Eurasian Continental Militia
Militia Star Blue
The emblem of the Eurasian Continental Militia as seen on a flag being held by a tank
Formation Established:

May 7th 2011
Iraq Flag of Iraq Small
August 22nd 2015
July 11th 2018
Kazakhstan Flag of Kazakhstan Small

Faction Color Dark Red

Light Blue

Type of Faction Freedom Fighters

Counter Terrorist Unit

Leaders Unknown Militia Leader
Officers Jafar Mikin

Fidel Garcia
Nikolai Charkov

Special Weapons N/A
Strategies Strength in Numbers

Hit and Run Tactics

Strengths Low Cost Personnel
Weaknesses No Strong Units

No Salvage Upgrades

Status Ingame

50% of Units Ingame

Known as an opposing force against the Global Liberation Army and the United States Task Forces during the course of the Libyan Civil Uprising, the Eurasian Continental Militia is a small but fierce task force that have been hidden ever since their defeat in Libya supporting the unknown terrorist faction, despite this the faction was known as a potential threat against the USA-GLA Coalition during the time and with the armed militia losing its ground in Africa it was eventuly disbanded in 2015.

All-thou supporting the terrorists led to their demise in 2015, the entire militia was extinguished after the uprising which led to several splinter cells establishing within Eurasia and Africa mostly staying silent and being nothing to street gangs rather than being a Militia until it decided when it will be time re-establish and fight against the GLA and the United States once again. However it is only then during the First Eurasian Conflict an unknown leader began to host a series of meeting sessions with local militia cells of the older parts of the Eurasian Continental Militia to tell that 2018 will be their re-introduction as the GLA turned into a terrorist faction, however it has a small set of equipment ranging from light tank to rocket equipped buggies.



Militia Star Red

The star of the Eurasian Continental Militia, before it was changed to blue after its re-establishment

The origins of the Eurasian Continental Militia stating back from 2011 show that they were formed in Eurasia as a left wing social movement that was established four months just before the outbreak of the uprising in Libya in Africa and was known to be supporting one of the terrorist groups during the conflict, the group is known for its re-use of old GLA technology and its political stances against the West and at the same time supporting movements which also includes many terrorist factions.

However their presence were mostly non combat activists but do regular patrols under the disguise of slipping in with civilians, most vehicles they use during their non-combat days do consist of stolen vehicles including civilian ones which are usually found slipping past authorities, when they made their presence first official in 2012 in Libya they have warned Western nations not to intervene as the African originated Global Liberation Army was fighting them and the unknown terrorist faction, thus rasing the Red Star Flag of War. But only to meet demands from the Allied Nations and including the United States to stand down or face a possible war, despite being mostly unprepared they do have a small stockpile of seized GLA vehicles and a set of WS-61 helicopters from unknown sources they use to conduct patrols when they began to intervene in the Libyan Civil Uprising in order to eliminate the GLA but only facing defeat after the United States began to intervene and assisting the GLA after a full-scale military intervention, which after the elimination of the unknown terrorist faction the ECM were on their last legs with the elimination of their leader and going into hiding in 2015.


In 2018, three years after their defeat, the New Eurasian Continental Militia was formed by a new leader with the belief of freedom and peace and with the urge of revenge against the GLA. This came as a good opportunity due to the Global Liberation Army turning into a global terrorist faction after the death of their leader by an unknown terror leader, their most notable engagements were in Africa but this time with several tanks carrying a Blue Star Flag of Freedom and advising civilians to rise up against terrorist aggression from the GLA, all-thou the ECM were infamous for their role in the Libyan Civil Uprising several civilians began to take up arms and gather a force to assist the new ECM.

Another notable movement of the ECM was their support for defecting GLA commander Khaled Deathstrike due to the acts of terror caused by his brothers, which led them to intervene during the GLA Splinter Conflict and unfortunately losing the battle after Khaled was captured by his brothers, their presence is also found in Balykchy assisting the Chinese Army. All-thou their known presence in several conflicts were only minor due to staying under the radar and gathering support from various sources, including vehicles to utilise and recruiting soldiers for any future battles against terrorism rather than assisting terrorists the faction became more prepared for any type of conflict when any war comes their way, currently the activity of the Eurasian Continental Militia have been recorded to have several fights in South America and in the Middle East which also leads them to several conflicts such as the ECM-Brotherhood Conflict and the ECM-Martollo Conflict.

