First Eurasian Conflict
Mercenary Placeholder
Previous Libyan Civil Uprising
Concurrent Kalini Crisis
Next Second Eurasian Conflict
Beginning September 11th 2016
End March 8th 2025 (9 Years)
Place Eurasia
Outcome - US-Chinese Victory

- Company of Liberty Founded
- Global Liberation Army Seperated
- Global Liberation Resistance formed in 2026

Major Battles - Battle of Akmola

- Second Iraq War
- GLA-Chinese Conflict
- US-GLA Conflict
- GLA Insurgency in Africa
- GLA Splinter Conflict

- Flag of PLA Peoples Republic of China
- Flag of GLA Global Liberation Army - Flag of USTF United States
- Flag of PLA General Gray Chen

(Prior to Retirement)
- Flag of PLA General Ta Hun Kwai
- Flag of PLA General Shin Fai
- Flag of PLA General Tsing Shi Tao
- Flag of PLA General Leiong Leang
- Flag of PLA General Mao Li Chang
(Allies with America)

- Flag of GLA Warlord Mohmar Deathstrike

- Flag of GLA Dr. Thrax
- Flag of GLA Khaled Deathstrike (Defected)
- Flag of GLA General Rodall Juhziz
- Flag of GLA Prince Kassad
- Flag of GLA Jarmen Kell

- Flag of USTF General James Solomon

- Flag of USTF General Malcolm Granger
- Flag of USTF General Townes
- Flag of USTF General Alexis Alexander
- Flag of USTF Colonel John Burton
- Flag of Unknown Faction Khaled Deathstrike
(Allies with China)

- Full Chinese Arsenal
- Full GLA Arsenal
- Full American Arsenal
Medium Heavy Light

"Death to those who oppose the GLA, Rise my brothers!"
- Intercepted transmission from Warlord Mohmar Deathstrike's speech -

Conflict information to be added...

Behind the Scenes

  • The First Eurasian Conflict is based off the events from Command & Conquer Generals, combining all three campaigns from the original game.
  • Possible mission add-on packs reflecting these wars maybe added into Reign of Conflagration later on or maybe in a sequel/prequel to the mod.

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