Company of Liberty
Company Faction Logo
The current faction emblem being used by the Company of Liberty
Formation January 24th 2026

New York City Flag of USA Small

Faction Color Aqua Blue


Allies Allied Nations

New Andes Armada
United States Task Forces
Middle East Alliance
Iron Dragon PLA
Eurasian Commonwealth

Enemies Global Liberation Resistance

Forth Reich of Yuri

Type of Faction Peacekeeper Faction

Allied Nations Combat Unit

Leaders Organisations Against Terrorism
Officers General Johnas Buchanan

General Louis Carver
General Kenji Young
General Julius Jackson
Commander Dane Clarence

Special Weapons Coilguns

Shockwave Weapons
StummGas Technology

Strategies Infantry Support

Special Air Strikes
Strong Units at Each Tier

Strengths Tactical Ground Units

Improvised Air Force

Weaknesses Expensive Tier 3 aircraft & vehicles

Weak Defensive Structures

Status Ingame

80% of Units Ingame
Sector Units Being Added

Not to be confused with the League of Nations

Founded and lead by the Organisations Against Terrorism (OAT), from the Allied Nations Peacekeepers of military, political and moral improvment, the Company of Liberty is the AN's peacekeeper faction which have a mission of its own: to liberate Asia & Europe from terrorist control, the initiative was formed in 2026 by the OAT National Council and currently consists of over 150,000 members and still growing today and on a rally against the Global Liberation Resistance and the Forth Reich of Yuri.

The Company of Liberty (or CoL in short) consists of members of mainly Blue Helmets, vigilantes, volunteers recruited into the faction, families who lost beloved relatives in the First Eurasian Conflict, veterans of the first conflict and other support groups from across the world.

Company of Liberty Mandate

Their main mission is to eradicate the radical army of the Global Liberation Resistance because of their terrorist acts, the GLRF are currently at full-scale wars with the Company of Liberty, they also have another objective by their side, they are to eradicate an army known as the criminal Forth Reich of Yuri and attempt to rebuild and restore Russia to its former glory.

They have official alliances with the United States Task Forces and Iron Dragon PLA of China, The Faction is supported openly by the Eurasian Commonwealth Security Network, since the Company of Liberty is led by the Organisations Against Terrorism, which was formed by the Allied Nations after 2025. Being organised by the Allied Nations and the Organisations Against Terrorism, the faction had supporters from various parts of the world, statistics of contributers and member structure can be found in this document; the support for their war against the GLRF and Forth Reich opposition are usually found in their Faction Relations along with records of all sides, plus the minor factions.

Current Allied Nations Campaigns

The Allied Nations are in currently in various campaigns to preserve the right to peace accross the earth. Not all things will happen in the dimension where it all started. Their mission to rid the world of terrorism, and by possible, ensure they do not cause any damage.

Eurasian Security Campaign

  • Secure Eurasia from the Global Liberation Resistance and help restore the world which was ravaged by war to its former glory, it is also the reason why the Company of Liberty was involved in the Second Eurasian Conflict.

Alternate-Dimension Campaign

  • Root out the GLRF in another proposed dimension after a GLRF related dimension travelling related incident in Africa, the dimension has stopped some weapons from being used in combat, but will be acquired throughout the fight.

European Peacekeeper Campaign

  • Disband an unknown terrorist group which has been causing trouble across Europe, possibly followers of the Global Liberation Resistance, several areas across continental Europe were hit by the GLRF, Company forces were deployed.


The faction's infantry division consists of 10 from Acolyte to full-hardened soldier in which recruits from all over the world take part in during the faction's campaign against terrorism, recruits are trained in fair conditions in hacking enemy computers and fighting hostile forces, infiltrating enemy structures, robbing enemy vehicles, usage of firearms and rocket launchers, squad, sniper and explosive management training.

High ranking member Khaled Deathstrike shown the Company's Phoenix Snipers the basics on anti-garrison roles and sniping infantry while Stealthed, he is currently in primary command of the Phoenix Sniper unit, which consist of himself and experienced 3 Phoenix Snipers from Australia who fight for liberation in the name of justice and the OAT.

