Mustang "Dawn" 4.1ER Paramedic
Andes Dawn Paramedic
The Dawn in active frontline service
Faction New Andes Armada
Cost $500
Build at Vehicle Commissionary
Requires N/A
Detailed Information
Andes Armada Placeholder Place of Origin Europe Flag of Europe Small
Manufacturer Mustang Off-Road Vehicles
Role Support Vehicle
In Service Active
- Toxin-Cleaning Agent

- Experienced Paramedics
- Radio to Headquarters
- Air-Conditioning
- Medical Supply Storage

"Lets get there quick"
- Dawn operator -

To be added.....

Behind the Scenes

  • The Dawn Paramedic is a mix of GLA Technical and a USA Ambulance. It has the speed of the Technical itself and the healing capabilities of the Ambulance.
  • They serve as the New Andes Armada's support vehicle

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