EMP Resistant Armour
EMP Resistant Armour

Company Placeholder

Dragoon, Brawlmaster & Salamander tanks being tested, to show EMP resistance
Faction Company of Liberty
Cost $2000
Research At Field Armoury

Special plating that can allow tanks in the Company of Liberty to operate in heavy areas where EMP weapons are present and in use by factions including the Iron Dragon PLA and several other factions, EMP Resistant Armour when applied onto Dragoon, Brawlmaster and Salamander tanks will allow them to operate still whilst in heavy areas if at any point an EMP blast occurs in any areas of the world or at Company bases.

Electro Magnetic Pulse blasts are usually common in China's armed forces with also the ECSN using them for some of their vehicles including Juggernaut artillery in many of these areas, with confirmation from the Company's OAT Officials with support from China and Eurasia to ensure their allies make it through areas with heavy EMP use, a set of tanks operated by the Company of Liberty includes two of China's known tanks, the Dragoon, Brawlmaster and Salamander tanks since they are one of many heavy armoured vehicles which are known to be the heavy hitters who are also found with Templar heavy tanks and Vertigo stealth tanks.


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Affects: Dragoon, Salamander, Brawlmaster
Type: Armour Upgrade


Makes affected units resistant to Electro-Magnetic Pulse based attacks.

Pros of EMP Resistant Armour

  1. Allows units to become resistant to EMP attacks conducted by enemy forces, plus a small extra bit of strength onto the tank's primary armour, allowing them to last abit longer.
  2. This can allow units with EMP Resistant armour to combat enemy units whilst protecting other mechanical units near them.

Cons of EMP Resistant Armour

  1. EMP Resistant Armour may also cause some side effects to the vehicle's engine which could cause them to slow down slightly but not severely.

Behind the Scenes

  • Like resistance to radiation and biological substances, this upgrade will allow tanks in the faction to become resistant to enemy EMP attacks either it is an plane delivered EMP or a vehicle equipped with EMP shells.
  • Whilst being a Tier 3 upgrade, it will also not only affect the Dragoon tank since the tank is a Tier 3 it'll also affect the Tier 2 assets and riot suppressing Salamander support vehicle & Brawlmaster tank.

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