Eurasian Militia - Martollo Cartel Conflict
Mercenary Placeholder

The current situation in the South America relating to the ECM-Martollo Conflict

Previous ECM-Mercenary Conflict
Concurrent Second Eurasian Conflict
Next ECM-Reich Conflict
Conflict South American Civil War
Beginning April 3rd 2030
End Ongoing
Place South America

- Brazil
- Cuba
- Falkland Islands
- Venezuela

Outcome Unknown
Flag of Unknown Faction Martollo Crime Cartel

- Allies
Flag of GLRF GLRF Terrorists
Flag of GLA GLA Separatists

Flag of ECM Blue Eurasian Continental Militia

- Allies
Flag of NAA New Andes Armada

Flag of Unknown Faction Kurtis Martollo

- Co-Commanders
Flag of GLRF Rodall Juhziz
Flag of GLA Muhammed Al-Assad

Flag of ECM Blue Fidel Garcia

- Co-Commanders
Flag of NAA Mario Carmona

Martollo Cartel Gang Members

- Co-Commander Strength
Several GLA Separatist Clans

Several Militia Groups

- Co-Commander Strength
Four Andes Armada Combat Regiments

Unknown Unknown

"We will not allow the Eurasians get involved, disengage right now or prepare for war"
- Martollo stating a warning to the NAA, ordering the ECM to step down -

To be added...

Behind the Scenes

  • This conflict is also one of many fights that take place during the South American Civil War, involving the Eurasian Continental Militia but declared by the Martollo Cartel.
  • Also due to the presence of the New Andes Armada, the GLRF and the GLA Separatists in the conflict since they are backing up the Martollo Cartel or the ECM, currently as the battle is ongoing both sides are monitoring the main fighting factions.

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