniper rifle, equipped with a built-in silencer.

Whilst attacking, he can be seen by enemy infantry while sniping which can be a concern for him. He cannot be detected while on the move or in a stationary position, he can reveal the stealth positions of enemy forces if he is close without being detected.

Reich Tesla Trooper Tesla Trooper Elite soldiers with skills in electrical weapons, Tesla Troopers are good in heavier anti-tank battles and currently stands as one of the Forth Reich's heavy soldiers, he cannot attack airborne targets and he must have a good range close up to destroy tank.
Reich Desolator Desolator

Heavy anti-infantry specialists which can poison an entire squad of soldiers in a matter of seconds, Desolators can use a radioactive weapon which can melt soldiers without any problem.

His armour plates allow him to resist all types of radioative weapons and biological substances which could harm the Desolator whilst deployed into battle, he also comes with the ability to contaminate the ground with his weapon.

Reich Cyborg Cyborg

Cybernetic soldiers with an experimental exo-skeletal shell covered with human flesh, Cyborgs are equipped with a machine gun and a 60mm small cannon all on one arm, allthough they react the same as normal human soldiers on the battlefield.

If they get damaged during the battle, they will not move slow even when their exo-skeleton is badly damaged by any enemy units in their range, they cannot get ran over by all types of tanks except for the bigger tanks used by other factions.

Forth Reich Placeholder Boris Reznov

A Former soldier who was brought back by Yuri's Scientists, he is now a Commando operative for the Forth Reich, Boris Reznov is a cybernetic soldier who is immune to radioactive substances and biological agents.

He is armed with an all-purpose minigun which is good against both airborne threats and infantry hordes whilst he is on the battlefield alone, his specialist designed exo-skeletal allows him to maintain himself whilst on the battlefield and also of move at normal pace when heavily damaged, he can also use his specially built-in railgun to destroy a target without a problem.


After the Kalini Crisis, the entire country was left in a nuclear wasteland in 2022, where Russia lost its former Federation. Many of Russia's remaining vehicles that survived the war belonged to the various splinter-group factions. Yuri, a mysterious leader, formed the new Forth Reich, he gathered Russia's finest Scientists, Military personel and Engineers that Russia had to offer.

Forming a military complex for the Forth Reich's Military Wing, Yuri managed to develop weapons so strange but powerful that even the Commonwealth has no effective weapons against them. Starting weak and light armoured, the Forth Reich's Armoured/Motorized Divison relies on swarm tactics. But... Once the Forth Reich can bring they mysterious weapons like Magnet-Waves and Tesla-Weapons, it will be a force to be reckoned with.

Tier 1 Vehicles

Cameo Name Description
Forth Reich Placeholder Wolf Light Tank

Light Armoured Tanks of the Forth Reich with a 90mm Cannon.

The T-60 Wolf is mostly one of Russia's well-known variants of the T-55 Anvil, the tanks are light armoured and is good when used in swarms to ensure their target is destroyed without any problems, the Wolf's cannons are shorter than the original Anvil tank and the Chinese version known as the Battlefighter.

Most Wolf tanks were salvaged across the entire country and locations accociated with the Reich, therefore they're armed with a cannon which have a warhead similar in infantry missile launchers.

Reich Wild Raider Icon Wild Raider Scout

Many scout vehicles such as BRDM-2 Beaver were utilised for further combat, all-thou these classic armoured cars were put back for war after being stored for a long time without seeing action, the military council of the Reich fielded the new and upgraded BRDM-2 suitable for modern environments..

Codenamed the BRDM-4 Wild Raider to allow it to traverse the area for important supplies and also arming it with a mine-clearing dozer blade on the front. Can transport 2 soldiers.

Reich Razor Icon Razor Flak Crawler

Anti-Air transport vehicles which specialises in the Forth Reich's main air control and defense warfare and standard transporting of soldiers to the battlefield. The BTR-80 Razor is agood when dealing with hostile Aircraft which threaten Yuri's progress, a squad of soldiers can give the enemy a nasty surprise when they hop out of the crawler.

