Field Armoury
Company Placeholder
The Field Armoury, holding heavy weapons and armour for all tier 3 units
Faction Company of Liberty
Cost $3000
Build at N/A
Requires Landsweeper

Weapons Facility
Radar Center

The Field Armoury, the main structure which holds access to the Company of Liberty's high-technical gadgets and access to many technical weapons, upgrades, aircraft and ground vehicles & infantry.

Field Armouries allow the commander who builds it gain access to many weapons and abilities for his/her army which will make them more useful on the battlefield; Not just affecting vehicles or infantry, there is also upgrades for buildings, allowing them to become more efficient when it come to holding down a region for base defense or if a base is on total code red lock-down, causing forces to fight for defensive purposes.

Access to Tier 3 Weaponry

The Field Armoury is the place if you need to equip your army with expensive and high-technical weapons and gadgets for the faction commander. These include expensive mercenaries, special vehicles such as Vertigo Tanks, Dragoon Tanks, Artillery Vehicles and also Mobile Internet Countermeasure vehicles which allow the commander to utilise them in a situation they'll need to use the vehicle for it.

High Ranking Soldiers such as Phoenix Snipers, Khaled Deathstrike and many other high-ranking mercenaries and soldiers can be equipped here before training and being ready for the battle.

Upgrades Avaliable

Cameo Name Description
EMP Resistant Armour EMP Resistant Armour Upgrades Dragoons & Salamanders with EMP Resistant armour, making them immune to EMP based weapons.
Company Placeholder Coilgun Batteries Grants M5A3 Leopards with special batteries which improves the rate of fire and the range on how far the tanks can shoot, making them more reliable than their older coilguns. The new batteries grants two additional gauss barrels onto Leopard tanks.
Extra Turret Barrels Extra Turret Barrels All Gun Turrets, Anti-Air Emplacements & Inferno Artilleries recieves additional barrels, updating them to a new standard of base defense.

Behind the Scenes

  • The Field Armoury is like all tier 3 upgrades (Such as Strategy Center, Palace etc), the structure is not yet modelled.
  • The structure is ingame but the model for the Field Armoury is currently being planned.