Eurasian Militia - Brotherhood of Mercenaries Conflict
Mercenary Placeholder

The current situation in the Middle East relating to the ECM-Brotherhood Conflict

Previous Chinese-South American War
Concurrent South American Civil War
Next ECM-Martollo Conflict
Conflict Second Eurasian Conflict
Beginning October 9th 2028
End Ongoing
Place Several Eurasian Territories

- Flag of Afghanistan Small Flag of ECM Blue Afghanistan
- Flag of Bahrain Small Flag of ECM Blue Bahrain
- Flag of BH Small Flag of Brotherhood Bosnia & Herzegovina
- Flag of Iceland Small Flag of Brotherhood Iceland
- Flag of India Small Flag of ECM Blue India
- Flag of Iran Small Flag of ECM Blue Iran
- Flag of Iraq Small Flag of Brotherhood Iraq
- Flag of Kazakhstan Small Flag of Brotherhood Kazakhstan
- Flag of Norway Small Flag of ECM Blue Norway
- Flag of Pakistan Small Flag of ECM Blue Pakistan
- Flag of Poland Small Flag of Brotherhood Poland
- Flag of Russia Flag of Brotherhood Russia
- Flag of Saudi Arabia Small Flag of ECM Blue Saudi Arabia
- Flag of Syria Small Flag of ECM Blue Syria
- Flag of Ukraine Small Flag of Brotherhood Ukraine
- Flag of Yemen Small Flag of Brotherhood Yemen

Outcome Unknown
Flag of ECM Blue Eurasian Continental Militia Flag of Brotherhood Brotherhood of Mercenaries
- Jafar Mikin
- Brother Marcion

- Brother Hassan

Several Militia Groups Followers of Marcion

Followers of Hassan

Unknown Unknown

"We got a WS-61 Commando down in Pakistan, any units in the area recover the cargo"
- ECM Commander -

To be added...

Behind the Scenes

  • This conflict is one of many battles that will also take place during the Second Eurasian Conflict along with several others, which will mainly involve mostly minor factions rather than the main factions.
  • Also, since the Eurasian Militia and the Brotherhood of Mercenaries are present in this conflict, both sides hold a very vicious rivalry as the ECM considers the BoM a potential terrorist threat, all-thou the faction never has any affiliations with either the GLA or the GLRF.

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