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Flag of USA Large

The Flag of United States, first used when America first formed

To be added...


Infantry Weapons

Basic weapons for infantry such the Bazooka, M1 Thompson sub machine guns, Colt. M1911 Pistols, M1 Carbines, BAR Machine Guns along with Shotguns and Mortar launchers, 30.Caliber and 50.Calibers.

Cameo Name Description
WWII America Placeholder Marine Rifleman Anti-infantry corps, riflemen in the USMC serve as long-range combatants for clearing an enemy location of those who oppose freedom. equipped with an M1 Garrand, they can be individual training to become snipers to help deal with enemies from long range in a shorter range of time.
WWII America Placeholder Bazooka Marine Equipped with a Bazooka launcher, it was an inspiration to Germany they produce a licensed local copy of the weapon for their Panzerschreck troopers, Bazooka Marines cannot call in attacks from the air, but they can plant explosive charges on buildings when they have the opportunity.
WWII America Placeholder Combat Engineer Deployed during Operation Polish Liberty in 1941, the Combat Engineer is a trooper that can build a series of Foxholes for protecting vital locations. Equipped with a shotgun and a pistol, they are good for taking on enemy infantry if they are inside garrisoned buildings.
WWII America Placeholder Field Medic Unarmed, but been working out at local gyms before World War II, American Sub-Sector field medics are faster than usual infantry on patrol. Whilst making them fast response on the field, they can use a series of classic healing techniques and medical treatments making soldiers good as new again.
WWII America Placeholder Ranger Advanced anti-infantry commando units operating in World War II providing support with various marines, the Ranger is equipped with a series of grenades and a M1918 BAR for spec-ops missions whilst deployed on the field. He can dig-in for extra protection with sandbags, plus immunity to being ran over.
WWII America Placeholder Infiltrator Silent on the field, but unlike several agents on the field USA Infiltrators don't knife enemy units but they can disguise enemy infantry on the field. They are equipped with a silenced Colt M1911 pistol and a series of disguise kits, they can attack whilst not disguised or if they are spotted.
WWII America Placeholder Marine Mortar Equipped with a portable mortar, the Marine Mortar is a long range artillery soldier serving the USMC corps within the Company of Nations in providing support when Hornets or Washingtons are not present to help out, they can also reveal areas with flares.

Marcus Gillbert

When conscripted into the army, Marcus Gillbert was given an M1A1 Thompson with a silencer along with drum magazines & improved sights, he was brought into the United States' Marine Corps to help his country fight against the Global Federation of Liberation as a conscript, this was before he became a commando operative for the American sub-sector of the League of Nations.

Cameo Name Description
WWII America Placeholder Marcus Gillbert Deployed in the United States Marine Corps in 1938, Marcus is a USMC supreme commando who is specially equipped with an M1A1 Thompson with a silencer, round drum magazines and improved sights. Within a target range he can call in a series of heavy bombing runs, his accuracy is a threat to enemy units and he is equipped with Incendiary ammunition.

Ground Vehicles Provided

Cameo Name Description
WWII America Placeholder Studebaker Supply Truck To be added...
WWII America Placeholder Willys MB Scout Equipped with a Browning .50 Caliber Machine Gun, Willys MB scouts are quick response vehicles which are faster than some scout vehicles and can carry two soldiers at a time.

The vehicle can also reveal camouflaged enemy soldiers on the battlefield, that can allow the vehicle and passengers inside it to engage the threats upon revealing them.

WWII America Placeholder M5 "Stuart" Scout Tank Simple but effective tank replacing its earlier M3 brothers on the field, the M5 Stuart is a speedy and small tank which can in smaller groups explore large areas, and while its armor and gun are not something the commanders can rely on.

It is easy construction to assemble making them quick to build and deploy onto the field, also its speed makes it a good unit whilst it is with groups of other American units, making them an ideal combination with other units.

WWII America Placeholder M4 "Sherman" Tank First seen action in 1942, the Sherman is America's common battle tank which seen fights overseas and in Europe, the tank also had a flame thrower variant which can be deployed by upgrade anytime whilst deployed.
WWII America Placeholder M10 "Wolverine" Tank Destroyer To be added....
WWII America Placeholder M3 "Shredder" Anti-Air Track To be added....
WWII America Placeholder M26 "Pershing" Medium Tank To be added....
WWII America Placeholder M36 "Slugger" Tank Destroyer To be added....
WWII America Placeholder M12 "Washington" Mobile Gun To be added....
WWII America Placeholder M29 "Marshall" Heavy Tank To be added....
WWII America Placeholder M34 "Marshall" Heavy Tank To be added....
WWII America Placeholder T34 "Calliope" Rocket Launcher

To stay behind others, the USA put large rocket launcher with a set of 11,4cm rockets on the top of turret of an M4 Sherman (whose gun was replaced by dummy).

It is as armored as the tank (and more than other rocket launchers on the field), but its rockets are very weak and inaccurate, being known to saturate larger areas (if without any real damage).

WWII America Placeholder M28 "Mauler" Super Heavy Tank The M28 Mauler GMC is a solution for American forces if they are under a budget, to destroy any fortified positions and big fortresses any terrorist forces established, which no other tanks can effectively deal with. Their 105 mm T5E1 gun can dissolve any bunker or vehicle into a dust with a single or few shots, and roll for next target.

Often called "turtle" because of its characteristic ultra-slow movement and ultra-dense protection which surpasses even German Maus, the Mauler is a weapon which every general who's got the clearance have to use, even if it needs protection from other forces.

Aircraft Provided

Cameo Name Description
WWII America Placeholder P-40 "Warhawk" Fighter To be added...
WWII America Placeholder P-51 "Mustang" Interceptor To be added...
WWII America Placeholder F2H "Banshee" Jet Fighter To be added...
WWII America Placeholder Vultee A-31 "Vengeance" Dive Bomber To be added...
WWII America Placeholder North American B-25 "Mitchell" Medium Bomber To be added...
WWII America Placeholder Boeing B-17 "Flying Fortress" Heavy Bomber To be added...
WWII America Placeholder B-29 "Superfortress" Long Range Heavy Bomber To be added...
WWII America Placeholder Douglas C-47 "Dakota" Cargo Plane To be added...

Other Contributors

Behind the Scenes

  • The United States of America are one of many that work in the Allied Forces from World War II, they are one of many factions providing most arms against terrorism, along with their Mauler supertank.
  • Contributions from America will have real weapons, aircraft and vehicles from history, but due to the timeline being altered, some units / tanks that haven't been built in real life will be featured.

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