Evans Military Tank and Vehicle Incorporated
Mercenary Placeholder
Current company logo, found on billboards & purchased equipment
Founded July 18th 1932
Origin United States

San Francisco Flag of USA Small

Products Military

Modern Battle Tanks
Modern Retro Tanks
Scout Vehicles
Anti-Air Vehicles
Artillery Units
Domestic Vehicles
Utility Vehicles
Emergency Vehicles
Civilian Trucks

Type of Company Military Vehicle Manufacturer
CEOs Jonathan Evans

Romeo Cheval

Employees 77,800 Employees

Gollium Gilbert

Military Connections League of Nations

(Defunct 1941-1945)
United States Military
Iron Dragon PLA
Allied Nations
Company of Liberty
New Andes Armada
Middle East Alliance

Founded in 1932 in San Francisco before World War II, Evans Military Tank and Vehicles Incorporated is a civilian based manufacturer which sells military and utility vehicles to various factions across the world, one of the buyers were mostly the United States Army for the company's best equipment such as the classic and modernised M60 Patton, even some combat vehicles such as the Humvee along with co-operation with AM General were built with several improvements.

EMTV Inc. has various aims to provide the factions across the world including civilian workplaces with various equipment, but exceptions are in place which could restrict some parts of the markets from buying equipment for terrorist purposes or violent regimes.

History of EMTV Inc.

In 1932, Evans Military Tank and Vehicles Inc. first started off as a minor business producing civilian vehicles such as family vehicles and flatbed trucks, until the pre-World War II times, EMTV began expanding into full capabilities of producing military spec vehicles and armoured cars for VIPs and even the United States President before being authorised for tank production.

In 1938, the M4 Sherman was produced with co-operation from another manufacturer based in the United States, until November 1940 World War II began between Germany and a terrorist faction, causing a war against peace for territorial control.

More history to be added...


Throughout history of Evans Military Tank and Vehicles Inc. in business of supplying equipment for civilians and military factions across the world, there have some competition where most of the same catagories of weapons & utility equipment have been produced for the same markets like EMTV have.

  • Shanghai Battle Tanks Inc. - Based in Shanghai in the Peoples Republic of China, SBT has similar strategies in services in selling combat and utility vehicles, most vehicles produced by the Chinese manufacturer are mostly unique due to their multi-role capabilities for civilian and military enterprises.


Currently Evans Military Tank and Vehicle Inc. specialises a range of vehicles built to order for military and civilian purposes, there are guidences and restrictions to these types of products when ordering any requested products including vehicles and military units from the company.

There are restrictions to civilians in which they cannot purchase military equipment unless they either have a permit, civilians however can purchase them without any of the weapons or equipment active to avoid any type of destructive purposes for demonstrations, films and television series, they have also been known to be hosted at museums, military personnel do have access to civilian equipment for demonstration purposes.

Military Vehicles

There have been some military projects which are co-operated with other companies, some of these vehicles were mostly built by these corresponding companies were either base vehicles/chassis or full but distributed by EMTV for the market (Bold marks projects built within home territories, Bold and Italic marks projects with other nations or companies).

Scout Vehicles

Cameo Name Description

America Placeholder

AN Humvee Icon

MEA Humvee Icon

Humvee Scout

A collaboration between AM General and EMTV Inc. dating back to 1984, the M707 Humvee is the USA's main combat scout and transport vehicle that seen action during the Cold War to the present Second Eurasian Conflict, the vehicle can be equipped with a TOW missile.

Despite its service with the United States, it is also known to be used by various other groups and military forces across the world, all-thou it is replaced on the frontlines by the Dolphin in the USA's military inventory, it is currently being used in numbers by the Allied Nations peace divisions along with it being used by Saudi Arabia's armed forces for transportation of its infantry divisions, who is also currently part of the Middle East Alliance.

Andes Armada Placeholder Lobster Anti Vehicle Scout One of the variants of the Humvee, specially built for anti-vehicle roles if the Humvee cannot fulfill the duty or if there are no tanks around to provide backup support, the M713 Lobster saw limited service with the United States armed forces, it is currently used by the New Andes Armada of South America.
MEA Qatar Placeholder Wolverine Recon Buggy To be added...