Cameo Name Description
Company Rookie Rookie Blue Helmet Main Frontline soldiers of the Company of Liberty, specially trained by the United Organisations Against Terrorism in training camps across the world, equipped with an FN-FAL and an M870 Remington, they are multiple role soldiers which can deal with infantry without question.
Company Placeholder Tankgunner Acolyte European Front line Acolytes with recoiless rifles. Good in dealing with enemy vehicles and explosives, these frontline soldiers are good with TNT and an aggressive response to terrorism, with a creed to kill anyone who threaten their homeland.
Company Placeholder Skyguard Acolyte These jack-booted American Acolytes serve as the anti-air corps and regiments of the Company of Liberty; like other anti-aircraft and multi-role soldiers, he is well armed and is capable of destroying aircraft, just like their Tankgunner brothers, they have experience in using explosives.
Company Placeholder OAT Medic Field Support Operatives. They are trained for healing wounded soldiers within the faction. He is specially armed with a needle gun modified from an MP7 which he can use to defend himself, when he is around several soldiers, he can give'em some good inspiration.
Company Engineer OAT Engineer The Engineer is a specialist which specialises in defensive turrets and utility structures, he is a tier 2 asset to the faction which can help the faction forces buy time when taking control of important materials such as supplies, setting up bases & constructing recon posts.
Company Placeholder Volunteer Battle Squad A group consisting of 6 conscripts, equipped with assault rifles, shotguns and recoiless rifles, the group is the Company's answer to the Combat Mob, these volunteers can be used to defend bases in a matter of seconds or sworm enemies in numbers.
Company Spy Spy French Infiltrator of the Company of Liberty. Armed with a silenced pistol or a revolver, Spies are capable of dealing with enemy Infantry around him, infiltrating buildings to tamper with power, reset timers, steal money and hijacking enemy vehicles to sabotage enemy progress.
Company Phoenix Phoenix Sniper Recruited from Australia, trained in sniping. He can snipe enemy infantry from far away to suppress positions from a mile away, although stealthed while stationary and shooting. However he is unique in dealing with enemy infantry, he can use his skils of killing infantry inside buildings with a 5-shot round.
Company Heavy Weapons Guy Heavy Weapons Operative This Soldier is a tier 3 anti-air & anti-air Infantry unit which serves as the Special Forces like the Phoenix. He is armed with a Mini-gun which he carries into battle, he is also known to have a group bonus when in teams of 5 or more, which improves moral and strength.
Company Pyro Pyro Acolyte Unlike his Other Acolyte Colleagues, the Pyro Acolyte is avaliable only to High-Ranking Commanders and Leaders of the Company of Liberty. His Flame-Thrower is good in clearing out buildings and burning hordes of incoming infantry.
Company Commando Khaled Thunderstrike Hero of the Company of Liberty, one of the sworn enemies of the GLRF's armed forces. Khaled is the brother of the deceased GLA Leader Momar Deathstrike, he is capable of setting timed demo charges and he is known for his battle buff ability for nearby Company units to fight harder when active & nearby him. He is armed with a automatic shotgun and heavily armored.

Known Heroes of the Company of Liberty

The Company had many heroes during its campaign against the GLRF during the Second Eurasian Conflict, many have died during the conflict & still living to tell the tail of their adventures during the war to new recruits at campfires while singing camp songs & telling stores about fictional monsters, the First Eurasian Conflict or the present conflict which had the entire faction involved in the first place.

Heroes of the Company of Liberty can be found Here. Key on either the Heroes have died or still living will be shown in the information page. Many consist of experts who risk their lives for anything.

Vehicles and Tanks

The Company of Liberty's tank and vehicle is made up of many vehicles and battle tanks acquired and purchased from contractors and other countries, modified for combat along with additional restoration for war against their enemy and brought military equipment which former armies use back in their days with Permission for the Company to use in their war against the GLRF and the Forth Reich.

Combat Vehicles

Throughout their campaign to bring peace to the world, also to combat terrorist factions whilst being part of the Allied Nations, the Company of Liberty's combat vehicle line consists of vehicles donated and bought from any countries and allies contributing to ensuring peace across the world and also.

Cameo Name Description
Company Steelrat Icon Steelrat Light Tank Similar to the variant used by the GLRF, built in various parts of Eurasia and equipped with grenade launchers and a 75mm cannon, Steelrats have 10% more armour than the GLRF variant giving it more survival capabilities.
Company Mule Icon Mule Transport The faction's transport unit. Appears unarmed and defenseless to the enemy, but don't take the Mule as a joke since it don't have any weapons at the start, the vehicle can become a lethal threat to the enemy when there is infantry is inside. This vehicle can upgrade with a pair of rocket launcher or a pair of 50.Caliber machine guns.
Company Nitrogen Icon Nitrogen Scout Scout vehicles avaliable at the Command Quarters, weak armoured but cheap, they can be deployed at the start of a skirmish and mission battle, its weapons being unstable sometimes unless handled properly, the Nitrogen works well against tanks.
Company Salamander Icon Salamander Defense Tank The secondary ant-garrison utilised by peacekeeper brigades within the Allied Nations, Salamander tanks can shoot out jets of StummGas, known to be the latest successor of the Dragon tank.
Company Mantis Icon Mantis Battle Tank Medium armoured combat and support tank, the C-Type varient of the American Predator tank, the C Model comes with a fast repeating cannon, which deals with enemy forces in a small amount of time, the vehicle can also launch flares into the sky.
Company Skysweeper Icon Skysweeper Anti-Air Mule This special varient of the Mule boasts a stinger launcher. Designed for dealing with anti-aircraft duties, this vehicle can cause trouble against enemy aircraft, it's rockets can sometimes destroy light armoured vehicles but the Stinger Launcher is best suited for anti-air.
Company Placeholder Dragoon Heavy Tank Heavy battle tank utilised for advanced battle tank divisions. Similar to the one used by China, the Dragoon sports a 125mm rifled cannon and heavy armour; on several occassions, lucky operators and crew can turn their Dragoon into a light battlefield artillery.
Company Leopard Icon Leopard Gauss Tank Main Front-line battle tanks built and specialised for the Company of Liberty, these imported American tanks were brought back onto the front by request. The Leopard is one of the Company of Liberty's heavy armour with a specially designed Gauss Cannon.
Company Iron Storm Icon Iron Storm Mobile Rocket Launcher Cold War era rocket artillery. Capable of bombarding bases from a far distance with a volley of rockets, the range of the Iron Storm MLRS is the same as the SCUD Launcher, armed with Shockwave Rockets which shakes target ground & stuns hostile vehicles.
Company Vertigo Icon Vertigo Stealth Tank Acquired through mineral trade, the Company acquired them from the United States military. The Vertigo stealth tank is heavy armoured and stealthed when not attacking hostiles, it can use its Iron Rockets to take on vehicles and aircraft, it is a slow but powerful tank in the Company of Liberty. They can go unstable due to damage since the vehicle's newest engine upgrade.
Company Placeholder Templar Heavy Tank Armed with specially designed gauss cannons along with rocket pods similar to the New Andes Armada's version of the American tank, the Company of Liberty's version has a specially array of 120mm rapid fire causs gannons along with rocket pods and don't have much need for PDLs or a pair of smoothbore cannons and boasting heavy armour like the New Andes Armada's, these tanks can become threats on the field.

