Eurasian Commonwealth Security Network
Eurasian Commonwealth Security
The current emblem of the Eurasian Commonwealth Security Network
Formation August 17th 2027

Ankara, Turkey Flag of Turkey Small

Faction Color Orange
Allies Allied Nations

United States Task Forces
Iron Dragon PLA
Company of Liberty
New Andes Armada

Enemies Global Liberation Resistance

Forth Reich of Yuri

Type of Faction Commonwealth of Nationional Territories
Leaders Richard Osman
Officers C23R1

(Secret Weapons)
Seth Andreas
Sarubo Matsuka
Shigaru Yoko
Cody Jerrard

Special Weapons Energy Weapons

Yellow Anti-Air Lasers
Orange Anti-Ground Lasers

Strategies Robotic Warfare

Infantry Action

Strengths Cheap and speedy Robots

Powerful Infantry

Weaknesses Weak Defences

Slow Vehicles

Status Ingame

30% of Units Ingame
More Units Being Added

As the dusk of the First Eurasian Conflict was on the brink of ending, several benefactors in Eurasia decided to gather in secretly without the Global Liberation Army knowing.

Richard Osman, a British CEO of worldwide defense organization known as the famous Osman Defenses Industries decided to bring in several benefactors across the world to rise up terrorism; The Company of Liberty was involved in several compaigns to help found the Commonwealth Security Network of Eurasia, they were known in short as the ECSN.

The Arm of Defense

Osman Defences Industries currently specialises the faction in Cybernetic Infantry, Secret Weapons and Robots; enlisting, commanders, engineers and scientists to help with the recruitment and construction of these seperate weapons. Over the years, the Commonwealth specially held out against GLRF Occupation until the terrorist threat was cleared out of Turkey, the faction began to fight in 2027 along side with the Company of Liberty ready to assist.


After the faction surfaced in 2027, the Company of Liberty was enlisted to help get into combat. United States Forces and Chinese Forces were enlisted to spread the message to help recruitment for the faction, all-thou there have been high amounts of successive recruitments across Eurasia, the Americans and the Chinese pulled out of Eurasia in 2029 to allow the Eurasian Commonwealth to deal with the Global Liberation Resistance across their territories. Several years during the first conflict several regions of the continent have been contested with enemy occupation, mainly from the Global Liberation Army but after the enemy's defeat Osman Industries taken up various votes from countries that require defense from any further attacks, the CEO of the multi-million Euro/Dollar organisation began all military, civilian and science operations across Eurasia along with some some sectors operating under license in mainly Europe and in Asia providing services for many contractors.

Over the years, the Company of Liberty brought in the Eurasian Commonwealth Security Network as a member of the Allied Nations as a world-wide operated force under Organisations Against Terrorism leadership; the Eurasian Commonwealth was ranked by OAT's Commanders as the group's 2nd Faction to be well-organised in terms of combat units, futuristic weapos and good use of support powers. For the need of detecting enemy forces and private military defense the Osman Organisation CEO established the new Osman Intelligence Agency and the Osman Security Consulting, not only available to military contracts but also available for civilians and VIPs that contact if they are looking for security assistance and also if they need to locate possible targets that could threaten the future of someone's interests, the Eurasian joint forces contracted these said subsidiaries to assist them with various successes during the course of the fight against enemy forces including the Global Liberation Resistance but also against forces of Yuri's unified New Russia with some success after fending off attacks, but pressure has been on the increase ever since due Yuri's New Russia being a threat after Richard Osman declared that the ECSN with his guidence will restore Russia to its older state.

A Brave New World

To be added...

Supporting Companies

In the Eurasian Commonwealth Security Network's role in counter-terrorism with assistance from the Company of Liberty and the American-Chinese task forces, the new commonwealth utilises many new and advanced powerful battle vehicles for use on the battlefield to deal with the Forth Reich of Yuri and Global Liberation Resistance Forces.

The corporations assisting the newly formed Commonwealth consist of medium, high and massive Eurasian companies and corporations which operate worldwide and able to help out armies and organisations with any equipment they require for their effort on the field.

Airbus Military - A Spanish subsidiary which is part of the European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company in Netherlands which supplies the Eurasian Commonwealth with 1 propeller aircraft for the ECSN's military operations in deploying security operatives, bombing locations and also transporting Important Supplies from one Eurasian base to another in a matter of seconds. This company is the only one in the Eurasian Commonwealth's contractors list to supply one propeller aircraft to the Eurasian Commonwealth.