Anti-Aircraft Vehicles

Cameo Name Description
American Avenger Icon Avenger Laser Humvee

First replacing rocket equipped versions of Avengers from the 80s with a new laser based anti-aircraft defensive system, the next generation M1097 Avenger system includes a mounted high-tech spotter system which can be deployed at any point to improve the effectiveness of any allies attacking a target painted.

All-thou the laser avenger replaced rocket equipped versions of the vehicle, the new Avenger can also deflect enemy rockets from hitting the vehicle or anything nearby it, this can allow the new Avenger to be used for defense situations if any battles begin.

Boss Avenger Icon Avenger Rocket Humvee To be added...
America Placeholder Revenger Railgun Humvee

The newest version of the Avenger series, the M1278 Revenger is equipped with a set of railguns replacing both lasers and rockets for dealing with enemy aircraft at faster rates, currently the vehicle is known to be utilised by General Alexander.

All-thou lacking a set of defensive PDLs target painters or machine guns for defensive purposes, it can also be effective on the for use against light ground targets but the weapon will need to cool down before it can fire again.

Utility Vehicles


Name Description

Company Ambulance Icon

American Ambulance Icon

Hummer H1 Ambulance

A collaboration between the late Hummer that was produced from the 80s for rescue of any wounded United States personnel along its allies, EMTV Inc. built H1 ambulances seen combat with the USA's forces but they are known to keep all infantry regiments around it healed and fully capable to fight in any type of battles.

They have been active for the USA's Medical Corps unit until they were retired in 2025 after the end of the First Eurasian Conflict for the new Healer Drone, several numbers are in use by the Company's peacekeeper regiments.

Civilian Mechanic Humvee Icon Mechanic Humvee

Built from the Hummer H1, equipped with a light machine gun along with a series of welders to repair any vehicles damaged during combat, first introduced to the civilian and military markets in 2013 for combat support and repairs.

The base of the M719 Mechanic Humvee is capable of off-road purposes that surpass usual road vehicles whilst driving, civilian models of the vehicle don't come equipped with machine guns unlike the military models.

Armoured Personnel Carriers


Name Description
America Placeholder Comet APC

First built for the United States in 1960 and planned to be retired in 2044 as part of several re-organisation efforts, the M113 Comet is an armoured personnel carrier that comes equipped with a machine gun and a TOW launcher to deal with light threats.

Today, modern variants of the APC have been introduced in 2016 in various parts of the USTF, anytime a Comet can also be equipped with a M61 Vulcan that can slice enemy infantry or aircraft at anytime for light anti-air defense, however they won't surpass laser equipped Avengers in active service with the USTF today.

Cartel Gladiator APC Icon Gladiator APC

Built in Eurasia's detachment of the company, the D-38AP Gladiator is a special export built for many countries in the regions of Europe, Eurasia, the Middle East and also in Asia, unlike the Comet some Gladiators have been sporting a set of 75mm cannons.

However due to the First Eurasian Conflict production of Gladiator APCs were halted in 2018 due to use by various terrorist factions for attacks against countries including America and China, users of this vehicle included the GLA and the currently active Martollo Cartel.

America Placeholder Unknown IFV Prototype

A proposed replacement for Comet APCsBradley IFVs and Dolphin ASVs, this new IFV is a 6 wheeled combat vehicle that is set to enter service in 2034 as part of a major overhaul for the USTF's armed forces, this new IFV is currently with the USTF's specialist Shield Sector for testing and pre-production use.

Currently the designation is classified but its weapons and other types of various details have been posted by EMTV for military and private contractors for sneak peak purposes only, currently right at this time it is unknown if the new IFV is used by other forces.

Classic Tanks (Updated and Modern Variants Available)

Cameo Name Description

Andes Armada Placeholder

America Placeholder

Mercenary Placeholder

Sherman Battle Tank

World War II legends, famous for the liberation of Europe from terrorist forces and restoring Saudi Arabia's government military forces to combat the issue.

