Focus Laser Trooper
Brotherhood Placeholder
Focus Troopers with Militia units ready to move out and fight for Kane
Faction Brotherhood of Mercenaries
Cost $500
Build at Hand of Brotherhood
Requires N/A
Detailed Information
Brotherhood Focus Trooper Icon Place of Origin Various Flag of Unknown Faction
Trained Mainly Self-Trained

Some Trained by Kane's Instructors

Role Basic Infantry

Light Anti-Vehicle
Light Anti-Aircraft

In Service Active
- LR-52 Laser Rifle

- Laser Charge Packs
- Brotherhood Body Armour
- Heads Up Display System
- Built-in Headgear Communicator

"We serve the Brotherhood"
- Focus Trooper showing loyalty to the Brotherhood -

To be added...

Behind the Scenes

  • Similar to the USA's Laser Ranger regiments, Focus Troopers are equipped with laser rifles capable of dealing with armoured and airborne threats but will require more units to conduct an effective takedown.
  • Unlike the Laser Ranger however, to balance gameplay these units won't have the similar damage power to take on enemy units unless in operating in groups. Also, they won't have the rapid fire laser barrage.
  • Despite not having the rapid fire laser/missile barrage present on the Missle Ranger & the Laser Ranger these units will have long range capabilities to make up for less damage when operating regions.

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