Support Units

These Vehicles help in the oragnisation of construction of Company bases, supply networks, medical services, field support and also internet countermeasures. These vehicles consist on assisting the commander of the Company of Liberty, the vehicles listed below in their roles depending on the description in their profile.

Cameo Name Description
Company Landsweeper Icon Landsweeper Construction Vehicle Armoured Construction Vehicles. When it comes to building bases, they are armoured to the bone and can last longer than Bulldozers and Workers. It houses the same abilities as USA & Chinese Bulldozers, but however the Landsweepers are slow, but if can survive a punishment until their destruction.
Company Supply Tech Icon Supply Technical

A fast combination of a Technical and a supply truck, this vehicle is fast than other supply trucks and can outrun tanks but it is weaker than other supply gathering units.

Like other half-tracked vehicles such as the Track-Miner used by the Forth Reich of Yuri, the vehicle is unfortunately one of the weakest vehicles in the entire faction.

Company Ambulance Icon Hummer Ambulance Aging vehicles imported from America, the Hummer Ambulance can heal soldiers on the battlefield, along co-operation from the OAT's Medical staff and Cheetah crawlers along with transport capabilities which can carry 5 soldiers.
Company Cheetah Icon Cheetah Mechanic Crawler

This imported crawler is a helpful vehicle which can fix vehicles in a radius, they don't have much armour to last against enemy vehicles, they are big prey to hijackers and enemy aircraft.

Specially designed Type-38 Cheetah Mechanic Crawlers can transport soldiers around the battlefield to fights or to drop-off points at specified co-ordinates, it can deploy bombs on the field and also clear up enemy explosives to clear paths.

Company Stalker Icon Stalker Internet Van

A defensive & support vehicle used by the spec-ops unit of the Company's armed forces, Stalker Internet Vans are known as internet cafe on wheels.

These heavy armoured vehicles are are capable of shutting down vehicles and structures and capable of hacking cash from enemy Supply Centers thanks to the advanced communication tools, it can also detect stealth.

Misc Units

Support vehicles and AFVs which will be present in missions and campaigns of the mod, can be found only in missions and campaigns of the mod during its production.

Cameo Name Description
Company POW Truck Icon Bronco Multi-Role Truck Multi-purpose vehicles which is present in missions where the commander has to transport POW's/People/Soldiers , spot aircraft, provide radar and carry around supplies for their commanders.
Company Bulldozer Icon Construction Bulldozer This Vehicle is the Company of Liberty's reservist construction vehicle in the class of building bases and serves as a secondary alternate for reservist commanders, the Bulldozer operates the same way as the US & Chinese versions.
Company Flatbed Icon Linerunner Convoy Truck Transport and convoy vehicles which transport supplies to Company bases, allies, civilians who need help and contacts which work with America, China, Eurasia or the Allied Nations. Despite being slow on the field the truck is capable of hauling amounts of supplies and troops to locations within a matter of seconds.


The Company of Liberty's aircraft consist of many planes and helicopters flown by Russia, Europe and America. All have modifications to make them more combat effective, their supply of aircraft consists of a set of fighter planes, bombers, an airborne drone, a trio of attack helicopters, a support helicopter, a reinforcement and support plane and a cargo plane. Making a total of 11 airborne units to choose from when fighting the enemy.

Cameo Name Description
Company Placeholder

Mriya Cargo Plane

History with this plane can still be known, still classed today as the world's largest and heavy Ukrainian cargo plane that was recently recovered from destruction by a joint task force of Russian and Company force, utilised by the Company of Liberty.

The An-225 Mriya is used for dropping off military personnel and supplies to friendly forces in a specified area, the plane can be utilised for some military powers & deploying drop-pods of into battle instead of parachuting into war.

Company Tycoon Icon Tycoon Dive Bomber

WWII/Vietnam era plane in the faction tech tree. It was modified by Engineers to attack hostiles via remote control to save the lives of fellow air servicemen, the Ju-87RC Tycoon serves as a primary multi-role aircraft capable of strafing enemy infantry & bombing.

all thou slow than modern jet fighters, the Tycoon is capable of dropping its munitions on enemy forces which venture into hostile territory if tasked for combat.

Company Placeholder Sabre Jet Fighter

The Sabre is the main peacekeeper fighter jet which helps in many roles for anti-air & anti-ground combat, currently in the same class as the F-22 Raptor Fighter.