Involvement in the Libyan Civil Uprising

To be added...

Involvement in the Eurasian Conflicts

On the year of 2018, field reports were found saying that the ECM have been fighting the GLA in Balykchy, Kyrgyzstan, Aldastan with backup from the Peoples Liberation Army after they found reports that Beijing was bombed by a dirty nuclear bomb attack during a military parade, which caused the Eurasian Militia to retaliate in Africa and strike the GLA in Kazakhstan.

Despite their dark past as told by the USA's main commanders in chief and their involvement in supporting terrorists in Libya, the USA's task forces are advised to approach these guys with caution and not to engage unless they fire rounds at their direction but however after approaching the ECM's forces the USA's forces were welcomed by one of the faction's commanders as they are warned to keep their heads down due to GLA Desert Snipers as civilians were being evacuated from battlefields.

More info to be added...


Despite being a small force, they are not that common throughout the world, but do have regiments defending the regions of Africa, Eurasia and the Middle East whilst under the radar and staying off radar of the Allied Nations and the Company of Liberty, since they could mistake the ECM as potential terrorists.


Cameo Name Description
ECM Placeholder Freedom Fighter Main combat infantry, equipped with an assault rifle with a small bayonet with an extended magazine to help out in combat, Freedom Fighters serve as the Eurasian Continental Militia's combat specialists and also risky operatives that will also move in up close and melee attack their enemies.
ECM Placeholder Battle Hunter Equipped with AT-4 launchers and molotov cocktails, the Battle Hunter is the ECM's main vehicle and aircraft whilst deployed in combat which can allow them to take on enemy infantry since they can use the molotovs to defend themselves if there are no Freedom Fighters to assist them.
ECM Placeholder Sniper Team Working as a team, Sniper Teams are equipped with weapons such as the Sako TRG bolt action rifle, the IMI Galil assault rifle along with TMP machine pistols for self defense if enemies get close, the ECM's carefully chosen Sniper Teams can take on threats from miles away without risking their lives in frontline attacks.


Cameo Name Description
Militia Scorpion Icon Scorpion Light Tank These tanks were found in Eurasian Continental Militia use during the course of the Libyan Civil Uprising and even with many more in the ongoing Eurasian Conflicts, classic D-34 Scorpion tanks serve as the primary ECM's main combat battle tank with only light armour but does come with a 75mm cannon and a bolt-on rocket.
Militia Technical Icon Self Improvised Technical

Using several pickup trucks that have been seized from the GLA in the past, the Eurasian Continental Militia have managed to gain large numbers of these units to transport small pockets of infantry around the field and for patrols.

After the fall of the GLA, the Technical in ECM service have seen action in the Second Eurasian Conflict in some fights, most of these come with machine guns only.

Militia Transport Van Icon Mule Transport

Not deployed by default, ECM Mules are usually found being escorted by Technicals a set of 8 soldiers in a dual-cab chassis with a transport compartment on the back several of these Mules were acquired from outside contacts.

Despite being unarmed they can also be used as hit & run battle units since it can allow occupants to use their weapons, but if the vehicle is destroyed the soldiers inside will die.

Militia Marauder Icon Marauder Battle Tank

Medium armoured battle tanks acquired through trades & former operatives of the GLA, D-40B Marauder tanks were used by the Eurasian Continental Militia as part of their main wars against any of their primary enemies.

Despite being in service with GLA Separatists, the tank is built with a primary 90mm rifled cannon as standard with extra layers of reinforced bolt-on armour plating to protect it from bullets, also it is known to be working with the faction's D-34 Scorpions whilst the tank is deployed into combat.

Militia Swatter Icon Swatter Anti-Air Platform

Several of these vehicles were used by the GLA, whilst some were taken by the ECM to use against their former users for revenge in Libya, many L-AA-3 Swatter platforms utilise a half-track chassis which can be useful for mobility.

The vehicles come equipped with a set of four machine guns with a radar scanner which can be accessed from the cab.

Militia Ratfink Icon Ratfink Rocket Buggy

Lightweight and fast, Mustang Ratfinks that were used by the GLA were stolen from several armories operated by other factions after they were stored for further use or scrapping, this was after the fall of the GLA & was being decommissioned.