These amphibious vehicles come armed with 60mm Flak Cannons, whilst deadly on the battlefield, the BTR-80 can be used for early scouting missions and recons when needed.

Tier 2 Vehicles

Cameo Name Description
Forth Reich Placeholder Bear Medium Tank

Medium-armoured battle tanks with a 105mm cannon and a 50. cal machine gun, these tanks, based on T-80 Drakes, unlike the Wolf can do much better work against tanks and structures. The T-88 Bear are medium armoured, they can take a lot of punishment until they become eventually weak and become vulnerable to being destroyed.

They are very slow through... better using them for defence.

Forth Reich Placeholder Tiger Claw Micro Rocket Tank

Heavy assault tanks of the Forth Reich, but were known to be Rumors as an experimental prototype weapon instead of a main gun which was used by Yuri's ground forces.

The T-95 Tiger Claw Micro-Rocket Tank was known to having to having a fast firing gatling rocket launcher as its main weapon, good in destroying tanks and heavily armoured threats, making the Tiger Claw a threatening tank on the field.

Reich BMP Radiator Icon Radiator Mortar Track

The light mortar track of the Forth Reich also being used as a small transport, the BMP-TDM Radiator armed with an all-purpose radioactive mortar which can possibly change soldiers or either melt them.

Being useful in clearing out garrisoned structures they can take on enemy units without much trouble since infantry can be easily targeted due to the radioactive shells, if a Radiator is destroyed, soldiers inside the Track can be instantly killed due to the Radiation unless commanders are careful.

Tier 3 Vehicles

Cameo Name Description
Forth Reich Placeholder Executor Tesla Tank An experimental battle tank used by the Reich, rumoured to have been believed that T-114 Executor Tesla Tanks were mainly a myth, all-thou mainly never seen the battlefield until they were stationed in 2033. The Executor can easily kill infantry with a single bolt of lightning and can utilise a purge electrical shot to disable vehicles.
Forth Reich Placeholder Steel Knuckle Heavy Tank Unlike China's Version of the Apocalypse aka the Pyromaniac Apocalypse, the Reich's version of the Apocalypse Tank designated as the TT-125 Steel Knuckle is equipped with twin 125mm DRAKON Cannons and a Grinder Beam which slows down vehicles and allows the tank to move in and grind up the enemy vehicle affected, the Tank can also crush smaller vehicles.
Forth Reich Placeholder Smerch MLRS Powerful Rocket Artillery Vehicles which can bombard a large position in a matter of seconds. It can fire 12 Rockets in a small amount of time, mostly armed with Tesla Warheads or Gamma Radioactive Warheads, the BM-V3 Smerch MLRS is the perfect tool utilised by the Reich to level a large opposing base within a matter of seconds.
Forth Reich Placeholder Magnetron Magnet-Artillery

A new artillery of the Reich's Motorized Division.

It is unknown how Yuri's Scientist managed to solve the energy problems that may of occurred throughout time, the W-S-2030 Magnetron uses a specially built Magnetron-Wave-Weapon (M-W2) to slow down vehicles and to destroy buildings, at the same time it is also equipped with a magnetic field to divert enemy missiles from the vehicle.

Misc / Missions / Unique Vehicles

Cameo Name Description
Reich Track Miner Icon Track Miner This vehicle is a mobile supply center, which allows the Reich to save money and time rather than building supply centers, warehouses or supply facilities in undefended locations, these miners are heavy armoured on the battlefield, they can deal with many armoured threats with a 105mm cannon, it houses Supply-Miners for supply collection.
Forth Reich Placeholder Topol-M ICBM Launcher

Continential Ballistic launchers which can launch Green Radiation warheads at far distances for melting enemy infantry.

RT-2PM Topol-M ICBM Launchers are not common on the battlefield, mostly in bases and are mostly utilised for sieges and base leveling purposes whilst it is deployed on the battlefield, the Topel-M Poplat is one of many ICBM launchers in active service in the Forth Reich.

