FT44 "Construction Droid" Building Drone
Eurasia Placeholder
Several sets of Construction Droids standing by for construction
Faction Eurasian Commonwealth
Cost $750
Build at Command Base
Requires N/A
Detailed Information
Eurasia Placeholder Place of Origin Netherlands Flag of Netherlands Small
Manufacturer FutureTech Corporation, Amsterdam
Role Construction Drone

Explosive Handler

In Service Active
- Construction Plow

- Repair Arms
- Aluminum /w Titanium Armour Plates
- Advanced Sensors
- Heavy Duty Wheels x6

"Awaiting construction orders"
- Construction Droid -

A new creation by FutureTech Corporation replacing several construction vehicles, Construction Droids are the new type of revolutionary robotic units in industrial work, capable of construction and demolition jobs. Employed in many military forces across the world and including the Eurasian Commonwealth Security Forces, they prove as good assets in traversing hazardous conditions out on the battlefield or in contaminated industrial areas depending on what job or duty is issued.

Their compact design, along with repair arms, a dozer plow, light aluminum & titanium armour plating and finally a set of heavy durable wheels makes the unmanned vehicle suitable for work within any region which does feature hazards. Along with their capabilities of ensuring that vehicles operated by the Commonwealth's Security Units or their allies vehicles are repaired & brought back into action, along with construction tools for site workers and heavy machine operators, the drone will provide them when called on duty.


Their design consists of a tank inspired AFV like design with a set of wheels, along with repair arms on the front of the vehicle on their sides, the vehicle shows no signs of tracks but it has a set of titanium armour plating around most of their front and around some of the sides, they can also be vunerable mostly from the back but do have good protection against hostile weapons when deployed in warzones but do have vunerability to EMP.

More info to be added...


When deployed, a Construction Droid is capable of doing various jobs like regular workers, despite the drone being unmanned they are immune to being shot by snipers such as Jarmen Kell and other snipers capable of killing pilots. Along with immunity to radiation and Toxins, the drone is known to pass through these areas without any damage to their circuits, but they are mainly vunerable to EMP weapons.


To be added...

Explosive Handling

To be added...

Building, Vehicle Repair

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  • Landsweeper Construction Vehicle - The Company of Liberty's primary construction vehicle, replaced the Construction Bulldozer after 2028 in base building, Bulldozer are currently being utilised by Company Reservist forces and peacekeeper regiments.

Behind the Scenes

  • The Construction Droid is the basic construction vehicle for the Eurasian Commonwealth's armed forces, can do mainly construction work along with explosive defusal.
  • Whilst deployed on the field, they also come with immunity to radiation and toxin substances, making them one of many support vehicles/drones to feature immunity to these sorts of hazards.

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