Despite aging it is still strong, agile and fast US plane is armed with 6 air to surface missiles that served the USA's Air Force during the harsh times of the Cold War, F-17 Sabres in the Company's air regiments are faster than the Ju-87RC Tycoon.

Company Placeholder Blackhawk Transport Helicopter The UH-60 Blackhawk is a tier 2 transport helicopter which is capable of transporting 8 Soldiers into the field into the battlefield, the Blackhawk is also capable of attaining a set of small gauss cannons on its side with wings specially installed.
Company Placeholder Apache Gunship Tier 2 attack helicopters which are in the same place as the US Army's RAH-66 Comanche gunship, however the Apache features a vulcan machine gun with anti-ground rockets, the Apache is the 2nd expensive helicopter imported from the US.
Company Jaguar Icon Jaguar Drone A multi-role support drone built by Amsterdam multi-dollar Mega-Corp FutureTech, the Jaguar is armed with a machine gun and a sensor system, the jaguar has a specially equipped with a PDL which helps in the shooting down of rockets.
Company Placeholder Foxtrot Support Helicopter

Technical ground support and escort helicopters utilised by the Company of Liberty for the defense of airspace, AH-28 Foxtrots serve as a good air defense unit if any airspace used by the AN's force if it is required for extensive defense.

The AH-28 Foxtrot helicopter is armed with a set of machine guns which is capable of dealing with airborne aircraft and helicopters while guarding and transporting soldiers.

Company Placeholder Mirage 2000N Bomber

A French supersonic heavy duty bomber currently operating in Company service, equipped with an Earthshaker bomb, making it a powerful solution than a regular Tycoon bomber for fast runs on enemy bases and tank platoons.

The Dassault Mirage 2000N bombers in the Company of Liberty are are one of many expensive bombers in service; only downside is that Mirages have no defences against Aircraft.

Company Crimson Icon Crimson Transport VTOL Unarmed but heavy tier 3 airlifters which can transport infantry and vehicles to the battlefield, whilst being previous development from the 1970's was known to be found from history and being the Company's agile transport was known to be seen in 2028.
Company Placeholder SuperHind Gunship

The Mi-24 SuperHind (or Hind in short) gunship is a light but heavy tier 3 transport & heavy gunship which is capable of transporting 6 soldiers into the field.

All-thou acquired from countries that were given these helicopters after Russia fell, Mi-24 Super Hinds are equipped with a series of anti-ground cannons & anti-air missiles which makes it powerful against anything the enemy throws at it.

Company Pelican Icon Pelican Drop-Pod Plane

A heavy support aircraft of the Company of Liberty, armed with drop-pods instead of bombs which can be used on a target location, allowing it to send soldiers into the battlefield.

Not just transporting drop-pods, the Angel-739 Pelican can also transport infantry and vehicles in its cargo hold between airfields if there isn't no Crimson VTOLs or hovercraft around, since the Mriya takes role as cargo transport.

Company Placeholder Liberator Battle Airship

This unique airship is the Company's Tier X aircraft and superunit of the force, the Swedish built Onyx-35 Liberator airship is armed with a gauss turret on its cabin and a anti-air missile launcher which will take on land and aircraft without a problem.

It is heavy armoured, slow and is known to be vunerable to fast moving aircraft & AA defenses, on top of those however to keep the losses of the Liberator down commanders of the Company can only build and field the Liberator Airship at time.

General Specific Units

To be added...

Gauss General Units

Specially commanded by Australian born Gauss Brigade Commander Dane Clarence, units and some defenses within this brigade utilises the newest technology in their weapons, Gauss Cannons. His units consist of the following:

Gauss Brigade Infantry

Cameo Name Description
Company Placeholder Gauss Tankgunner

Replacing their recoiless rifles with portable gauss cannons for combat, this type of Tankgunner in the Gauss Brigade are known as the Gauss Tankgunner, using the similar technology like used in tanks such as the Leopard and the heavy Templar.

More be added...

Gauss Brigade Ground Vehicles

Cameo Name Description
Company Placeholder Gauss Steelrat Light Tank

Using similar the similar to the systems of original D-37TR Steelrat tanks, this version of the classic Steelrat tank is equipped with a light gauss cannon in place of its standard cannon but taking out the grenade launcher to compensate for costs since the gauss cannon can fire fast.

Despite taking out the grenade launcher, the gauss cannon equipped variant of the Steelrat can still acquire a bolt-on rocket launcher for extensive attacking capabilities against threats, but at the same time whilst in groups they can be a good force to use in early skirmish, scouting and attack missions.

Company Placeholder Centauro Tank Destroyer

Italian combat vehicles equipped with a heavy cannon to deal with enemy vehicles, the B1 Centauro is a wheeled combat vehicle with the edge of speed and armour, it has replaced Mantis tanks within the Guass Brigade of the Company of Liberty.

A counterpart of the vehicle that is classed for IFV also an infantry transport has been built, all-thou the Centauro is a tank destroyer it can destroy a tank within 3 shots due to its special installed high powered gauss, replacing the standard 105mm cannon.

Company Placeholder Freccia IFV

Similar to the B1 Centauro, but equipped with an autocannon for combat against infantry and light threats, also a transport vehicle for infantry inside the Company of Liberty and in Italy's armed forces in the past.