Forth Reich Placeholder Vampire Battle Tank

Experimental tank developed by Forth Reich as its future main battle tank, taking the best from all past tanks, the Object 461 Vampire Tank is in a normal configuration armed with 125mm rifled cannon and magnetic leech beam which can tear the armour off the enemy vehicles to repair itself.

The possible upgrades includes a second tank cannon, a portable tesla coil or a radiation streamer. Since its start of development during the civil war, there havent been sightings of Vampire Tanks on the field yet.

Forth Reich Placeholder Elbrus Propaganda Truck

To be added...

Forth Reich Placeholder Steed Prisoner Transport

To be added...


The Forth Reich Army utilized many old and modern helicopters, planes and airships for battlefield use. Many were outdated after a long while but some all-thou still remained in service around the world, after the battle started breaking out, Yuri's Military utilized experimental aircraft such as the Eradicator Bomber, Kirov Dreadnought and many other powerful weaponry for their army.

Tier 1 Aircraft

Cameo Name Description
Forth Reich Placeholder Harke Construction Skycrane

Built during the Cold War by the Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant during the 60s, the Mil Mi-10 Harke Skycrane was a Russian heavy transport thats capable of carrying heavy lift equipment which have also set various records.

Newer variants of the Harke were built to suit requirements and also to handle better in Old and New Russia, they are slow due to the heavy equipment onboard and they are very extremely vunerable to enemy anti-air and jets, and must be protected.

Forth Reich Placeholder Sultan Jet Fighter

Main jet fighters planes of the Forth Reich equipped with a set of air to ground missiles for dealing with both aircraft and ground threats, the classic Su-35 Sultan has a 30mm automatic cannon mainly utilised against aircraft.

These classic Sultan fighter planes were brought into service after they were recovered, restored, rebuilt and refitted with new elements and countermeasures researched like on newer planes utilised by other factions.

Forth Reich Placeholder Hip Light Transport

The Mil Moscow Mi-8 Hip is utilised to transport a series of small squad of soldiers in Yuri's favor, these light transport helicopters are commonly used in the Reich when on occasions the Mi-26 Halo is cost heavy due to having heavy armour and capable of transporting large teams of soldiers including vehicles onboard.

The Hip can use chemical bombs.

Forth Reich Placeholder Inspirer Propaganda Airship

Supportive airships built by Kosair Aeroship, these light airships placed into service in 2019 are used for inspiring ground and airborne units on the battlefield to fight stronger and harder on the battlefield.

The KO-43 Inspirer also heal nearby comrades if they are damaged or hurt while in combat and after combat, along with that it is also a fast airship and it can defend itself with a set of heavy machine guns to defend itself.

Tier 2 Aircraft

Cameo Name Description
Forth Reich Placeholder Havoc Chopper Gunship Mk.II

One of the known advanced helicopters built in Russia, the Mi-28 Havoc Gunships have been in service in Russia before and after the Kalini Crisis and the following formation of the Forth Reich.

Yuri decided to rearm these heavy gunship helicopters with new desolation missiles for battlefield purposes and with a heavy AT-cannon, and new lighter but still powerful Armor, nicknaming the new armed helicopters the Mi-28 Havoc Chopper Gunship.

Forth Reich Placeholder Halo Multi Role Heavy Transport

The good old Mi-26 Halo Helicopter is a large and powerful helicopter used to bring in supplies for Yuri and transport heavy and mainly powerful equipment. The brave (but also fanatic) soldiers also have clearence to utilise the Mi-26 Halo to navigate their way around the battlefield.

All-thou it is heavy armoured due to its titanium armour on its chassis, it can handle heavier goods.

Forth Reich Placeholder Raycaster Stealth Fighter

First flown in 2010, Raycasters have been a stealth fighter in development throughout the years before the Forth Reich of Yuri taken the country.

Su-57 Raycasters have been utilised by the Russian Airforce in 2015, equipped with Hellfire Missiles and better countermeasures unlike Sunburst variants utilised by the Company of Liberty and United States Task Forces.

Tier 3 Aircraft

Cameo Name Description
Forth Reich Placeholder Eradicator Tesla Bomber

Experimental bombers used to drop electrical tesla bombs which can damage and shut down any target of its pilot's desire.