Ultra-Tech Battle Machines - This Eurasian Corporation utilises the Eurasian Commonwealth with a unique set of weapons and vehicles to utilise on the battlefield when at war with Terrorism. Ultra-Tech has several contracts and orders of battle vehicles to utilise with the Eurasian Commonwealth Security Council and a chance to combat terrorism in Europe and Eurasia.

Global Econox Aviation - An Aircraft Corporationin from Sweden, this this Eurasian affaliated corporation builds aircraft and helicopters which can be used in the military and civilian purposes. Their best selling aircraft is the GEA-4 Boxer VTOL, comes in civilian and military versions and can be purchased for a good price for any purpose. Since the GLRF Risen to war, Global Econox Aircraft recieved contracts and orders from the Commonwealth to build combat and utility VTOL aircraft to utilise in their war on terror, their current prototype is the GEA-95 Autumn Battle VTOL.

FutureTech Corporation - This massive corporation founded in Amsterdam currently serves the Eurasian Commonwealth Security Network in supplying advanced robots for the new Commonwealth to utilise on the battlefield. Also having contracts with the Company of Liberty which provides them with the FT2 Jaguar but since the Company of Liberty has affaliations with the Commonwealth Council, the corporation currently serves both factions in providing the best robot vehicles and drones for use on the deadly battlefield.

Golan Mecha Defences - When there are not much companies which build mechanised walkers for war and work, a large Eurasian corporation known as the Golan Mecha Defenses. This specially designed corporation builds tall and heavy armoured military mechanised walkers for war and civilian mechanised walkers for industrial workplaces & leasure, also they build unarmed mecha for the civilian market.

Kojima �島 Heavy Industries - A Corporation in Japan which was contracted by the Eurasian Commonwealth Security which provides them specially selected units which utilises mostly drone carrier units and also mostly battle tanks for any army which they are contracted for. The Industry utilises advanced and futuristic units and weapons for battlefield use. They also have civilian companies which produce office equipment and autombiles and motorcycles for civilian use which they can use for everyday lives.

U-Genix Computers - A British software company based in London. The company assists the faction in their supplyment contract with the supply the with important AI-programs for the faction's Component Towers and their drones that the ECSN security forces use in the fight against global and worldwide terrorism.



Osman Defense Industries enlisted a shipbuilder based inside the United Kingdom to build the network a set of laser guided missile destroyers. These specially designed British destroyers has been selected as the ECSN's commanding flagships on the oceans which helps calling in air support and airstrikes from the shores, however the three ship's laser guided missile launchers can pierce through enemy aircraft which attack them, decimate positions with inter continential ballistic missiles.

Cameo Name Description
Eurasia Placeholder Osman Destroyer Flagship Named after Richard Osman himself, the ECSS Hammond is the pride of the Eurasian Commonwealth's fleet and command on the high seas; the ship's heavy armour and powerful weapons make it almost unbreakable, armed with heavy ICBM missiles and AA lasers.
Eurasia Placeholder Terminator Destroyer Flagship The second command ship to enter service in the Security Network's naval flagship fleet. Terminator has been recently restored from a former USA Destroyer, refitted with laser guided missiles & an ICBM ballistic missiles to take on enemy units
Eurasia Placeholder Demolisher Destroyer Flagship Recently constructed, considered a prototype by the English shipbuilder, Demolisher comes with a 155mm tri-barrel turret and lasers instead of ICBM missiles and laser guided missiles for self defense.

The Comparing towards the Company of Liberty's ANCS Gallardo Flagship, these ECSS destroyers are medium sized and they are fast than the flagship and several battleships across the world. Equipped with ICBM missiles and heat seeking missiles, these destroyers were powerful by all means; Its arnament can be devastating as any enemy personnel nearby these destroyers can get eliminated due to the comsistant use of explosives, the Global Liberation Resistance Forces have ranked the destroyers as a priority target to destroy at all cost since they are dangerous towards terrorists and enemies who are against Eurasia.


The network utilises strictly trained soldiers and special mercenaries for the battlefield. All-thou commanders utilise for soldiers to consist of many weapons of their choosing, they also allow the construction of robots and exo-skeletal soldiers for battlefield use.

