Demo Trap
GLRF Demo-Trap Icon

GLRF Demo Trap

Basically an explosive barrel strapped with explosives, Demo Traps are good for surprises against enemy forces
Faction Global Liberation Resistance
Cost $400
Build at N/A
Requires Worker

Arms Dealer

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There are various Demo Traps used by the GLRF that have been known to have either explosives or packed with a different type, mostly can be found either with anthrax or radioactive warheads.

Cameo Name Description
GLRF Demo-Trap Anthrax Icon Anthrax Alpha Warhead Used as a main base for infantry cases, Anthrax Warheads have been used for some of the Demo Traps to deal with infantry at any point during a battle.
GLRF Demo-Trap Anthrax Beta Icon Anthrax Beta Warhead Serves as a base from the Anthrax Warhead, an Anthrax Beta Warhead Demo Trap is an upgrade from the Alpha variant, if used by Dr. Thrax they can be upgraded with Anthrax Gamma.
GLRF Demo-Trap Radioactive Icon Radioactive Warhead Can be destructive, but only used on rare occasions, Radioactive Warheads for most of the Demo Traps can be very dangerous if close towards a commanders base, expensive and powerful.

Advanced Demo Trap

See Advanced Demo Trap

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All-thou there have been reports of various warheads being in the Demo Traps used by the GLRF, satellite images and photographs of these explosives have been collected for evaluation and also to see what they are capable of in terms of destruction.

Behind the Scenes

  • Demo Traps are basically small temporary solutions to a permanent problem, can serve its use with one explosion to destroy 1 or more enemy units, the model and cameo has been improved for RoC.
  • Along with its improvements to the model, it will receive variants for all GLRF Cells which will pack some suprises ranging from extra explosives to radiation and biological warheads.
  • The models for these variants will be the same but will have skin variants, such as green to purple for biological and orange for radiation, for the vanilla GLRF players can upgrade any Demo Traps deployed on the battlefield to pack any warhead.
  • Exclusive to the Scorpion Cell, the Demo Trap will be part of a series of ambush protocols which will a normal version of the explosive device and also will include its advanced variant and its ABC Dirty weapon counterpart making it good for various situations.

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