Composite Armour Plating
Composite Armour

USA Crusader Leopard Composite

A Crusader Leopard with a series of Composite Armour Plating, installed for additional protection
Faction United States Task Forces
Cost $2000
Research At Strategy Center

An armoured tank is sometimes good for additional combat performance along with better protection in ensuring survival of combat vehicles, but may end up slowing them down heavily or lightly when deployed on the battlefield, Composite Armour is an upgrade that installed ceramic armour plating which can help any battle tanks including several other vehicles in the USA's combat arsenal in any combat situation.

First applications of Composite Armour Plating were found in the early generations of United States built battle tanks from the early years of the Cold War, the armour plating was utilised mainly by the Allies during the full scale conflict on several tanks such as the classic Sheridan & the Patton Tank, it was also applied to the classic M113 Comet APC.

Since the 80s the armour was also applied on several vehicles modern vehicles ranging from the such as , the Bradley IFV and the first M1 Abrams tank model, today Composite Armour have been found being used on several vehicles in the USA's armed forces such as the Dolphin ASV, Crusader Tanks even many more modernised vehicles after the Cold War.


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Affects: Crusader, Predator, Comet, Templar, Abrams, Bradley, Paladin, Quasar Vertigo, Goliath, Lancer, Tomahawk, Avenger, Revenger, ReaperDolphin, Grizzly
Type: Armour Upgrade


Installs Extra Armour
Strengthens Protection
Minor Vehicle Speed Reduction

Pros of Composite Armour

  1. Increases armour protection of specified vehicles for additional combat use
  2. Decreases vunerability of small arms, explosions and rockets by 20%

Cons of Composite Armour

  1. Slows down a small number of combat vehicles by 10%


Other Examples of Composite Armour providing additional protection to armour, but due to some vehicles in the USA's being heavy they will have a minor speed reduction due to the armour plating.

Behind the Scenes

  • Composite Armour Plating is a default upgrade found in Generals and Zero Hour, but will feature some modifications to several tank models and some other AFVs.
  • The new plating pieces will be part of the battle tanks & various AFVs that will be affected by the upgrade, it will add some more polys but at the same time make them more HD.
  • Not only it'll add armour plates to all American armoured vehicles, it'll increase the protection of all vehicles along with health to make them more useful whilst deployed into combat.