The bombs used by the MiG-52 Eradicator unlike the Allied Nations' Company of Liberty's shockwave bomb research, are special telsa bombs utilised to disable vehicles since they can damage them and capable of shutting them down if used in a correct phase.

Forth Reich Placeholder Disruptor Disk Aerotank

O-shaped, the Kosair Aeroship KOPT-2031 Disruptor Disc cannot only attack units with its primary purple laser, it can also steal money from supply centers and stop enemy vehicles with its red laser.

When in danger, it can release a shockwave which diverts enemy missiles for a shorttime, these unknown disks were first sighted in 2032, their power is not to be messed with since it can drain cash from enemy supply centers, stop vehicles in their tracks and divert missiles.

Forth Reich Placeholder Kirov Class Dreadnought Airship

Kosair Aeroship artillery airships with a large assortment of missiles to utilise against structures and large groups of units on the battlefield, it comes with medium armour, which can take a decent amount of damage to its main hull before it becomes fully destroyed.

Since the KO-67 Kirov can launch several missiles from its side of its cabins, the airship can cause major amounts of damage, which could easily destroy a small outpost in a matter of seconds.

Forth Reich Placeholder Putin Battle Airship

Specialist powerful airship. These expermental prototype and powerful airships of Yuri's airforce were built by Kosair Aeroship for battlefield use for when dealing with massive amounts of hostile threats on the battlefield.

The KO-82 Putin Airship is armed with a huge anti-air tesla-cannon and anti-ground desolator cannons, the Putin airship has heavy armour but still vulnerable to alot of anti-aircraft fire from planes and ground forces so they must be escorted by Havoc Chopper gunships and Sultan fighters.

Special Aircraft

Cameo Name Description
Forth Reich Placeholder Zakharov Spy Plane

Created from the Tu-16 Badger, the RM-16S Zakharov Spy Plane is a designated as the aircraft for Premier Yuri if the need to locate possible resources to use or find any stealth units rises to question. The speed of the RM-16S Zakharov makes it similar to the Tu-16 Badger allowing the plane to glide past areas, despite the threat of enemy fire from the ground & air. It was first tested in 2029 as part of a prototype when reports of enemy units were causing incursions across New Russia, after testing the aircraft was introduced in 2031 to become part of Yuri's air reconnaissance division despite all of its bomber based components being removed and replaced with radar, cameras and spy equipment.

Generals Specific Units

SpecRush General Units

Founding to be utilising heavier charges and rushes against enemy units on the battlefield, operating within the Forth Reich of Yuri is the specialist Special Rush Operations Division; equipped with units mostly utilising their capabilities of speed, fights are mostly ended quickly thanks to charges and rushes by this force, below are some units which this sector will be using.

SpecRush Infantry

To be added...

SpecRush Vehicle

Cameo Name Description
Forth Reich Placeholder Shifter Amphibious Scout

First built in the 1950s, modernised today for combat in Yuri's armed forces, the BRDM-1 Shifter was an amphibious combat scout which was equipped with rockets and was capable of carrying two soldiers.

Today it serves as the combat scout for the SpecRush division of the Reich which fights along with the BTR-80 Razor crawler, does decent amounts of damage.

Forth Reich Placeholder Hammer Battle Tank

Built from the chassis of the T-90 Talisman, the T-94 Hammer is a new version of the Hammer tank is the successor of the old T-34 Hammer built by the Soviet forces during World War II.

It replaces the T-88 Bear battle tank within SpecRush Ops unit, due to being slow on the field it does compensate with a small anti-aircraft machine gun.

SpecRush Aircraft

To be added...

Stronghold General Units

Below are unique units utilised by the Forth Reich of Yuri's defensive security sector within his force, this was known as the Stronghold Operations Division with its renowned commander General Lev Vladimirovich Potemkin. They are heavy armoured and well prepared, but unfortunately will be slow so best kept inside bases for a better firefight along with base defenses.

Stronghold Infantry

To be added...