Cameo Name Description

Eurasia RiflemanEurasia RocketeerEurasia Placeholder

Osman Security Team The main and standard Infantry of the Eurasian Commonwealth Security forces, these soldiers can acquire a random weapon, they can utilise them weapons for battlefield use, these soldiers come out with a random a weapon at the start of their recruitment, they are trained in fours.
Eurasian Technic Technic The Eurasian Technic is a specialist soldier which can help in reparing ground vehicles and drones for Eurasian commanders, these guys also can secure tech structures and enemy buildings for the commander to use against their enemies once they have full control of the building.
Eurasia Placeholder Assassin Female Assassins which love the thrill of war, these specially trained soldiers are invisible whilst on the move, standing still and also attacking her enemies with a specially equipped energy dagger, which can also be utilised whenever she needs to clear hostiles in her commanders way.
Eurasia Placeholder Smith Field Agent

Specially trained soldiers hired by the Commonwealth Security Forces. Smith class field agents utilises EPG which can be used to disable vehicles and structures for a small amount of time.

He can also set some remote controlled explosive charges on enemy structures and buildings which can be utilised as traps.

Eurasian Frenza Frenza Needle Robot Robotic snipers. Armed with a needle pulse rifle which can cut clean through a target soldier, he is stronger than Security Soldiers, he cannot be crushed by a vehicle since the Frenza is a robotic infantry for advanced combat, can move usual while damaged.

Osman Commando Operatives

Specially hired by Osman Defense Industries for fighting forces across Eurasia, these heroes come with various abilities and weapons depending on what situation they will be facing off in whilst in combat. Due to limitations in the faction, commanders can only 1 Hero can be utilised in combat.

Cameo Name Description
Eurasia Placeholder Arnold Johnson

American executive mercenary armed with a heavy grenade launcher. Arnold Johnson is good with dealing with enemy infantry and vehicles with high explosive grenades which can also deal with soldiers inside buildings when there is no Security Soldiers without grenade launchers.

(Commando 1)

Eurasia Placeholder Kenshi Komura

Japanese mercenary which is equipped with a katana style laser Sword. Kenshi Komura is stealthed even when moving when on the battlefield, he is a specially trained stealth assassin which can deal with enemy soldiers whilst stealth in attacking. He can also plant specially designed C6 explosives whilst stealthed.

(Commando 2)

Eurasia Placeholder Hakan Ahmet

Turkish mercenary. Hakan Ahmet is equipped with an anti-aircraft micro-missile launcher which can deal with aircraft units whilst fielded on the battlefield. He can also take on infantry when necessary since he has no melee weapon or assault rifle equipped.

(Commando 3)

Vehicles & Drones

Throughout Eurasia's counter terrorist operations, these types of vehicles and drones have been built for combat for various usages. Drones are fast & cheap, but weak, vehicles can be upgraded with long-range barrels, nano-armour or maybe fire-rate improved crystals.

Factory Vehicles

Cameo Name Description
Eurasia Placeholder Constructor Drone Factory Vehicle Mobile Facilties designed by FutureTech which build hover drones which can be used on the battlefield, the FT65 Constructor is an armoured vehicle which can upgrade with a set of defenses, the vehicle comes with a set of anti-ground and anti-air lasers for defensive purposes whilst trying to build hover-drones for war and utility purposes.


Cameo Name Description
Eurasia Placeholder Pioneer Utility Drone Specially designed drones which can heal infantry, the latest and advanced FT22 Pioneer repair vehicles and clean up toxins which can help the commander with cleaning up hazardous areas and help units whilst they can provide assistance in repairs and medical supplies.
Eurasia Placeholder Seeker Scout Drone Anti-Infantry drones. The FT31 Seeker is equipped with a set of needler rifles and can take on enemy soldiers at long range with its specially equipped focus rifle which will instantly kill enemy infantry within seconds.
Eurasia Placeholder Tank Buster Battle Drone

Moderate armoured drones which can deal with vehicles once deployed on the battlefield.

The FT27 Tank Buster specially designed drones which can take on vehicles without a problem whilst they are fast when evading enemy vehicles after a fight with an enemy vehicle.

Eurasia Placeholder Air Hunter Battle Drone

These are specially equipped with anti-aircraft needle rifles which are mainly good in defending a base which is without component towers with AA missile turrets installed.

Being an anti-aircraft drone, the FT28 Air Hunter drone is also equipped with a set of rocket launchers which can be used with other anti-aircraft vehicles and other drones to deal with heavier aircraft.