Newer versions of the M4 Sherman tanks have been donated to third world countries to help their armed forces to fight terrorist uprisings, currently the tank is in use by various countries along with the USA's homeland defense.

America Placeholder Patton Battle Tank

Named after George Patton, before the M1 Abrams tank series was introduced the M60 Patton battle tanks are main ground forces used by the USA's forces during the Cold War co-operating with the Sheridan light tank.

The known battle tank have been modernised for the USA's homeland defense forces with extra features from target painters to composite armour.

America Placeholder Sheridan Light Tank

Newer generations of the classic M551 Sheridan light tank from the Cold War, this classic tank has seen combat United states of America assisting the Soviet Union in their worldwide campaign to combat terrorists.

New generations of the Sheridans feature new technology, several numbers of these modernised light tanks have been stolen by the GLRF's terror forces.

Modern Tanks

Cameo Name Description
America Placeholder

MEA Saudi Placeholder

Abrams Battle Tank

First built in the 70s from prototype models, ranging from the classic M1A1 designation to the current field designation known today as the newer M1A3 Abrams tank, the tank is named after a known USA General who served with the USA during World War II and the the League of NationsCreighton Abrams.

Today the new Abrams tank is modernised for enhanced combat and combat effectiveness for dealing with newer enemy threats on the field, the third generation Abrams replaces the M5A2 Leopard Tank from the first conflict.

America Placeholder Armor Abrams Heavy Tank

Built under the designation as the M1A3E3, the Armor Abrams is a heavy armoured version of the Abrams tank used by the USTF's special forces sector, the tank can also come randomly equipped with a set of vulcans, auto-cannons or rocket pods.

This armoured version of the Abrams tank is a known common threat to various factions, mostly of these include terrorist factions since the USA is countering explosives to reduce the losses of the Abrams fleet.

American Predator Icon Predator Battle Tank

Widely known as the best tank used by the USTF's armed forces before being replaced by Grizzly and Leopard tanks, the classic M3A7 Predator is a battle tank that temporally replaced the M1 Abrams tanks whilst they were being upgraded.

Almost outdated, the M3A7 Predator was a mass built tank that recieved positive reactions from USTF Commanders, all-thou the tank was phased out by half of the divisions it is still active within many other sectors, one is the Ace Airforce Sector assigned to assist fellow comrades and friendly forces on the ground.

Chinese Placeholder Tourcher Battle Tank

Previously built by the United States, but still being today built in the Peoples Republic of China under EMTV's Chinese division for use in the Iron Dragon PLA, the Type-66 Tourcher is a local built version of the tank which can support their comrades on the battlefield, exclusive the PLA's Nuclear Brigade.

Along with the tank being built in China, it can equip either EMP or Radiactive shells to use against enemy personnel, to disable enemy vehicles and structures or to attack enemy units as built it can be useful for various situations.

Company Mantis Icon Mantis Battle Tank To be added...
American Grizzly Tank Icon Grizzly Battle Tank

Replacing the M3A7A Predator tank, the M4A2 Grizzly is a replacement battle tank if the Predator tank isn't performing up to standard, Grizzly battle tanks came into service during sometime between 2017 to 2022 to the introduction of the M5A2 Leopard tank series.

Currently the Grizzly has an amphibious version of the current tank being built by the company's Japanese division which gives it various upgrades including the ability to cross water. 

Mercenary Placeholder Kanto Amphibious Battle Tank

Built by EMTV's Japanese division for its military forces, also exclusive to the Allied Nations for amphibious combat situations when needed, the Type-M4Z Kanto is a variant of the Grizzly battle tank which comes equipped with advanced technology.

Along with this, the tank is also lighter and more mobile for going around the battlefield at faster speeds, the cannon is also given a change to a traditional Japanese smoothbore tank gun which can go at a longer range than the regular Grizzly tank.

EMTV Warrior Icon Warrior Battle Tank

A robust medium armoured battle tank first built to replace the United State's military's fleet of M4A2 Grizzly tanks but lost to the new M5A3E2 Crusader Leopard tank series, the M31 Warrior is a tank exclusive to various customers outside of the USA as an export.