Stronghold Vehicle

Cameo Name Description
Forth Reich Placeholder Chimera Flame Tank Yuri's answer to the Salamander, Dragon and Firefly flame tanks of China's armed forces, the T0-61 Chimera is a flame tank specially developed for the Forth Reich which is currently using a carefully mixed compound called Purple Napalm, stronger than China's black napalm but not as strong as green napalm fuel but lethal against vehicles.
Forth Reich Placeholder Fox Battle Tank

Yuri's answer to the USA's M5A3 Leopard tank series, manned by a single soldier specially selected by high-ranking officers of Yuri's Reich. It is also known to be used by the Russian Resistance, who are known to be the enemies of Yuri's Forth Reich, the T-77 Fox is medium-armoured and better than the faction's T-60 Wolf, but slower.

Stronghold Aircraft

To be added...

Ballistic General Units

Within times of long-range weapons, advanced and some classic ballistic weapons are utilised by the Advanced Ballistics Division within the Forth Reich of Yuri, led by General Viktor Yuryevich Zubarov. This division also holds a small number of non-ballistic units to assist their artillery brothers when in combat, Below are units being utilised by the Ballistics Sector.

Ballistic Infantry

To be added...

Ballistic Vehicle

Cameo Name Description
Forth Reich Placeholder Sickle Howitzer

First produced in 1985 during the Soviet Era, the 2S19 MSTA-S Sickle is designed to be a mobile self-propelled heavy artillery for the modern day, now currently being utilized by the Advanced Ballistics Sector within the Forth Reich of Yuri.

They are equipped with high explosives and laser-guided shells.

Forth Reich Placeholder Tigoda Anti-Air Tank

Equipped with its classic 57mm automatic cannons and a coming with a restored chassis plus armour plates to ensure its survival in harsh environments.

The ZSU-52-2 Tigoda anti-air tank is the Ballistic General's anti-aircraft vehicle for dealing with enemy units if machine guns are not powerful enough, however the Tigoda won't have the ability to have a last stand against units unlike the Razor can, but they do additional damage against enemy vehicles since it can also be an anti-personnel tank.

Ballistic Aircraft

Cameo Name Description
Forth Reich Placeholder Fullback Fighter Jet

Based on the Su-27 Flanker, the Su-34 Fullback is a Russian built fighter that replaced the Cold War operated Su-24 Fencer that was used by Russia and many post Soviet nations before the Kalini Crisis, now in the Forth Reich.

The Fullback is one of Sukhoi's best fighters that was introduced in 2014, during the breakup of Russia several fighters were used to combat GLA and terrorist attacks, however now used by the air battalions of the Forth Reich many of these fighters have now been built by Putin Aerospace-Works to keep up with demands.

Forth Reich Placeholder Nightfury Supersonic Bomber

An upgrade to the Tupolev Tu-160 Blackjack Bomber that is no longer in active service, the new PAW-166 Nightfury is an upgraded variant of the classic bomber used during the final years of the Cold War.

Now with enhanced capabilities for combat and speed bombing all targets that could oppose the Forth Reich, the new and improved PAW-166 Nightfury is capable of dropping 40,000kg of bombs on targets, also can launch 12 gamma tipped short range nuclear rockets depending on what mode can be used for, it must swap ammunition for either bombs or rockets back a heavy airfield.

ElecMag General Units

Using Magnetic and Electric Weapons within their grasps, the General Nikita Yekaterinovna Gavrilova and her Electro-Magnetic Weapons Division has a good range of weapons and infantry utilising these special weapons in their forces. The ElecMag Sector has Telsa Tanks and even airborne versions of the Magnetron, below are some units which this sector will be using.

ElecMag Infantry

To be added...

ElecMag Vehicle

To be added...

ElecMag Aircraft

To be added...

Radioactive General Units

Utilising Gamma Radiation within its weapons, units being operated by the Radioactive Weapons Division are add a small flavour of devastation to anyone who is against Yuri's forces. These heavy forces, under direct command of General Mstislav Olegich Voronin, are equipped with Gamma Radioactive substances which will be with most weapons, Below is a list of units being utilised by the Sector.

