Florida Train Theft
Mercenary Placeholder

A GE Dash 8-40CW operated by Cold War founded United Rails of America Freight Incorporated prior to being captured by the GLRF

Previous Florida Occupation
Concurrent Canadian Railway Theft Attempt
Next Grand Canyon Territorial Battle
Conflict GLRF-North American War
Beginning November 13th 2026
End November 24th 2026

(11 Days)

Place Tampa, Florida

United States

Outcome GLRF Secures Shipment

- Security in Tampa Heightened
- Train discovered destroyed 11 days later
- Company forces operating sweeps on railroads to locate stolen shipment

Flag of GLRF Global Liberation Resistance

Flag of Unknown Faction Local Pro-GLRF Militias

Flag of USTF United States Task Forces

Flag of USA Small US Military Police
Flag of USA Small United Rails of America Security
Flag of CoL Company Security Forces

Flag of GLRF Unknown GLRF Commander

Flag of Unknown Faction Unknown Pro-GLRF Militia Leaders

Flag of USTF USTF Commando Bruce Skyhawk

Flag of USA Small USMP Field Officer Allen McCoy
Flag of CoL Unknown Company Commander

- Flag of GLRF 60 Rebels

- Flag of Unknown Faction 20 Gangsters

- Flag of USTF 20 Riot Rangers

- Flag of USA Small 20 Military Police Officers
- Flag of USA Small 50 URA Security Personnel
- Flag of CoL 10 Rookies

- GLRF Casualties -

40 Rebels Dead
- Pro-GLRF Militia Casualties -
15 Gangsters Dead

- US Casualties -

40 Personnel Dead
20 Personnel Wounded
4 Rookies Wounded

Minor Civilian Casualties

6 URA Personnel Wounded
4 URA Personnel Dead

"At 17:40 Central Standard Time, officers the United States Military Police and the USA's Task Forces were called in after a suspected train theft took place in Tampa Florida. Witnesses have reported to see several men with insignias of the terrorist Global Liberation Resistance and several armed militants stormed a train yard protected by guards of the Cold War era freight company, the United Rails of America. Currently at this time Company CEO including representatives of the US Military Police and the USTF are to comment on this train theft, after Company patrol units spotted the train destroyed 11 days after the GLRF forces, currently the sides including Company, USMP & the USTF will be meeting in New York City for a meeting on how to combat the current situation relating to the GLRF, and to prevent further train thefts."
- A WBCN Anchor on the story -

To be added...

Behind the Scenes

  • Based in Tampa Florida, the mission will bare some references to a GDI mission from Tiberian Sun where commanders are tasked to capture a train station, instead it will be capturing a train instead.
  • Another mission similar to this one will be based in Canada with different outcomes, currently the mission details will be revealed at a later date.
  • This battle will have several references to several Tiberian Sun missions where trains will be involved as targets to either protect or destroy, in this instance there will be 2 sides of this battle.
  • With a GLRF side of the mission where the train must be captured, an Allied-American version of the mission will be available to search for the train and recover the stolen cargo.

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