Despite losing to the Crusader Leopard, there was still interest on using the tank from various forces across the world including Europe's peace divisions, with this various units of the Warrior was exported to large factions and small forces across Eurasia along with some being used by the Allied Nations' military unit.

Company Leopard Icon

GLRF Leopard Icon

Leopard Battle Tank

Main front-line battle tanks built and specialised for the USTF's forces when they replaced Grizzly Tanks on the frontlines until they were given to Company of Liberty forces, the tanks were brought back onto frontlines and were also re-armed with newer equipment and technology as requested by the OAT.

Today, the M5A2 Leopard is one of the Company of Liberty's heavy tanks with a specially designed to pack a smoothbore at first when it was used in the USTF, today all Leopard tanks used by the Company of Liberty are equipped with gauss cannons.

American Crusader Icon Crusader Leopard Battle Tank

Built as an upgrade to the M5A2 Leopard tank, the new M5A3E2 Crusader Leopard is a special variant of the base model equipped with a smoothbore cannon instead of a rifled cannon along with extra armour to deal with harsh environments and area affected by WMDs.

These tanks come with a single operator which controls the entire vehicle along with an automatic loader and a targetting system which can come handy, since there is only 1 operator.

America Placeholder Sonic Spear Sonic Tank

Currently a prototype currently being mass produced from the M5A2 Leopard Tank recieving some modifications for mobility and protection, the upcoming and futuristic M5A4S Sonic-Spear is currently in the trials for combat.

The Sonic-Spear is the first combat vehicle to feature sonic wave weapon technology along with the latest hovering tech, this new hovering technology can allow the vehicle to traverse land and water at the same time, without leaving any tracks and is known to be possibly silent to any hostile forces within range.

American Paladin Icon Paladin Battle Tank

First introduced in 2023, the Paladin tank is a heavy armoured combat vehicle which was built to support the M5 Leopard Tank series of combat and support vehicles during the first and second conflicts in Eurasia.

Paladin Tanks are equipped with heavy armour plating along with a 125mm Rifled Cannon along with a Point Defense Laser System to stop incoming missiles and attack any infantry within range of the laser.

Company Placeholder

Mercenary Placeholder

America Placeholder

Maverick Paladin Battle Tank

An advanced version of the M6A2 Paladin, first introduced in 2024 as a variant of the tank, but not to replace the base battle tank it is built for export markets for combat around the world that may lack advanced combat vehicles for self defense.

Instead of a PDL system which comes equipped on the main model of the Paladin tank, the tank consists of attachments from either a 50. Caliber machine gun or a Grenade Launcher which can engage multiple roles from anti-infantry to small anti-personnel.

Company Vertigo Icon Vertigo Stealth Tank

America's evolution and today's investment into stealth technology, the M7A3A Vertigo tank was the starting point of a new series of combat AFVs from the USA which started with this vehicle.

Later evolved production of several renditions including the pulse equipped M7A3B Quasar Vertigo and the support equipped M7A5 Gold Finger Vertigo, currently the tank along with its variants are currently being used by three factions.

American Quasar Vertigo Icon Quasar Vertigo Stealth Tank

Upgraded from the M7A3A and in-time for the USA's armed forces and for the Second Eurasian Conflict, the Quasar is equipped with the same rocket pods which now stick with support whilst a new pulse cannon for main purpose attacks.

The new M7A3B Vertigo stealth tank also is equipped with Cold Fusion Core Drives which could make the new version of the tank unstable, if upgraded later on with composite plating not only the tank will be protected, the tank's fusion cores will recieve protection.

Andes Armada Placeholder Gold Finger Stealth Tank

Equipped with a set of miniguns and a prism laser cannon to fight any ground vehicles and infantry at the same time, this version of the Vertigo is a Covert-Ops support stealth tank which is also exclusive to the New Andes Armada's home-land defense and off-shore forces.