Eurasia Placeholder Stillmaker EMP Drone

Being a support drone, the FT33 Stillmaker class drone is known to be specially equipped with an EMP armed micro-missile launcher which can disable vehicles and buildings within its range.

It can also fire some long range missiles to disable any target.

Eurasia Placeholder Spotter Target Locator Drone Drones which can spot targets for enemies to destroy with an increase fire rate of its allies which are next to it whilst targetting an enemy for it to attack, FT26 Spotter drone can also spot stealthed enemy units for its nearby allies to attack.
Eurasia Placeholder Construction Droid Building Drone Builds structures and disarms mines and explosive traps, the FT44 Construction Droid is immune to all sorts of hazards within battlefields such as anthrax, toxins and nuclear radiation when inside these regions but they are unmanned but weak to enemy units.

Tanks and Vehicles

Built for combat utilisation, these types of vehicles are utilised by the Commonwealth to face off against terrorism. Whilst built to assist security operatives and drones, these types of vehicles are hand-picked to face off with the GLRF and various forms of terror.

Tier 1 Units

Cameo Name Description
Eurasia Placeholder Osorio Battle Tank

The basic battle tank of the Eurasian Commonwealth Security Network, built by the Brazillian mega-corporation known as Tekan Combat Systems.

First built in the 1980s but revived in the 21th century the Osorio tank is a light armoured battle machine which utilises an orange laser to take on enemy vehicles within its range.

Eurasia Placeholder Reductor AA Pulse Tank Medium anti-aircraft battle machines used by security forces, the anti-air Reductor pulse tank is armed with a set of pulse lasers which shoots green lasers so it can take on aircraft within afew seconds whilst in pairs which cane take on many aircraft which comes accross the vehicle if they responded to take a shot.
Eurasia Placeholder Armadillo Urban Scout

Light armoured urban combat vehicles which the Security Council can utilise in terms for use in transporing soldiers and battlefield recon patrols when deployed.

The Armadillo comes with a 37mm automatic cannon and light a light anti-air machine gun, the vehicle can upgrade to equip a flash-bang launcher which can clear garrisons.

Tier 2 Units

Cameo Name Description
Eurasia Placeholder Judge Laser Tank

Osorio tank lasers were good in dealing with light and medium armoured threats whilst on the battlefield.

The new Judge medium tank is the latest battle machine built by Tekan It comes with a yellow powered laser which will deal good amounts of damage over time and also not to mention it can take some time for the Judge to reach full spinning power which can make the tank cause full damage.

Eurasian Blizzard Icon Blizzard Heavy Destroyer

Specially designed battle machines which can freeze enemy units and infantry on the ground.

The Blizzard is also good in dealing with enemy garrisons which threaten the Eurasian Commonwealth's security campaign whilst cleaning out terrorist positions and taking on enemy units.

Eurasian Juggernaut Icon Juggernaut Artillery

The standard artillery utilised by the Eurasian Commonwealth Security Network, these moderate armoured deployable battle machines are utilised to take out enemy positions from a long distance, the Juggernaut is equipped with EMP and HE shells they can use depending on the situation.

They must deploy on open ground to utilise their tri-cannon turret against the oposition, they are moderate armoured but they must be defended at all times to ensure they get the job done.

Tier 3 Vehicles

Cameo Name Description
Eurasia Placeholder Sunbeam Solar Tank

Heavy armoured anti-ground cannon tanks which shoots a white solar powered energy beam against enemy vehicles and buildings.

The Tekan-53 Sunbeam Solar Tank can also take on enemy infantry since it can fry almost anything whilst on the battlefield, they are weak and vunerable to ground and aircraft units.

Eurasia Placeholder Masamune Drone Carrier

All-thou not a battle tank nor assault vehicle, this specially designed machine holds access to drones to utilise on the battlefield. It comes with the ability to build mini-attack drones which can attack enemy units within a matter of seconds, the Masamune is one of many vehicles which can utilise drones for battlefield use.

Once it is ready, the Kojima-34 Masamune can roll into open areas and allow drone operators to attack with drones they built when with the Masamune.

Eurasia Placeholder Iron Golem Mecha

Many forces prefer armoured vehicles and tanks, the Eurasian Commonwealth utilized the all new G-C M-L3 Iron Golem built by Golan Mecha Defences.

