Falkland Island Attacks
Article CoL Falklands

A newspaper article from the 19th of January 2028, more info on the attacks including reactions and claims can be seen at this link

Previous Rio Terror Bombing
Concurrent Martollo Terrorist Uprising
Next Second Cuban Revolution
Conflict South American Civil War
Beginning January 19th 2028
End January 19th 2028
Place Falkland Island
Outcome South American Civil War Begins

- Marshall Law Implemented
- Reinforced Security Clearence
- South American Countries organises united armed forces
- Terrorist Uprising Begins

Flag of NAA South America

Flag of ECM Blue Eurasian Continental Militia
Flag of Unknown Faction Falkland Islands Military

Flag of GLRF GLRF Terrorists

Flag of GLA GLA Separatists
Flag of Unknown Faction Martollo Cartel

- Flag of NAA Angelo Martinez

- Flag of ECM Blue Fidel Garcia
- Flag of Unknown Faction Classified FIM Commander

- Flag of GLRF Asliraf Masori

- Flag of GLA Muhammed Al-Assad
- Flag of Unknown Faction Unknown Martollo Member

- 400 South American Soldiers

- 225 ECM Freedom Fighters
- 375 Falkland Island Soldiers

- 150 GLRF Terrorists

- 340 GLA Theron Operatives
- 10 GLA Theron Snipers
- 500 Martollo Gang Members

Heavy Massive

"Due to the attacks on the Falkland, which led to the loss of civilian lives, with some terrorists captured with the rest of them killed, we will temporally implement Marshall Law, secure and monitor the island to prevent further attacks"
- Company Spokesman -

To be added...

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