European Peacekeeper Campaign
Mercenary Placeholder

The map of Europe, showing the current situation between the Company and the GLRF

Previous Alternate-Dimension Campaign
Concurrent Eurasian Security Campaign

Second Eurasian Conflict

Next Unknown
Beginning July 7th 2030
End Unknown
Place Europe; France, Austria, Germany, United Kingdom
Outcome Unknown
Major Battles Unknown
Flag of CoL Company of Liberty

Flag of Austria Small Austrian Revolutionary Army (Austrian)
Flag of France Small Garde nationale française (France)
Flag of Germany Small Deutsch Revolutionäre (Germany)
Flag of UK Small Special Air Service (United Kingdom)

Flag of GLRF Global Liberation Resistance

Flag of GLRF Rattlesnakes of Austria (Austria)
Flag of GLRF Soldiers of Terror (France)
Flag of GLRF Brotherhood of Terrorism (Germany)

- Garreth Johnson

(Allied leader, leading the campaign)
- Commander Dane Clarence
(leading the French division)
- General Johnas Buchanan
(leading the Austrian sector)
- General Kenji Young
(leading the German sector)
- General Louis Carver
(leading the British sector)

- Prince Kassad

(leading GLRF Operations)
- Sheik Ibrahiim Omar Solimaan
(leading the Rattlesnakes)
- General Zenans Ozilq
(leading the Soldiers)
- General Rodall Juhziz
(leading the Brotherhood)

- 350,000 Company Units

- 155,000 European Army Units

- 400,000 GLRF Units

- Unknown Number of Cell Units

- Heavy Company Losses

- Medium European Army Losses

- Heavy GLRF Losses

- Unknown Number of Cell Units Lost

- Medium Civilian Losses

It has been around 10 Months since the Alternate-Dimension Campaign and the capture of one of the GLRF's commanders, there have been threats popping up in Company of Liberty controlled territories across Germany, France, Austria and Great Britain; These were detected since 2 months ago and Company forces were placed on full alert. Several Apache Gunships and Blackhawk Helicopters were responding to the calls, raiding local areas where the GLRF may strike, securing outposts and setting up makeshift military outposts and several armed patrols in cities, Blue Helmet Rookies were deployed to patrol several areas of cities in pairs.

Allthou several tanks were deployed at checkpoints in several areas, vehicles were to be checked as they get close to checkpoints to see if there are illegal items such as explosives and weapons inside. Company soldiers and operatives registered militia groups who are against the Global Liberation Resistance in Europe, there are currently 10 makeshift Company maintained militia factions active in Europe; all militia factions have small vehicles, AFVs and only trucks as military vehicles in the factions themselves, armed patrol and cargo transport.

The GLRF also have several militia factions to destract the Company registered militia factions; during this time, there have been reports of GLRF Units deploying in several neighbourhoods across europe. The Militia factions including the Company of Liberty were alerted, the Company forces including local Miltia forces responded with airborne and ground patrols as the neighbourhoods were evacuated, full-scale conflicts have been recorded within days of sightings of the Global Liberation Resistance forces.


To be added...


To be added...

Behind the Scenes

  • This campaign is based on several events which will occur in Reign of Conflagration, inspired by World Wars 1 and 2.
  • There will be several missions which will seperate the two factions in two parts of Europe, these missions and fights will take place in Germany, France and Austria.

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