Radioactive Infantry

To be added...

Radioactive Vehicle

Cameo Name Description
Forth Reich Placeholder Lysenko Heavy Toxic Tank

One of the Forth Reich's large and heavy armoured supertanks in existence of the world, named after Trofim Lysenko, the TT-118 Lysenko is like a portable possible horrible disaster for the world spreading nothing less than catastrophe. The presence of the tank will be announced by commanders.

The Lysenko is a heavy tank with robust armoring, cramped maneuvering, but its immense firepower makes it one of the deadliest and most dreadful machines of the Yuri's Reich. A large radioactive beamer can melt any infantry in a short amount of seconds and even vehicles arent safe from its extra-corrosive effect, the large cargo of radioactive isotopes and nuclear reactor gives the tank possibility to contaminate the ground with the worst toxic waste which can be found in Russia after the fallout of the Kalini Crisis.

When the tank after taking such a beating explodes, the area around the tank will remain contaminated for very long time. Because of its weight, it is very slow with poor turret rotation, but once it aims, after several shots and having very slow reloading time from the tank's cannon everything dies.

Radioactive Aircraft

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Controllable missiles which are launched by the Missile Silo, ready for operators to guide them into enemy targets. These specially equipped missiles causes medium to large amounts of damage when they collide with their target once the general gives the operators of the missile the order to guide them to their target as they pleased.

The Reich launches 3 types of missiles depending on the situation when it comes to anti-ground purposes, stealing vehicles from enemy commanders or dealing with aircraft annoying the Reich's commander.

Cameo Name Description
Forth Reich Placeholder SA-4 Ganef Anti-Air Lightweight anti-aircraft missiles which can be controlled towards enemy aircraft, causes a violent chain reaction once ordered to attack, the SA-4 Ganef missile can only attack enemy aircraft and it is controlled by operators at the Missile Site.
Forth Reich Placeholder TA-1 Todestrank Anti-Tank A New missile which have been developed by Yuri's scientists which can be controlled to explode on impact when it collides with any tank on the battlefield.

The TA-1 Todestrank missile is controlled by the operators at the faction's Missile Site.

Forth Reich Placeholder P-V-R Phantom Found to be strange by several peacekeepers factions, private mercenaries and armies around the world, the specially designed Phantom missile can cause any vehicle to become empty within a matter of second.

The P-V-R Phamtom's capability is to circle a vehicle targetted by the controller and empty its target by killing the vehicle's operators with psycho-gas.


During the times of the Reich, the faction don't build Supply Facilities due to their unique vehicle, the deployable Track Miner mobile supply facility, the Reich dosn't build any specific power plants since many structures have specialised underground generators and don't use power-plants like the Global Liberation Resistance.

All defensive buildings run automatic and therefor unmanned due to their underground generators and a specialised program AI-Control which allow defenses to hold out against enemy forces.

Cameo Name Description
Forth Reich Placeholder Battlefield Command Bunker

Main structures which houses battlefield command for the Forth Reich and Yuri's forces. These buildings are used commonly to command forces on the battlefield, they also hold key developments for key structures they wish to build for use by their commanders.

The Command Bunker holds the key access to radar capabilities and also generals powers, the Reich's Battlefield Command Bunker can house 6 soldiers and comes with two double-barreled mortars with HE shells to defend the main HQ structure from hostile attackers.

Forth Reich Placeholder Underground Training Bunker

Selected locations of the underground were used for the training of soldiers into the Reich, these structures are heavily fortified due to being built underground, they also hold the Reich's main infantry.

The Underground Training Bunker also allows soldiers to garrison the structure itself to defend themselves and the structure from being destroyed.

Forth Reich Placeholder Weapons Plant

These structures allow the Forth Reich to utilise their battle tank and helicopter divisions. Allthough these facilities cannot build jet fighters, they have access to building the Reich's main ground divisions and vehicles they can use for the battlefield.

The Weapons Plant can also build helicopters once they reach a specific requirement.