The B1 Freccia is a revised version of the Centauro due to the vehicle being similar to said tank destroyer, all-thou not packing the amphibious capabilities unlike most armoured personnel carriers in most battlefields, the Freccia is also good for anti-air roles.

More to be added...

Gauss Brigade Aircraft

To be added...

Peacekeeper General Units

Utilizing a series of special units built in the United Kingdom, the Peacekeeper Brigade is led by the British born General Louis Carver, his military strength consists of the following units:

Peacekeeper Brigade Infantry

Cameo Name Description
Company Placeholder Territorial Officer

British elite operatives there to help their fellow comrades on the battlefield, these territorial officers were selected by the Company of Liberty's elite Spec-Ops Acolytes to take the role of support fellow soldiers and increase the morale of his fellow men to fight.

The Territorial Officers are equipped with USP-45 pistols or MP5 SMGs to deal with hostiles nearby, fellow allies around the officers can achieve better combat effectiveness if they are near them they are given motivational moral that they'll become war heroes, thanks to the support of these top tier officers.

Company Placeholder Royal Marine

Replacing the Volunteer Squads, specialist Royal Marines in service of the Company of Liberty's Peace Brigade are top elite operatives equipped with L85A2 Assault RIfles to combat enemy personnel with smoke grenades to distract unaware forces.

Being given specialist training in the UK, the Royal Marines that are under contract with the Peace Brigade are usually tasked with their respective allies and comrades for support and defense roles when required, however to use smoke grenades a commander of the Peace Brigade must grant use of them through upgrades.

Peacekeeper Brigade Ground Vehicles

Cameo Name Description
Company Placeholder Saracen Transport

A recognised armoured personnel carrier, the Alvis Saracen is currently in service with other countries across various parts of the world in self defense against the GLRF, capable of carrying a set of 8 soldiers in and out of combat.

Louis Carver uses the Alvis Saracen, equipped with as a grenade launcher and a 30. Caliber, the use of the Saracen replaces the Mule within the Peacekeeper forces since it does come with sets of armour plating and pre-installed weapons.

Company Placeholder Movano Ambulance

At start it don't have off-road capabilities unlike the Hummer H1 does, several orders of the Vauxhall Movano vans have been modified to utilise off-roading specifications like several other vehicles in the world.

These ambulances are known to have mosterous capabilities to get patients to hospitals or medical facilities in-time, along with that the vehicle does come with a reinforced bodywork allowing it to survive longer, the vehicle can lower itself for passengers to get out or get aboard once it stop.

Company Placeholder Locoust Light Tank

Replacing the Steelrat, the UAC-47 Locoust light tank is a new and modernised version of the FV101 Scorpion Tank equipped with light armour but at the same time faster than any other tank or other units in the Peace Brigade.

The tank is equipped with a modern 90mm rifled cannon & a new coaxial machine gun for use in combat instead of using a grenade launcher, when deployed into combat the tank operators prefer to roll into war without Missile kits.

Company Placeholder Collider Heavy Tank

Used to be a tank known as the FV214 Conqueror, developed in favour during the Cold War to face off with Russian IS-3 Blaster tanks that were operated by terrorists, the UAC-52 Collider is a modern built tank with a new 120mm cannon and 2 machine guns.

UAC-52 Collider tanks are currently in active service within the Peace Brigade's armoured divisions under Louis Carver's forces, they are mostly around if no Challenger I tanks are in combat and have been spotted taking on enemy GLRF and Yuri's forces, their armour can be upgraded at any point during battle.

Company Placeholder Crocodile Anti-Air Tank

Built with less traction but with additional armour plating to take the role of the Skysweeper, the UAC-56 Crocodile is an anti-air tank built off the FV510 Warrior IFV which was set to transport soldiers and replace the Mule in combat.

The role for transporting operatives and soldiers in and out of battle was given to the Alvis Saracen within the Company's Peace Brigade, but however a small group of 4 soldiers can take a ride in the transport but must take caution since they could possibly die if the vehicle gets destroyed..

Company Placeholder Challenger I Battle Tank

Replaced by the Challenger II Tank, currently utilised in Jordan by its armed forces, today it still being built for export by the British based United Armour Corporation, who also provides the first generation Challenger to Louis Carver and the Peace Brigade.

Built today under the under the designation UAC-66; the new built Challenger I tank is equipped with a L11A4 rifled cannon and an L8A2 machine gun, the tank replaces the standard Company operated Dragoon tanks in Carver's brigade.

Company Placeholder Roller Stealth Tank

Built as a prototype by United Armour Corporation as an alternate solution and competitor to the American built M7A3 Vertigo, the design is based on the FV 4201 Chieftain battle tank that was used during the Cold War by the United Kingdom.

The UAC-89 Roller is equipped with mono-wheels instead of tank tracks, currently under prototype status, its weapons include a pair of rocket launchers and a 120mm tank cannon; it is silent and swift but will have to turn its stealth system offline to attack.

Peacekeeper Brigade Aircraft

Cameo Name Description
Company Placeholder Vulcan Support Aircraft Restored for combat use, they are equipped with shockwave bombs and replacing the Pelican for support runs. Originally utilised during the Cold War, the new built versions of the Avro Vulcan are clear for drop-pod runs, sending soldiers into combat.
Company Lancaster Icon Lancaster Bomber Mk.II

Four engined legends returning from World War II.

