Fidel García
ECM Placeholder
Fidel Garcia with NAA Officials, preparing the ECM-Martollo Conflict
Name Fidel García
Faction Cuban Military

Eurasian Continental Militia

Birth Date 21st March 1993

Havana, Cuba Flag of Cuba Small

Death N/A
Age 41
Family Juan Garcia (Father)

Isabel Garcia (Mother)

Colleagues Jafar Mikin
Current Status ECM South American Commander

A Cuban born commander of the South American unit of the counter terrorist Eurasian Continental Militia, Fidel Garcia is one of the Eurasian Continental Militia's main commanders in charge of leading the ECM into battle against one of South America's most notorious anti-government factions, the Martollo Cartel.

Military Career Edit

Pre-ECM Career Edit

Fidel Garcia served in the Cuban Military 2014 as one of the military's supervisors who have been conducting military exercises for new and current soldiers of the military regiments before he joined the ECM in 2021, over the course of Pre-ECM career he is also known for his roles in Africa during a counter-terrorist operation in Africa and is known to help out the United States' Forces along with several regiments of the African Defense Units and the ECM.

During the course of the GLA Insurgency in Africa he was also known for conducting military exercises and collaborations against the GLA in hopes to liberate the area from enemy occupation, after 2020 the military decided to pull out after the Cuban Military re-called their forces from Africa to prevent possible uprisings in Cuba after there were reports of some terrorist cells within some parts of the country, but were cleared out quickly after swift action was taken.

All-thou he didn't have any connections with the ECM, he was considered as a contact by the faction's leader and was hoping to bring him into the faction as a permanent commander since he did help out help out the cause in along with the UFA's Forces in Africa, after November 2020 he resigned from the Cuban Military to seek new future but will return to the military if his country needs him again in-case a war breaks out in the country. It was not until March 2021 he have been brought into the Eurasian Continental Militia to help out fight against terrorists in the Middle East, including Kazakhstan, BalykchyKyrgyzstanAldasta and more countries in danger from any harrasment from the Global Liberation Army.

ECM-Career Edit

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Conflicts Participated Edit

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Eurasian Militia - Martollo Cartel Conflict Edit

See ECM-Martollo Conflict

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Behind the Scenes Edit

  • Fidel Garcia is one of the ECM's two's commanders, who also had a military career in the past, who is also currently fighting terrorists in South America during the course of the South American Civil War.
  • His military expertise have served him well during his career in the Cuban Military, now that he is with the ECM he is known to be supervising several battles during the First and Second Eurasian Conflicts.

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