Forth Reich Placeholder Advanced Battlefield Facility

These special structures utilised by the Forth Reich of Yuri can train soldiers at tier 2 and 3 from here.

these facilities also hold access to the fighter aircraft and planes utilised by the Forth Reich to field here, the facilities like the weapons plant can build aircraft here but cannot build helicopters and airships due to being restricted to heavy and extensive infantry training.

Forth Reich Placeholder Missile Silo

Holds access to special missiles that commanders can launch into the air, the silo launches 3 types of missiles, they have an unknown set of missiles the Reich to launch, these are specially controlled to impact on targets such as aircraft and ground vehicles without a problem.

If promoted at level 3, the staff that work at any Missile Silo on the battlefield can build the Phantom P-V-R Missile.

Forth Reich Placeholder Cloning Facility

Issued by Yuri for mass recruitment of soldiers for the battlefield.

Soldiers cloned here will be trained in larger groups which can be used to take on their enemy without a problem, all soldiers including elite infantry apart from Boris Krakov can be trained here and set out as larger squads of soldiers.

Forth Reich Placeholder Heavy Mortar Bunker

The only defensive structure utilised by Yuri's Generals and Yuri himself. Mortar Bunkers serve as a garrisonable building and base defense for soldiers to use for dealing with infantry and vehicles at close range, the bunker is armed with a large gamma-radioactive mortar which fires shells at long range.

he Bunker comes with an anti-air Telsa turret for dealing with aircraft.

Forth Reich Placeholder Tesla-Reaction Missile Site

This structure is the Forth Reich's superweapon, which fires out a missile full of reactive tesla electricity on a large location, the missile launched from the site unlike the nuclear and fuel air missiles as the missile can almost destroy a small or a medium sized base within a matter of seconds.

It also releases an energy field which disables anything in a large location, the launch site is avaliable after a general who leads the Reich to victory has access to Level 5.

General Specific Structures

Cameo Name Description
Forth Reich Placeholder Heavy Duty Airfield (Ballistics Division Exclusive)

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Faction Divisions

Within the Forth Reich of Yuri, the faction consists of mostly heavy tier 3 units and mostly weak tier 1 units. But to combat various parts of the military wing, Yuri decided to split up the faction into 5 divisions utilising various weapons that their leader has provided them in their time for re-awaking New Russia's fury, these divisions have been known to utilize their abilities without warning and with deadly efficiency.

Operating these divisions will require clearance from the Battlefield Command Bunker, they'll be available at the start of a mission when Yuri gives the required force he requires for the job. Only 1 Division can be utilized at a time whilst the others will be locked.

Generals Promotions

Rank 1 Promotions

Cameo Name Description
Forth Reich Placeholder Tesla Research Grants Yuri's Commanders access to field Tesla equipped units
Forth Reich Placeholder Mi-26 Halo Transport Grants the Mi-26 Halo for deployment, can transport units, land to attack
Forth Reich Placeholder Yuri's Blessing All Conscripts become trained as veterans

Rank 3 Promotions

Cameo Name Description
Forth Reich Placeholder Magnetic Research Allows deployment of the experimental W-S-2030 Magnetron Artillery
Forth Reich Placeholder Suveillance Sweep Calls in a RM-16S Zakharov, a modified Tu-16 Badger to sweep an area, revealing territory and stealth units
Forth Reich Placeholder Phantom Missile Allows access to deploy the P-V-R Phantom Missile, can kill vehicle operators
Airborne Paratroopers 1 Rapid Deployment Level 1 Deploys 10 Conscripts from 1 An-124 Ruslan
Airborne Paratroopers 2 Rapid Deployment Level 2 Deploys 10 Conscripts from 2 An-124 Ruslan
Airborne Paratroopers 3 Rapid Deployment Level 3 Deploys 10 Conscripts from 3 An-124 Ruslan
Emergency Repair 1 Emergency Repair Level 1 Repairs Vehicles with 15% health
Emergency Repair 2 Emergency Repair Level 2 Repairs Vehicles with 30% health
Emergency Repair 3 Emergency Repair Level 3 Repairs Vehicles with 50% health
Forth Reich Placeholder Strategic Bombing Level 1 Calls in 3 Tu-16 Badgers to bomb an area with High Explosives
Forth Reich Placeholder Strategic Bombing Level 2 Calls in 3 Tu-16 Badgers to bomb an area with Gamma Radiation
Forth Reich Placeholder Strategic Bombing Level 3 Calls in 3 Tu-16 Badgers to bomb an area with Tesla Bombs

