HVF "Felon" Light Tank
MEA India Felon
India's latest light tank, the HVF Felon on show at a military museum
Faction Middle East Alliance
Cost $600
Build at War Factory
Requires Indian Deployment
Detailed Information
MEA India Placeholder Place of Origin India Flag of India Small
Manufacturer Heavy Vehicle Factory
Role Light Tank

Light Anti-Vehicle
Light Anti-Personnel

In Service Active
- 80mm Rifled Cannons x2

- HWF-21 Rocket Launcher
- Light Armour Plating
- Scanner System /w Spotlight
- Crew of 2 (Operator, Commander)

"Time for a show of explosions"
- Felon operator -

A tank built by India's military equipment manufacturer, Heavy Vehicle Factory, the HVF Felon is a light and cost effective light tank which can be useful for distracting enemy personnel and vehicles for when deployed in battle, it is equipped with a pair of 80mm rifled cannons and is capable of being upgraded with a rocket launcher system which can allow the tank to fight enemy vehicles for the defense of facilities and escort duties for extraction and ensuring nobody will try to take them on.

Despite the tank being equipped with light armour, it is still effective when in groups and it can be a force that can almost be deadly if the light tank is deployed with its heavier armoured allies including Arjun Tanks and Sandking Heavy Tanks, at any point during a battle the HVF Felon can distract a collumn of enemy units and allow main forces to advance without any further problems.


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Middle Eastern Crisis

See Middle Eastern Crisis

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All-thou the HVF Felon is light armoured, it is known for its vast capabilities for vaious roles for dealing with enemy personnel whilst on the field with fellow allies from the Indian Army, the tank's current capabilities are listed below:

  • Distraction - Despite being light armoured, a small pocket of these tanks can be useful for distracting enemy forces from their objectives whilst India's main forces move in for attacks and objectives.
  • Rocket Upgrade - At any point if a Felon needs extra firepower to deal with more enemy personnel and to cause more trouble, operators can acquire a rocket launcher, but it is deployed on a separate turret at a small price.

Behind the Scenes

  • The Felon is based on the Scorpion Tank that was planned to be used by the Fundamentalists, that was changed to the GLA during development, leading to the tank being changed,
  • A Chinese themed version of the tank is found in the Zero Hour files, for Reign of Conflagration the tank along with its skins, including damaged and rubble states have been restored for use.
  • Felon tanks are exclusive for the Indian wing of the Middle East Alliance, along with this it can upgrade to pack a rocket launcher which will be used by a separate turret.

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