First Terror Bombings in Berlin
Mercenary Placeholder

1st Image, The images of Berlin prior to the bombings, 2nd Image, German soldiers capturing terrorists, 3rd Image, Adolf Himmler declares war on the GFL

Previous N/A
Concurrent N/A
Next Poland Terror Attacks
Conflict World War II
Beginning September 1st 1939
End September 27th 1939
Place Berlin, Germany
Outcome German Victory

- Adolf Himmler Survives
- Terrorists Captured
- World War II Begins

Flag of Germany Small Germany Flag of GFL Small Local Terror Cells
- Adolf Himmler

- Hermann Eichmann

- Unknown GFL Officer
Pre-1940 German Arsenal
Pre-1940 GFL Arsenal
Minor German Injuries
Light Terrorist Injuries

Moderate Terrorist Killed
Moderate Terrorists Captured

Minor Civilian Injuries

Minor Structure & Vehicle Damage

"We see that the attack was conducted by underground forces who aim to oppose Germany, this won't be the downfall of our wonderful nation of Germany. We will fight those that tried to destabalise us and we will take the fight to them as one nation unified, under the banner of national socialism, as one people, as one body, one leader, one Germany! Hereby, as the leader of Germany I will announce that we will declare war on those who attempt to destabalise us and bring those who attempt to cause chaos to justice!"
- Adolf Himmler declaring War -

To be added...

Behind the Scenes

  • This battle is the starting plot for World War II and also the point where Germany and GFL fought prior to the establishment of the League of Nations and prior to the GFL beginning attacks worldwide.
  • All-thou this isn't the first battle that started World War II in real life unlike the real attack on Poland during 1939 to 1940, this battle will be the first setting and first sets of events that will set the course along with a series of events during Reign of Conflagration's side of World War II.

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