First Cold War
Mercenary Placeholder

Across the world, started out as a crisis in Germany and in Eastern Europe

Previous World War II
Concurrent First Vietnam War

Korean War

Next War on Terror
Beginning September 14th 1947
End December 25, 1991 (44 Years)
Place Europe

Middle East

Outcome Allied - Soviet Victory

- Soviet Union Separated
- Bureau of Global Liberation Dissolved
- Russia and America declare an end to the war

Major Battles Assassination of Adolf Himmler

Cuban Uprising
Bombings in Stalingrad
German Crisis
Cuban Revolution
Terror Raids in Iraq
Assassination of John Carter
South American Crisis
Pacific Bomb Attacks
More to be added...

-- Flag of AN Allied Nations --

Flag of USA Small United States
Flag of UK Small United Kingdom
Flag of Germany Small Germany
Flag of Japan Small Japan

-- Flag of Soviet Union Small Soviet Union --

Flag of Russia Russia
Flag of Cuba Small Cuba
Flag of Iraq Small Iraq
Flag of Ukraine Small Ukraine

-- Flag of Unknown Faction BGF --

Flag of Unknown Faction American Cells
Flag of Unknown Faction Asian Cells
Flag of Unknown Faction European Cells
Flag of Unknown Faction Middle Eastern Cells

Flag of AN Franklin Ackerman

(Allied Nations Head)
Flag of USA Small Harry Tuscan
(US President, 1945-1953)
Flag of USA Small John Carter
(Successor, 1953-1963)
Flag of USA Small Richard Granger
(2nd Successor, 1963-1974)
Flag of USA Small Jim Clinton
(3nd Successor, 1974-1991)
Flag of UK Small Terry Blackwell
(UK Prime Minister)
Flag of Germany Small Adolf Himmler
(German Leader, 1933-1947)
Flag of Germany Small Herbert Mohnke
(Successor, 1947-After 1991)
Flag of Japan Small Emperor Misora
(Japanese Emperor)
Flag of AN Allied Commander
(AN Field Commander)

Flag of Soviet Union Small Josef Romanov

(Soviet Leader)
Flag of Russia Artyom Rascalov
(Russian Premier)
Flag of Cuba Small Alberto Batista
(Cuban President, 1952-1959)
Flag of Cuba Small Hector Mendez
(President, 1959-After 1991)
Flag of Iraq Small Farrah Shada
(Iraqi President)
Flag of Ukraine Small Ivan Luba
(Ukrainian Premier)
Flag of Soviet Union Small Soviet Commander
(Soviet Field Commander)

Flag of Unknown Faction Humberto Rojas

(BGF Party Leader)
Flag of Unknown Faction Alberto Quevedo
(American Cell Leader)
Flag of Unknown Faction Fidel Guevara
(Asian Cell Leader)
Flag of Unknown Faction Joaquin Pais
(European Cell Leader)
Flag of Unknown Faction Rolando Hernandez
(Middle East Cell Leader)
Flag of Unknown Faction BGF Commander
(BGF Field Commander)

Full Allied Inventory Full Soviet Inventory
Full BGF Inventory
Moderate Allied Casualties Heavy Soviet Casualties Massive BGF Casualties
Moderate Civilian Casualties

"It was a bloodbath around the world, first Germany, then into the Soviet Union, Cuba and America. To be honest I do regret working with Humberto Rojas back in the 50s, but he threatened to hunt me, my family and harm my honor if I didn't join the BGF. I had no choice, once he died many stayed with him & several rebelled against the BGF, but you know its usually do the job or die, do or die."
- Fidel Guevara, former BGF Cell Leader from a trial in court, 2002 -

To be added...

Behind the Scenes

  • The Cold War is set after Reign of Conflagration's World War II, but with a twist, using a similar formula like in Red Alert 2 with 4 sub-groups and a unique campaign set in various years of 60s, 70s & 80s.
  • All-thou in real life and in many video games that set the USA, NATO, Europe and the Soviet Union against each-other, this will have a similar taste of Yuri's Revenge where the Allies & Soviets are allies at some point instead of being enemies.
  • This conflict also has a series of events relating to some characters that served during World War II and what happened to them at some point, for example, Franklin Ackerman, former US President who served as the head of the Allied Nations during the Cold War also the Cuban Revolution.

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