Component Tower
Eurasia Placeholder
A set of Component Towers boasting various weapons ready for combat
Faction Eurasian Commonwealth
Cost $800
Build at N/A
Requires Construction Droid

Solar Power Station

One of Eurasia's answer to base defending protocols, the Component Tower is a structure which can be equipped with a long range needler, a pair of anti-ground lasers or if there is an air-raid warning anti-aircraft variants of the lasers can be equipped to combat enemy units that approach the equipped towers, some of them may have special equipment whenever they wish to deploy them in dire situations.

During combat simulations, these towers are mostly capable of assisting each other utilising a similar weapon type when tackling threats depending on what enemy type they are facing off with. Towers when built don't take any power until they are equipped with a turret set, these structures once upgraded can become good defenses working together, a special upgrade for the Component Tower can help out in stopping enemy units if they get close to them, using the same technology as the Blizzard Destroyer which is usually found in the field with Osorios along with several Armadillo scouts.

Weapon Sets Available

Cameo Name Description
Eurasia Placeholder Needler Tower Upgrade Anti-Infantry upgrade for dealing with enemy infantry whenever required if there is incoming charges of hostiles infantry regiments. Needlers can also do small damage against armoured vehicles and aircraft, the needles can go far and do good against enemy units.
Eurasia Placeholder Ground Laser Tower Upgrade Used for dealing with enemy units on the ground, dual laser barrels are specially used for several Component Towers for taking on ground vehicles as designed when equipped for base defenses, they help improve anti-vehicle defenses when built.
Eurasia Placeholder Aircraft Laser Tower Upgrade Handy for dealing with enemy aircraft, a pair of Anti-Aircraft Lasers can help out when enemy aircraft concentration is high, these upgrades can help out lay down enemy planes and helicopters if things in the skies are not going to order.
Eurasia Placeholder Drone Control Tower Upgrade Builds drones for deployment with the Component Tower as the base for controlling them once constructed, the control tower can deploy combat drones, defensive and scout drones whenever required. This tower upgrade can deploy 10 drones at a time.
Eurasia Placeholder Freezer Ray Tower Upgrade Freezes enemy units when targetted, the Freezer ray upgrade can stop enemy units in their tracks on the ground, this allows friendly units to finish off the enemy units frozen by the ray which can help minimise the threats without problem.

Behind the Scenes

  • The Component Tower is based off the GDI variant from C&C Tiberian Sun.
  • It will comes with five options for signs of base defense unlike three in Tiberian Sun.

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