Company of Liberty Naval Regiments
Company Navy Logo
The current emblem of the faction's naval forces
Faction Company of Liberty
Leaders Commander Dane Clarence
Headquarters New York City
Specialization Naval Warfare
Status Active

One of the current ongoing combat support regiments specialising in naval warfare for the Company of Liberty's Ground Forces and assisting their allies in combat when required.

Today the Company of Liberty's Naval Regiments consists of the faction's entire naval combat units and operating at ports of member states co-operating with the Allied Nations, with a small presence in the Peoples Republic of China to operate the faction's civilian freight operations. Currently the regiment's main supervising combat vessel is the Gallardo Flagship which serves as the faction's offshore primary Command Center which can utilize combat and support powers for the faction, such as calling in construction vehicles and drop-pod reinforcements when a region needs to be cleared of any hostile activity, or need to use offshore support to clear out a column of enemy units.


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Naval Command

The Allied Nations during a time when requiring a powerful and heavy armoured off-shore Command Center where enemy vehicles on the land cannot reach, only to be guarded against enemy naval vessles and aircraft along with other types of naval vessels, America built for the Allied Nations the ANCS Gallardo. All-thou their naval power is almost strong whilst deployed in combat, they did lose several vessels to combat by enemy aircraft and hostile vessels and ships from other factions that are against the Company of Liberty, one of the vessels lost in combat was the ANCS Tactical.


ANCS Gallardo currently has three Slayer Gun Boats, similar varients used by the GLA during the past war, current Slayer callsigns currently active in Company Service are currently ANCS Aston, Bowser and Sylvester, These special one-off built Gunboats were built by local civilian and naval contractor Kowalski Ship Builders Co. of Poland.

Camo Name Description
Company Placeholder ANCS Gallardo Flagship A heavy naval combat flagship and seaborne command center, the ANCS Gallardo is large, powerful and runs on nuclear fusion drives, this battleship which can help the Allied Nations on the land. All-thou a threat against its enemies due to being a powerful flagship, It is unfortunately defenseless against enemy aircraft, therefore special varients of the Apache, Hind and Foxtrot have been ordered to be constructed for defending the ANCS Gallardo against enemy attackers.

Allthou similar to the USS Bender Battleship, the ANCS Gallardo is built for commanding forces offshore and bombarding enemy forces with two turrets with tri-barreled cannons which can suppress enemy forces on the land, all-thou she is expensive to build, she must be given intensive care from countless enemy attacks, ANCS Gallardo was built by Jumpbone Battleship Corporation of America.

Her airborne escorts currently consists of 10 Bishop Class AH-64 Apaches for dealing with troublemakers on the ground and water, 4 Knight Class Mi-24 Hinds to help Bishop Apaches to deal with enemy vessles and ground units and 6 Guardian Cass AH-28 Foxtrots for dealing with enemy aircraft. Over time, the naval forces of the Company's armed forces utilised these amphibious landing cushion based vehicles to transport other ground vehicles and infantry across the water, they are not buildable at Weapons Facilities, they are built by the United States Army and sent in by escorts along with a USS classed ship, ANCS Gallardo lost a combat escort from a heavy firefight by the Global Liberation Resistance on the year of 2029.

Naval Regiments

Cameo Name Description
Company Placeholder ANCS Aston Anti-Air Boat Anti-Aircraft varient of the Slayer class gunboat, armed with an anti-air gauss cannon and a quad cannon, the ANCS Aston was the first gunboat to be built for the protection duty of the ANCS Gallardo. Her gauss cannons can do short work against enemy naval vessles whilst her quad cannons can take care of enemy aircraft attempting to destroy her from the air.
Company Placeholder ANCS Bowser Support Boat Specially fitted with repair systems from Taiwan, armed with rocket launchers and an extra armoured hull, ANCS Bowser is a special support version of the Slayer Gunboat which can attack enemy units and provide support friendly vessles around her.
Company Placeholder ANCS Sylvester Battle Boat Unlike the former ANCS Tactical, the ANCS Sylvester is armed with a set of tri-barreled cannons instead of using two, she can launch bonepicker missiles, missiles comes with Green Napalm which can deal devastating damage against her foes, her small bitesized SCUD Missiles don't home in so her crew must co-ordinate them.
Company Placeholder ANCS Tactical Combat Frigate (Sunk) Lost at sea in 2029, formally utilised by the Polish Navy during the First Eurasian Conflict and transferred to the Allied Nations' armed forces, she was equipped with a set of rocket launchers and depth charge launchers to combat foes that are fighting against her, the Tactical was sunk by GLRF forces.
Company Placeholder ANCS Battlestar To be added...

Oil Tankers, Carriers, Early Warning, Landing Craft

Along with frigates, there are several faction operated merchant ships, security, aircraft carriers and also landing craft that the Company of Liberty's Naval Command operate and to ensure the security of shores and bases operated by the faction, or the allies that pledged support to the peacekeeper initiative.

