Drone Facility
American Drone Facility Icon

USA Drone Facility

The facility with Drone control antennae active, controlling all drones
Faction United States Task Forces
Cost $1500
Build at N/A
Requires Builder Drone

Supply Helipad

Might be similar to the USA's Armour Facility which builds the faction's manned vehicles, the Drone Facility builds all combat, support and utility drones which can assist the USA's armed forces in early defenses and early scouting missions which can help in the location of supplies and tech structures. Drone Facilities were introduced with the Armour Facilities before the First Eurasian Conflict in 2014 with the introduction of Tenzai Robotic's first drone, the Tenzai-47 Stubber for anti-infantry purposes which first saw action during late 2014, just almost a year before the end of the Libyan Civil Uprising, right now it is still active along with 5 new types of drones.

Currently the Drone Facility is still active across all regiments and branches in the United States Task Forces which resulted in some of the drones were given modifications which can help out the effectiveness or modify the weapons on board, one modification would be an anti-infantry laser system for the Stubber Drone and the new Bronx Drone recieving a laser for dealing with vehicles and another with aircraft. Currently the newest modification for the Welder Drone is a new upcoming Railgun system or a PDL defense system which can provide cover when conducting repairs, whilst being $500 cheaper than the Armour Facility the Drone Facility can be useful at the start of a mission if the USA is about to conduct any operations in any region of the map, a good majority.


To be added...

Drones Built

The facility consists of 6 drones, one of the drones is available at the Command Center but only in emergency purposes if the Command Center is destroyed, when active these units can help in early scout and defense missions after they are deployed.

Icon Name Description
USA Stubber Cameo "Stubber" Sentry Drone The first combat drone that was introduced in 2014 with the Drone Facility, the Stubber is an anti-personnel and is capable of dealing with infantry and is capable of revealing stealthed enemy units.
American Bronx Drone Icon "Bronx" Combat Drone Equipped with a rocket pod, the Bronx Drone is a light combat drone capable of taking on enemy vehicles and aircraft, and introduced in 2023, it can assist the Stubber when paired together.
American Healer Icon "Healer" Medical Drone Replacing the Hummer H1 Ambulance from the first war, the Healer Drone is equipped with a bio-hazard spray and a machine gun, can clean up areas and attack enemy units.
American Welder Drone "Welder" Repair Drone Introduced in 2024, the Welder Drone can repair vehicles and take on enemy personnel with its torch, the drone can attain either a Railgun or a PDL system to stop incoming missiles or infantry.
America Placeholder "Builder" Construction Drone A replacement for the DUDE Construction Bulldozer introduced in 2025 after the First Eurasian Conflict, the Builder Drone is resistant to toxic and bio-hazard zones and cannot be sniped.
America Placeholder "Griffin" Support Drone A garrison clearence drone first introduced in 2023, the Griffin Drone is equipped with a pair of grenade launchers, which can attack enemy infantry and clear out any garrisoned buildings in its range.

Behind the Scenes

  • The Drone Facility will build all of the USA's drones, which will be useful in early scouting and defense missions before sending out main units to take over.
  • Along with deploying early units for defense and scouting missions, Drone Facilities can be useful since they are around $500 cheaper than the main structure that builds main ground vehicles, the Armour Facility.

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