LT-3 "Crazy Ahmed" Urban Combat-Track
GLRF Placeholder
A comparison between three five Crazy Ahmeds, showing salvage upgrades and a salvageable bunker
Faction Global Liberation Resistance
Cost $700
Build at Arms Dealer
Requires N/A
Detailed Information
GLRF Placeholder Place of Origin Middle East Flag of Unknown Faction
Manufacturer Currently Unknown, hastily thrown together
Role Combat Support

Advanced Anti-Infantry
Anti-Vehicle (Once Upgraded)

In Service Active
- Anthrax Beta Sprayer

- Home-Made Rockets (Upgrade)
- Armoured Tank Tracks
- Biological Resistant Armour
- Bullet-Proof Windshields (Cracked)

"It may take something to get use to!"
- Crazy Ahmed operator -

A combination of a farm tractor and a tank, with some pieces of scrap metal and some extra additionals such as a toxin sprayer and a set of barrels with cables linked with the main system, the new LT-3 "Crazy Ahmed" Track is one of the GLRF's latest creations but also hastily thrown together. Coming with tank threads, pieces of armour for extra defense and armoured barrels, the Crazy Ahmed was designed by the GLA Veteran Dr. Thrax to compete with the D-53BF Diablo APC and was commissioned into action by Prince Kassad.


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The Crazy Ahmed is equipped with a toxin sprayer, but since it loses its ability to contaminate areas around the vehicle, its stability thanks to the combat the tank threads allows the vehicle to become a small immobile bunker which will cause it to be stationary once its down, also releasing toxins from the barrels outside the vehicle. Once that happens and when it becomes immobile the vehicle will be capable of streaming out toxins from an armoured shaft within the vehicle, but also since it will contaminate and easily kill infantry around it the vehicle will have to be destroyed by armoured ground units and aircraft.

Immobile Bunker

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Related Vehicles

Since the Crazy Ahmed can spew out streams of toxins, there are also vehicles that could do the same thing but some of these vehicles will come with different types of compounds including walls of Napalm, Nuclear Waste and StummGas.

  • LT-2 "Contaminator" Toxin Tractor - The old predecessors of the Crazy Ahmeds, these tractors were known to be armoured and capable of spewing out toxins around it.
  • Steel "Scorcher" Flame Tractor - Used by GLA Separatist cells across the world, the Steel Scorcher is equipped with a stolen flame thrower and junk armour.
  • Type-45 "Dragon" Flame Tank - A flame tank developed in China, Dragon tanks come equipped with armour and is also capable of creating walls of fire.
  • Type-55 "Salamander" Defense Tank - Another tank developed in China, Salamanders are tanks that can be suitable for various roles, including riot suppression, fire fighting and combat support.


Shots of the Crazy Ahmed in action, renders and old models:

Behind the Scenes

  • The new Crazy Ahmed combat track is the successor of the GLA's Toxin Tractor, which will feature some new capabilities along with new salvageable states, upgrades for weapons and some new abilities.
  • When destroyed, Crazy Ahmed combat tracks will become immobile bunkers which will spill out a pool of toxins around it, being deadly to infantry and will require vehicles and aircraft to destroy.
  • This ability will be similar to the Battle Bus, but when destroyed it'll become an immobile structure.

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