These famous bombers were known to have a long history in World War II, they were also used to face off with terrorists within territories of Europe, Louis Carver utilised the Avro Lancasters with an armoured chassis & jet engines.

Company Meteor Icon Meteor F8 Interceptor Restored WWII British jet fighters utilised for covert operations. Replacing the Tycoon RC Dive bomber for General Louis Carver, the legendary Gloster Meteor F8 blends in with the night light, the interceptor's munitions are two green firestorm rockets, which can be deadly.
Company Placeholder Spitfire Fighter Plane Another legend from World War II, served as Britain's best fighter planes along with the Hawker Hurricane from the war. These restored planes are set to have an onboard remote control system similar to the Ju-87RC Tycoon, equipped with autocannons.
Company Placeholder Skyline Attack Helicopter

The Skyline, one of Louis Carver's favorite helicopters as a variant from the licensed built Westland Apache gunship built by the Royal Helicopter Plant.

The RHP-56 Skyline is equipped with advanced sensors and weapons, its missiles were replaced with green napalm auto cannons.

Company Placeholder Infernus Airborne Gunship The RHP-63 Infernus is designed from the AgustaWestland AW101 Merlin to take role of the Mi-24 SuperHind in the Peace Brigade, from joint co-operation with AgustaWestland and the Royal Helicopter Plant, the Infernus is the first transport gunship with Gauss Cannons & Rocket Pods.
Company Placeholder Gorilla Heavy VTOL A Heavy vehicle and infantry transport. The RHP-69 Gorilla is a licensed built from the S-64 Skycrane with specially designed VTOL engined with a large cabin replacing the crane for transporting vehicles and infantry, the Gorilla is currently experimental but is known to be used by Carver's forces.

Artillery General Units

The specialist brigade for all of the Company of Liberty's artillery regiments, this sector is led by Johnas Buchanan, a commander from Belgium. His units consist of the following:

Artillery Brigade Infantry

Cameo Name Description
Company Pyro Experienced Pyro Acolyte

Unlike his other Pyro Acolyte colleagues, Experienced Pyro Acolytes are better trained and avaliable only to high-ranking commanders of the Company of Liberty, the faction's specialist Artillery Brigade commander Johnas Buchanan has a small hand of these specialist operatives in his ranks.

His flame-thrower is good in clearing out buildings and burning hordes of incoming infantry, the extensive training recieved from the firing range and in the armoury has allowed him to become more aware of his surroundings, also he is known to cause extra damage to enemy forces.

Company Placeholder Mortar Acolyte

Artillery isn't much for Johnas, but his Acolytes were given a set of training with handling explosive mortar utilsation, mortar using acolytes like thus are known to assist their forward units whilst deployed at the back.

Today, Mortar Acolytes are known to be tight and good with localisation with foreign people, and equipped with an assault rifle and a portable mortar for good combinations for combat if at any point he encounters enemy infantry or light vehicles.

Artillery Brigade Ground Vehicles

Cameo Name Description
Company Brawlmaster Icon Brawlmaster Battle Tank

Medium armoured battle tanks, replacing the Steelrat inside the Artillery Brigade, the Type-55 Brawlmaster is a battle tank built in China that was mainly by the next generation built Type-99MT Dragoon but still easy to build and cost effective.

Being a faster tank than its older Type-79 Battlemaster allies and the new Type-99MT Dragoon tank, the Brawlmaster is equipped with a rifled cannon and is capable of upgrading with a light grenade launcher or a bolt-on rocket kit for a firepower increase, allowing it to act similar to the D-37TR Steelrat.

Company Placeholder Maverick Heavy Tank

The United States were keen to deliver some good equipment to reinforce their allies in combat. When General Buchanan needed a better tank than the Leopard, the country was happy to supply, the new M6A3 Maverick tank in Company service is equipped with a gauss cannon.

It is also equipped with heavier armour plates for extended protection against nnemy personnel and also packs a small machine gun to defend itself against enemy infantry, however only to be used in cases if the tank does get surrounded.

Company Ruckus Icon Ruckus Howitzer

Chinese built artillery, still useful today, the Type-73 Ruckus is the Company of Liberty's secondary artillery with almost the same configuration and settings as found on the newest Type-75 Iron Storm artillery, 

It serves as a Company reserve vehicle which makes up for faction commanders who don't have access to the Iron Storm MRLS, whilst it don't have shockwave or green napalm rounds to use it fires high-explosive shells.

Company Thunderstorm Icon Thunderstorm MLRS

Imported versions of the Napalm Storm MLRS half-track artillery from China, the Type-88HT Thunderstorm is used by the Company of Liberty for barrage purposes and launching sieges on enemy personnel.

Also known to equipped with a set of green napalm warheads and shockwave rockets, their light armour makes them lighter but makes them easy targets for enemy units, at the same time a half-track design makes them nimble whilst on the move.

Company Iron Storm Icon Armoured Iron Storm MLRS

Over times, the battalions of Buchanan's Type-75 Iron Storm units have been given some extensive training for extra and improved effectiveness, they have also recieved armour plates to ensure longer survival capabilities and veteran operatives with better experience.

Armoured Type-75 Iron Storm MLRS rocket artillery have been known to be more advanced than regular versions, they are also more manoeuvrable to operate than its unarmoured predecessor whilst deployed but require protection still.