The buggy now active with the ECM, comes equipped with a set of three rocket launchers which can go long range and is good for not only for attacking bases but also against vehicles.

Misc Vehicles

Cameo Name Description
Militia Command Truck Icon Hauler Command Truck

Used by high-ranking operatives in the ECM, several of these trucks were outfitted with radio, communication systems and seating for commanders using the truck whilst out in the field.

Several of these UME "Hauler have been modified for use as a command vehicle for units on the front but mostly since they are expensive purchase and easily unguarded, these trucks were mainly targets to enemy attacks and terrorists so they will require heavy protection from fellow allies.


Cameo Name Description
ECM Placeholder Gazelle Combat Helicopter

Helicopters built by Aérospatiale in France before merging with Airbus Group, the SA 342K Gazelle is combat & patrol helicopter equipped with FN Minimi machine guns & two rocket pods to take on enemy units on the ground, also good for escort roles.

Several pilots in the Eurasian Continental Militia have acquired the helicopter through several trades & private sales from former operators, despite the helicopter beginning to become phased out from various military operators, it has been upgraded to operate in environments & territories that the Militia operate.

ECM Placeholder Commando Transport Helicopter

One of many aircraft used by the Eurasian Militia as a transport with a cab mounted machine gun to defend itself from ground targets, the WS-61 Commando in the air can be mainly threatened by all types of anti-aircraft units from the ground and air.

The helicopter is equipped with a with a cab mounted machine gun for use to engage infantry despite but will be taken down easily by vehicles and aircraft unless protected by other helicopters.

ECM Placeholder Carryall Heavy Transport Aircraft

Built by Rockdale Aviation Corporation for the main body along with Townsville Air Works for components, the RA-77 Carryall is one of Australia's best heavy transport aircraft built to match with others such as the Crimson & the Kangaroo transport.

Unarmed but equipped with moderate class armour plating to last long whilst transporting units, the RA-77 Carryall can transport two vehicles or 1 massive battle tank in & out of battlefields, this can allow it to become a vital piece for commanders & armed units of the Eurasian Continental Militia.


Cameo Name Description
ECM Placeholder Militia Headquarters Housing the main operations of the Eurasian Continental Militia, the Militia Headquarters will be the primary structure where all ground units including infantry will be deployed from, all-thou it is small enough to be unnoticed on the battlefield the usually deploy from small to medium sized holes to hide any presence from view.
ECM Placeholder Gun Turret Built using cinder blocks and several pieces of metal with a triangular turret with a 105mm cannon, several ECM Gun Turrets share a similar design with Company of Liberty's main anti-ground defenses without any particular anti-aircraft weapons, the defense is vunerable from the all types of airborne related weapons including ballistic missiles.
ECM Placeholder ECM Heliport Allows the launch of helicopters into combat, the ECM uses these helicopter ports to send helicopters into combat which can also transport soldiers into battle, the Eurasian Militia uses these sites to launch WS-61 Commando helicopters into the air equipped with a cabin mounted machine gun to clear an area of soldiers.

Behind the Scenes

  • The Eurasian Militia is a combat regiment which is almost similar to the GLA, turning from terrorists into a counter-terrorist force, whilst the GLA turned into terrorists after the death of their leader.
  • Also during their time of being on the battlefield, the ECM is also not only involved in several main conflicts they are also in a set of territorial battles with Martollo Cartel and also the Sarajevo based Brotherhood of Mercenaries.
Freedom Fighters of the Eurasian Continental Militia

Flag of ECM Blue

Ground Forces
Infantry Freedom FighterBattle HunterSniper Team
Tanks D-34 ScorpionD-40B Marauder
Scouts TechnicalMule
Anti-Air L-AA-3 Swatter
Artillery Units Mustang Ratfink
Misc Units Hauler Command Truck
Helicopters WH-61 CommandoSA 342K Gazelle
Transport Aircraft RA-77 Carryall
Prominent Characters
Military Personnel Unknown Militia LeaderJafar MikinFidel GarciaNikolai Charkov
Faction Information
Detailed History History of the ECM
Battles Participated Current Wars

Flag of ECM Blue

ECM-Brotherhood Conflict

ECM-Martollo Conflict
ECM-Reich Conflict

Past Wars

Flag of ECM Red

Libyan Civil Uprising

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