Rank 5 Promotions

Cameo Name Description
Forth Reich Placeholder Tesla Reactive Explosion Calls in a Tu-95 Bear to drop a Reactive Tesla Bomb on a target location
Forth Reich Placeholder Yuri's Extensive Blessing Grants most of the Forth Reich's units Veteran or Elite Status
Forth Reich Placeholder The Ultimate Dreadnought Grants Yuri's Commanders the KO-82 "Putin" Battle Airship
Military Wing of the Forth Reich of Yuri of New Russia

Flag of Yuri

Ground Forces
Infantry ConscriptMolotov GrenadierIgla TrooperRothemdCombat EngineerCrazy IvanSniper ConscriptTesla TrooperDesolatorCyborgBoris Reznov
Workers Supply-Miner
Yuri's Space Battalions Lunar ConscriptLunar Tesla TrooperMoon DesolatorMoon CyborgCosmonaut
Armoured Cars & IFVs BRDM-1 ShifterBRDM-4 Wild RaiderBMP-DMT Radiator
Armoured Battalions T-60 WolfT-64 TarantulaT-77 FoxT-88 BearT-94 Hammer Mk.IIT-95 Tiger ClawTO-64 Chimera
Heavy Armoured Vehicles T-114 ExecutorTT-118 LysenkoTT-124 Steel Knuckle
Support Vehicles Track MinerUral-4320 ElbrusUral-5323 Steed
Anti-Aircraft Platforms BTR-80 RazorZSU-57-2 Tigoda
Self-Propelled Artillery 2S19 MSTA-S SickleBM-V3 SmerchRT-2PM Topol
Experimental Vehicles W-S-2030 MagnetronObject 461 Vampire
Air Forces
Combat Helicopters/Aircraft Mi-28 HavocKOPT-2031 Disruptor Disk
Utility Helicopters Mi-8 HipMi-26 HaloMi-10 Harke
Airships KO-43 InspirerKO-67 Kirov Dreadnought AirshipKO-82 Putin Warship
Fighters & Interceptors Su-35 SultanSu-57 RaycasterSu-34 Fullback
Bombers & Gunships MiG-51 EradicatorTu-16 BadgerTu-95 BearPAW-166 Nightfury
Transport Aircraft An-124 Ruslan Transport
Spy Planes RM-16S Zakharov Spy Plane
Naval Units
Naval Flagship FRCS New Russia
Naval Flagship Invader Assault ALC
Boats & Submarines Python Patrol BoatTyphoon Attack SubAkula Missile Sub
Ships Stalin class FrigatePolar class BattlecruiserDreadnought class ICBM Cruiser
Main Command Battlefield Command Bunker
Production Structures Underground Training BunkerMoon BunkerWeapons PlantAdvanced Battlefield FacilityHeavy Duty AirfieldMissile Silo
Resource Structures Cloning Facility
Defences Heavy Mortar Bunker
Superweapons Tesla-Reaction Missile Site
Prominent Characters
Leaders Yuri
Military Personnel Oleg F. CharkovLev Vladimirovich PotemkinGeneral Viktor Yuryevich ZubarovNikita Yekaterinovna GavrilovaMstislav Olegich Voronin
Faction Technologies
Weapons Gamma RadiationTesla Reactive WeaponsMagnetic ResearchPhysical Weapons
Faction Divisions
Faction Sectors Special Rush Operations DivisionStronghold Operations DivisionAdvanced Ballistics DivisionElectro-Magnetic Weapons DivisionRadioactive Weapons Division
Reich Military Divisions Frontvolk CorpsWolf-BrigadeKasimov Division
Detailed Information
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History & Military History of Russian TanksHistory of RussiaForth Reich Elite GuardYuri's Space Program
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