Company Bronco Flatbed Icon Bronco Supply Transport

Maybe not a much of an attack unit, but those cases were rumours, but what they don't know is that the are several Bronco Supply Trucks are equipped with light anti-aircraft launchers that their operators can use for self defense.

The trucks are known to be a light threat due to the rocket launchers they are equipped with, the operators know when to attack if they see any hostiles incoming.

Shockwave General Units

Operated by Japanese born General Kenji Young, the Shockwave Brigade utilises shockwave technology in many weapons, mostly artillery and some aircraft, the units upgraded with Shockwave Tech consists of the following:

Shockwave Brigade Infantry

Cameo Name Description
Company Placeholder Imperial Peacekeeper

Enlisted to protect the Emperor of Japan under the guidence of the Company of Liberty, Imperial Peacekeepers is Japan's modern frontline rendition of the classic Imperial Warrior that date back to World War II, equipped with rifles & swords.

Instead of being equipped like regular Rookies, these men of Japan's armed forces are known for their capabilities against those who opposed the Empire, these operatives are equipped with Howa Type 89 and a traditional combat beam katana for attacks up close, only granted if things go rough.

Company Placeholder Tankbuster Acolyte

Anti-vehicle combat specialists, but still exposed to enemy units from the skies, Tankbuster Acolytes are equipped with heavy duty laser cutter systems built within Japan's weapon builders for the defense of bases and vehicles.

Exclusive to the Shockwave Brigade and replacing the force's veteran Tankgunner Acolyte ground units, Tankbusters are the only application of laser weapons used by forces within the Company of Liberty provided by Japan rather than the USA.

Shockwave Brigade Vehicles

Cameo Name Description
Company Placeholder Tsunami Light Tank

Replacing the Steelrat, the Tenzai-192 Tsunami is an amphibious battle tank capable of traversing water and being equipped with a repeater cannon for dealing with various threats, unique for the the Shockwave Brigade as their light battle tank without a mounted rocket launcher or grenade launcher.

Despite being light armoured, it is fast and also good for dealing with many enemy units within their range and they pack more additional protection than their Steelrat allies thanks to their construction and its speedy capabilities.

Company Placeholder Sudden Stealth Transport

Hover transports, unarmed but at the same time comes with secret and unique trick to move into regions without notice, the sleek and specialist Tenzai-144 Sudden is a stealth infantry transport built for the vast forces of the Shockwave Brigade.

The Sudden Stealth Transport first dates back to 2015 at an expo for future military weapons as a prototype, these transports are unarmed but are good for infiltrating heavily guarded areas that is under protection by military forces, also gone through test runs with the United States forces and Japan's Self-Defense Forces.

Company Placeholder Orochi Wave Force Artillery

An artillery named after Yamata no Orochi, an 8-headed dragon from Japan's history, the Tenzai-155 Orochi is a futuristic looking long range artillery equipped with a shockwave cannon that makes it known as a shockwave in a can, making it good for heavy duty operations against enemy.

In the Shockwave Brigade, it isn't a self-propelled artillery unlike those in service across the world today but replacing the Chinese built Iron Storm, Ruckus and Thunderstorm artilleries, it can release a heavy blast of energy that can damage any vehicles and structures within its range.

Shockwave Brigade Aircraft

Cameo Name Description
Company Placeholder Tengu Fighter Jet

Originally known as the F-15J Eagle, a Japanese fielded variant of the Eagle series built by the United States but co-operating with Mitsubishi, Tenzai and Boeing, the F-15J Tengu is a new series of fighters featuring newer technology for combat.

All-thou upgraded by Tenzai Combat Manufacturers, this newer variant can utilise automatic cannons and rockets to deal with any targets in the air and on the ground, replacing the F-17 Sabre fighter series within the Shockwave Brigade.

Company Placeholder Rocket Angel Combat Helicopter

Specialist combat gunships, the futuristic JAH-66 Rocket Angel is a swift helicopter equipped with rotors on the sides instead of on top with a primary loadout of rockets for combat against enemy units and a small machine gun, taking the role of Apaches.

With a specialist loadout, it can release a big barrage a group of targets within its range and deal with infantry and vehicles on sight making them good targets for these defenders of the Emperor, it is a joint directive project between Boeing and Mitsubishi

Commando General Units

The specialist commando regiment operated by American born General Julius Jackson, utilises powerful and unique units in the highest ranking regiments in the Company of Liberty, his units consist of the following:

Commando Brigade Infantry

Cameo Name Description
Company Placeholder Spec-Ops Acolyte Special ranking operatives inside the Commando Regiments of the Company of Liberty, they are equipped with a silenced MP5 sub machine gun with extensive capabilities, Spec-Ops Acolytes are also capable of rappelling down from Blackhawk helicopters into buildings and they cannot get ran over due to their heavy armour.

Commando Brigade Ground Vehicles

Cameo Name Description
Company Placeholder Fennek Recon Vehicle

Recon vehicles equipped with grenade launchers or machine guns for defense, the German built LGS Fennek is a combat and recon scout replacing the Mule for the Commando Brigade being capable of transporting 4 infantry into and out of battle.

Its grenade launcher or machine gun will mainly be random but it can be used for various combat purposes if required, the Fennek is good for dealing with regiments of either infantry or light vehicles for quick tier 1 combat sweeps, it can also detect any hidden enemy units within a specific range making the Fennek also good for recon.