These two-legged monsters boast anti-air missiles and a set of flamethrowers to deal with enemy forces in a matter of seconds, they are also heavily armoured and sometimes leave a husk of their remains after they are destroyed for the ECSN or other factions to salvage.


Whilst utilising experimental VTOL unist rather than conventional planes, the Commonwealth utilises these types of aircraft units for various purposes on the battlefield; they are known to be transporting cargo and infantry, they can oftain attack enemy units. They are sometimes sporting onboard PDL defense units against enemy missiles and with aircraft-defence drones.

Cameo Name Description
Eurasia Placeholder Atlas Cargo Plane

Spanish Cargo Planes utilised for cargo and bombing operations.

The A400M Atlas is the only propeller aircraft used by the Commonwealth since their introduction into the Network in the Middle of the year 2031 for dropping off important supplies and bombs on enemy targets since they are heavy transporters like the American C-130 Hercules and Company Pelican.

Eurasian Boxer VTOL Icon Boxer Battle VTOL The standard attack gunship used by the commonwealth. The new nexr generation Boxer battle VTOL is armed with a set of lasers and a machine gun which can be used to chop up enemy vehicles, tear up enemy aircraft and slice infantry without a problem when ordered to attack.
Eurasian Kangaroo Icon Kangaroo Transport VTOL Specially designed transporter VTOL aircraft which can airlift infantry and ground vehicles into and out of battle when they are ready to come out of a fight for repairs or health check or go into war and fight in the name of freedom to ensure safety to Eurasia and the rest of the world, it comes with heavy armour.
Eurasia Placeholder Autumn Heavy VTOL

Next generation battle aircraft with a set of Lasers, anti-tank rockets and anti-aircraft rockets.

The Autumn VTOL is a powerful prototype battlefield aircraft vehicle which is one the best units the Commonwealth can utilise on the battlefield when at war with terrorist forces, the lasers unlike on the Boxer VTOL are upgraded to take on infantry and vehicles at the same time with rockets to assist with aircraft and vehicles.

Reservist Aircraft

Cameo Name Description
Eurasia Placeholder Tiger Attack Helicopter

Attack Helicopters built in France with co-operation from West Germany during the 1980s, the Eurocopter Tiger was utilised by the armies from Germany, France, Spain and in Australia.

Equipped with a machine gun, automatic cannons and a pair of missiles for taking on ground airborne threats, it was a good helicopter built in Europe before the Boxer VTOL replaced it.

Eurasia Placeholder Commando Transport Helicopter

Supplied by Westland Helicopters, a licensed built helicopter of the USA's S-61 Sea King utilised by the Eurasian Commonwealth before the Kangaroo VTOL transport.

This helicopter is unarmed but still in active reserves throughout Eurasia, along with the Tiger they do good in transporting infantry around the battlefield.


Like the Company of Liberty, the Commonwealth Security Council mostly prefer the members of the Eurasian Commonwealth to utilise these buildings to help keep the faction going foward in a battle. They can attain a set of Point-Defence-Turrets.

Cameo Name Description
Eurasia Placeholder Command Base The Command Base the main structure required to control the Commonwealth Security Forces on the battlefield, these tall structures control the entire Eurasian Commonwealth Security Personnel on the battlefield of a commanders location which builds construction workers and commands Generals Powers.
Eurasia Placeholder Solar Power Station These power structures allow Eurasian Commonwealth Secured Bases in the world to become powered clean Plasma energy which makes the Solar Power-Station another green structure like the Company of Liberty's Wind Turbine or the US-Fusion-Plant in powering bases.
Eurasia Placeholder Security Camp The standard building for Infantry Division Recruitment in the Eurasian Commonwealth to allow the fighting against the enemy whilst built. These concrete structures are stronger than normal barracks structures, these also have standard installed Solar Panels to and Wind Turbines eliminate pollutants.
Eurasia Placeholder Supply Control Stores Supplies for the Commonwealth forces once collected. These structures can acquire access to a Radar Tower, which can allow the Commander of the Eurasian Commonwealth to keep an eye open on the battlefield while trying to find hostile factions causing trouble.
Eurasia Placeholder Airpad This structure holds access to all VTOL Aircraft used by the Eurasian Commonwealth Security Network. This building is a small structure and don't require airfield since the Commonwealth mainly focuses on VTOL Aircraft instead of planes or helicopters.
Eurasia Placeholder Battlements Warehouse Many of the Eurasian Commanders require a Battlements Warehouse to begin the production of ground vehicles for battlefield deployment. The Battlements Warehouse holds access to ground vehicles, artillery, experimental prototypes and mechanical walkers, all designed and built by Tekan Combat Systems, Ultra Tech, Kojima Heavy Industries and Golan Mecha Defences.
Eurasia Placeholder Technology Laboratory Primary Tech Structure. These buildings houses the Eurasian Commonwealth Security Network's access to exclusive high-technical weapons and upgrades which their commander can field on the battlefield, these allow the commander to utilise tier 3 assets.
Eurasia Placeholder Nullifier Cannon Control This control station allows the deployment of the Eurasian Commonwealth Security's Superweapon which is known as the Matter Convector Reaction Cannon which causes massive amounts of damage against anything in its target location which causes a possible chain reaction against enemy vehicles, buildings and enemy infantry which will destroy almost en entire base.

