LT-2 "Contaminator" Toxin Tractor
GLA Toxin Tractor
A decommissioned Contaminator being drained of its toxic fluids for a museum
Faction Global Liberation Army
Cost N/A
Build at N/A
Requires N/A
Detailed Information
GLRF Placeholder Place of Origin Unknown Flag of Unknown Faction
Manufacturer Steele Articultural Vehicles


Role Combat Support

Advanced Anti-Infantry

In Service Inactive
- Anthrax Alpha Sprayer

- Cabin Mounted Sprayers
- Off-Road Tractor Tires
- Biological Resistant Armour
- Bullet-Proof Windshields (Cracked)

"I've turned off the pumps, deactivated the turret"
- USA Customs officer -

To be added...

Behind the Scenes

  • The Contaminator is based on the original Toxin Tractor from the game, its model has been restored and will be seen in a future series of Flashback Missions set in the First Eurasian Conflict
  • All-thou will be present ingame but won't be available for production for the GLRF, it will be an easter egg since it was outdated by the Crazy Ahmed, it will be available for the GLA in the Flashback series.

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