Oil Transporters

Cameo Name Description
Company Placeholder ANCS Goliath Supertanker First commissioned by a European oil firm, Goliath is known to be the first supertanker to be in service to the Company's Merchant Oil and Freight Division, she was a known target by GLRF invaders and pirates in the past but repelled without incident, Goliath was previously known to be protected by naval regiments and the lost ANCS Tactical combat frigate.
Company Placeholder ANCS Charger Supertanker

Operated by the similar firm that also operated the Goliath, this latest supertanker was recently commissioned by the Company of Liberty for its Merchant Oil and Freight Division for civilian and military freight, the Charger is known to have military issued autocannons for self defensive purposes that is operated by security personnel at night.

Aircraft Carriers

Cameo Name Description
Company Placeholder ANCS Reach Light Carrier The first aircraft carrier in active service within the naval forces of the Company of Liberty, she can launch a set of F-17 Sabre fighters along with Foxtrot helicopters to assist allies on the land, out at sea and in the air, Reach isn't armed but she is one of many aircraft carriers in combat service helping her allies.
Company Placeholder ANCS Juarez Light Carrier A secondary carrier in service if ANCS Reach isn't available to help out on the land, Juarez is another light carrier but comes with different aircraft rather than F-17 Sabres and Foxtrot helicopters for different roles, she comes with F-18 Hornets and a set of Apache gunships for heavy combat purposes.
Company Placeholder ANCS Los Angeles Heavy Carrier One of the Company of Liberty's mighty aircraft carriers capable launching bombers and fighters together for combat, ANCS Los Angeles is capable of deploying a series of landing craft for beach landings instead of using helicopters and gunships, she is built by a British shipbuilder for the Allied Nations before being passed onto the Company of Liberty's naval forces.

Early Warning Ships

Cameo Name Description
Company Placeholder ANCS Surveillance Warning Ship To be added...

Landing Craft

Cameo Name Description
Company Placeholder Veneno ALC Built in the Europe, armed with a 50. Caliber machine gun for self defense, the Veneno Amphibious Landing Craft vehicles are utilized to head out and transport fellow peacekeepers of the Company into battle and fight terrorism.

Deployable Naval Vessels

For safety of countries under threat by war and also from GLRF terrorists & Forth Reich aggression, several regiments of the Company of Liberty have deployed naval forces that can be good for various combat uses against any threats at sea, all-thou not mainly used for primary missions but are known for secondary roles for some safety these vessels can be deployable from the force's Naval Forge.

If a combat brigade is deployed at any point during a battle, such as the Shockwave Brigade or maybe the Commando Brigade for combat some of the brigades may have their own lineup of Naval Vessels for use against enemy forces out at seas, some are unique designed.

Cameo Name Description
Company Placeholder Turtle Minisub

Light combat subs that can counter various scout submarines whilst deployed at seas, Turtle Mini-subs are known to combat various Forth Reich Typhoon Submarines during the defense of Eurasian territories during various naval battles near Russia.

All-thou light combat vessels, Turtles were also first responders to the sinking of ANCS Tactical that was sunk by vast GLRF forces whilst it was on patrol, these small submarines are known to be compete with Japanese Yari Minisubs in various types of training exercises, guarding battle cruisers & battleships.

Company Placeholder Century Battle Cruiser To be added...
Company Placeholder Executioner Class Battleship To be added...

Shockwave Brigade Variants

Cameo Name Description
Company Placeholder Yari Minisub

Small, hard to detect and also fast, the Shinra-63 Yari scout class minisub is equipped with torpedo tubes and also at the same time it is also capable of detecting hidden submarines and signatures that could be in the air, thanks to its advanced sensors.

Whilst stationary, the Yari will surface to survey areas that its crew are in to see any incoming ships or enemy aircraft, once it begins to move the minisub will head back into the water to avoid detection from enemy units. It replaces the Turtle Minisub since Japanese general Kenji Young operates his own private naval force, also sticking with traditional weapons & units built in Japan.

Company Placeholder Naginata Battle Cruiser

Heavy hitters only behind the Shinra-764 Shogun class battleship built in Japan, the Shinra-448 Naginata battle cruiser is equipped with a set of torpedo tubes on the hull for naval combat, along with that the battle cruiser is equipped with a rocket launcher capable of creating more for ammunition.

Using similar technology that was also used on the Japanese built and famous Rocket Angel helicopter, the Naginata can use the design of what rockets & heat the battle cruiser launches to create more for use against enemy forces, making it another innovation in war like with the Rocket Angel and in naval design for the future of designing naval vessel and creating weapons.

Company Placeholder Shogun Class Battleship

Blessed by the shogunate of the Japanese navy, the heavy and powerful Shinra-764 Shogun class battleship is an advanced naval vessel that have that was active within Japan's naval fleets since 2011, this is also a marvel of the Shockwave Brigade.

Despite replacing the Executioner battleship, these powerful and mighty ships are equipped with a pair of triple cannons that can bombard an enemy base within a matter of seconds, Shoguns were used in the defense of Japan when the GLA attacked in 2019 and then became a success, used today by Kenji Young.

Behind the Scenes

  • Like the GLRF's terror cells, but won't be available to choose from when a skirmish mission starts off during gameplay, this section replaces the Naval Section from the main profile.
  • There will be signs of the Company of Liberty's Naval Regiments in missions as commandable units for commanders or targets to destroy/capture, including a possibility to command the regiment from a possible Tech Structure, which specialises in naval fleet production.

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