It isn't armed with rocket launchers so the laser cannon will take some time to recharge after it is used whilst in combat, M7A5 Gold Finger stealth tanks can be used after clearence by commanders in charge.

America Placeholder

Company Placeholder

Andes Armada Placeholder

Templar Heavy Tank

The heaviest armoured battle tank first introduced in 2010 for the USA's main armed forces, the first designation when the tank began production was the M10A1 as a base model to begin production and deployment for the USMC's armed forces and in-time for the Libyan Civil Uprising.

Currently the highest newest designation is the laser equipped M10A4 Templar, two other versions ranging from the M10A2 and the gauss equipped M10A3G2, the tank is set to retire in the USA's armed forces by 2049.

Super Tanks


Name Description
America Placeholder Atlantica Superheavy Battle Tank To be added...

Self-Propelled Artillery, Missile Launchers, Rocket Artillery

Cameo Name Description
America Placeholder Goliath Self Propelled Howitzer

First built in the Cold War but built as a Mk.II today, today the next gen M110 Goliath self propelled howitzer today is used by the United States' Task Forces specialist Special Forces Sector for combating enemy units.

The new Goliath features an improved targeting system, a target painting system and a mine detector unit to allow mine clearing units to clear them before advancing, along with the new tech it is also more armoured and is capable of survival from any type of ground attack launched by any enemy faction.

American Rattler Icon Rattler MLRS To be added...
American Tomahawk Icon Tomahawk Ballistic Missile Launcher To be added...
Mercenary Placeholder Vortigaunt Deployable Artillery

New artillery systems matching against the long running and also still operational African G6 Venom Howitzer, the new American M677 Vortigaunt is a lightweight deployable artillery that can fire high explosive shells at a long range against enemy personnel but it must deploy before it can attack anything within its range.

Despite being an American built artillery, EMTV Inc. offers this artillery to various countries that lack artillery at various prices for military forces and regiments. However it can also end up being in the hands of militias and terrorist forces, so caution will be wise.

Civilian Vehicles

Cameo Name Description

American POW Truck Icon
See POW Transport

Company POW Truck Icon

Company Bronco Flatbed Icon

AN POW Truck Icon

Boss Supply Truck Icon
See Supply Truck

Evans Bronco Flatbed

First introduced in 1961 for the civilian market and military forces mainly across the United States, Europe, Asia and along with Russia, the Evans Bronco comes in various body chassis types ranging from truck cab vehicles to a civilian transport chassis.

Various military versions of the vehicle have been built for mainly the military units of the United States for various roles, currently it also used by the Allied Nations and also the Company of Liberty for use of POW Transportation and Supply runs, others include mobile Command Posts and spotters.

Today, the truck is available for the markets of civilian interest along with being a vehicle available for various military personnel, civilian operated versions of the modern Bronco have been used for Convoy transporting along with being used as a transport for large hauls for businesses.

Along with this, some versions of the truck have also been used by military forces for either transporting soldiers for quick evacuation and bringing in backup to various battlefields within the heat of war assist their fellow allies, some have also been used for USA military convoys to transport supplies and vehicles to bases.

Broncos operated by military personnel have been found with soldiers using the fireports and windows of the truck attacking enemy forces that have been spotted nearby them or heading straight into a fight with guns blazing, it is a risky move that some soldiers.

Production Facilities

Cameo Name Description
Mercenary Placeholder EMTV Warehouse Main production facilities that store vehicles for civilian and military markets, these facilities in advance build and store fresh M31 Warrior battle tanks, M667 Vortigaunt artilleries and M719 Mechanic Humvees for purchase whenever required.
Mercenary Placeholder EMTV Civilian Dealership Found in civilian cities and towns across the world, these civilian structures sell various domestic vehicles, trucks and flatbeds for businesses and companies.

Behind the Scenes

  • The company is inspired on various military and civilian manufacturers which construct military vehicles including domestic vehicles for the civilian market.
  • EMTV will play a vital role in the game, providing military vehicles for a price in maps in the game.
  • The USA's Task Forces have a vast majority of vehicles built by EMTV used in the game.

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