Defensive Structures

Cameo Name Description
Eurasia Placeholder Component Tower A Simple Tower which can be upgraded with any weapon of a commanders choosing. There are three current turrets a Eurasian Commander can choose depending on the situation and what they will need to utilise for battlefield purposes, they do not require power until the tower has acquired a turret.


Cameo Name Description
Capture Building Capture Building This allows OSMAN Security Riflemen to capture enemy buildings, they can also acquire tech structures which could be important.

More will be added.....

Combat Branches

Osman Hammond believes that his Eurasian Commonwealth forces will live long and fight strong against terrorism, but as the fight rages on against terrorism, it'll be harder to contain the growing situations with his valuable assets into one whole force. So to conquer anything which can take one branch, his forces are divided to utilize his well-trained employees and security operatives in single Combat Branches.

These Combat Branches will require a Command Tower to take control of one of the 5 branches, only one branch can be utilized at a time for missions which require a certain type.

Generals Promotions

Rank 1 Promotions

To be added...

Rank 2 Promotions

To be added...

Rank 3 Promotions

To be added...

Security Personnel of the Eurasian Commonwealth Security

Flag of ECSN

Ground Forces
Infantry Security RiflemanSecurity RocketeerSecurity BouncerSecurity ScrapperTechnicAssassinSmith Field AgentFrenza Needle Robot
Osman Commando Operatives Arnold JohnsonKenshi KomuraHakan Ahmet
Armoured Cars UltraTech-A3 Armadillo
Tanks Tekan-36 OsorioTekan-45 JudgeKojima-36 BlizzardTekan-53 Sunbeam
Factory-Vehicles FT65 Constuctor Drone Factory Vehicle
Combat Drones FT22 PioneerFT26 SpotterFT27 Tank BusterFT28 Air Hunter
Support Drones FT31 SeekerFT33 StillmakerFT40 Supply DroneFT44 Construction Droid
Anti-Aircraft Platforms Tekan-46 Reductor
Heavy Combat Vehicles Project Onyx
Self-Propelled Artillery UltraTech-48 Juggernaut
Support Vehicles Kojima-34 Masamune Drone-Carrier
Mecha Divisions G-C M-L3 Iron-Golem Combat Mecha
Naval Units
Flagship ECSS Osman Flagship
Transports Knuckle Defense ALC
Destroyers ECSS TerminatorECSS Demolisher
Air Forces
Combat VTOL GEA-45 Boxer VTOLGEA-95 Autumn Heavy VTOL
Transport VTOL GEA-67 Kangaroo
Other Planes Airbus A400M Atlas Cargo Plane
Reserve Aircraft (Not Built at Airpads) Eurocopter TigerWS-61 Commando Transport
Main Command Command Base
Production Structures Security CampBattlements WarehouseAirpad
Resource Structures Solar Power StationSupply ControlTechnology Laboratory
Defences Component Tower
Superweapons Nullifier Cannon Control
Prominent Characters
Leaders Richard Osman
Business Personnel James HammondMichael Sawyer
Military Personnel C23R1Seth AndreasSarubo MatsukaShigaru YokoCody Gerrard
Commonwealth Sectors
Osman Benefactors Defense IndustriesIntelligence AgencySchool of EngineeringSecurity Consulting
Combat Branches Secret WeaponsRoboticsCybernetics BranchWalker BranchSecurity Branch

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