Company Placeholder Ariete Battle Tank

A tank built in Italy, specially assigned to the Commando Brigade of the faction's military forces, C1 Ariete battle tanks are equipped with a 120mm cannon with an optional coaxial machine-gun built into the turret for defense of light threats rather than tanks.

Its sturdy construction and armour plating has replaced the Mantis tank within the brigade's force, despite the Ariete replacing said tank it is known to be expensive due to its weapons after it was modernised after 2021 by the Italian military for it suited for modern combat, but it now has newer optics and upgraded technology.

Company Placeholder Supply HEMTT

Secured through USTF mineral trades, M977 Supply HEMTTs are extensive supply transporters that can be used for heavy collection to keep the war machine going at extensive rates, they are capable of transporting around $600 worth of supplies unlike Supply Technicals.

The truck is slower than regular supply transporters and also being defenseless, these HEMTTs must be defended at all costs to keep the war machine going at all times, but they also pack tougher armour plating to take enough punishment for ambushes and suprises.

Commando Brigade Aircraft

Cameo Name Description
Company Placeholder Harrier Interceptor VTOL Specially equipped with radar-absorbing paint, mostly replaced in various task-forces in the USA by its successor, the F-35 Lightning II VTOL, the specially designed Covert-Operations Harrier is stealthed when not attacking its targets.


The Company of Liberty uses many unique buildings which can either be based on civilian structures but for military structures like the Barracks & Weapons Facility Include old structure blueprints from previous wars in history. "Marks Generals Promotion

Cameo Name Description
Company Command Quarters Command Quarters

The home of the Company of Liberty's primary field command infrastructure, Command Quarters are based on a set of structures such as warehouses, housing blocks and fueling stations which has been refurbished and houses the global operations of the Company of Liberty within specified regions.

Also the facility builds Landsweepers, Cheetahs and Nitrogens for various roles, the structure also can operate generals powers and is the main structure on the battlefield.

Company Placeholder Wind Turbine

Towering structures that can generate clean power from the wind for Company bases, all-thou large, the Wind Turbine is one of many clean structures which powers buildings across the world currently in use by the Company of Liberty.

They are good for building farms for full power.

Company Barracks Icon Barracks

Main structures that house the world's bravest soldiers for any missions and for combat, the Barracks can train peacekeepers and volunteers who join the Company of Liberty uses these buildings to become battle hardened heroes.

Recruits from all over the world sign up, choose their rank and train at these facilities for battle against terrorism.

Company Placeholder Medical Tent

Supportive structure, once built these sets of tents heal nearby wounded friendlies and provide treatment for civilians, they can also be garrisoned up to 5 soldiers for defense roles and along with that they won't hold out for long.

But however Medical Tents can be a useful small position in emergancy healing protocols if there are any wounded soldiers who want to go back into the intense heat of battles.

Company Supply Warehouse Icon Supply Facility

Consisting of facilities and storage areas, Supply Facilities serve as a drop-off point structure that can house supplies the peacekeeper forces of the Company of Liberty gather from supply docks & piles, 

These facilities also fields fast Supply Technicals & comes with a transport once built, which is capable of transporting $375 in supplies.

Company Placeholder Weapons Facility

Mainstay vehicle assembly structures used for fielding ground units of the Company of Liberty's into battle, lists of vehicles that can be deployed include various support vehicles, AFVs & tank forces for various roles.

The Weapons Facility are robust factories are used to build all combat and support vehicles which can be deployed from here, the facility also houses an armour upgrade for some of the faction's vehicles to use.

Company Radar Center Radar Center

Classic structures holds the Company's of Liberty's Radar if a battlefield view from above is required, Radar Centers also serve as Tier 2 assets that can also unlock more better units for deployment

Radar Centers are capable of conducting doing Radar Scans where they can scan for enemies & looking for hostiles to find and eliminate, along with providing radar and scanning services the facility can also provide upgrades for Tier 1 & 2 units.

Company Placeholder Private Mercenary Camp

Allows training of tier 3 soldiers into battle but clearence will be required to build and to deploy, PMC Camps can deploy the elites for hire that can serve the cause of freedom with their own capabilities.

The Private Mercenary Camp trains elite operatives such as Heavy Weapons Operatives, Spies, Pyro Acolytes & also Phoenix Snipers for combat & to support soldiers leading the way to liberty, their abilities are good for dealing with large threats of enemies.

Company Placeholder Airfield Home of small aircraft & helicopter production, these stations are the main locations where the Tycoon, other aircraft & helicopters are built and housed in fortified bunkers ready for the skies, there are other aircraft like the Sabre, Blackhawks and Apaches including Jaguars built and maintained here.
Company Placeholder "Special Airfield"

Heavy duty special airfields that can house planes within tier 3 for combat and defense, the Special Airfield can deploy heavy helicopters and airships used by Company of Liberty's air corps, they are known to field the Liberator airship.

This structure is capable of building Mi-24 SuperHinds, Mirage 2000Ns and many more types of aircraft to show the enemy a harsh time on the field, the Special Airfield is also a port for the faction's Pelican drop-pod & transport planes.

Company Placeholder Bank of Liberty Resource structure. The Bank of Liberty is a good source of income if the supply docks are empty or supply piles are gone, the Bank of Liberty is based on referbished hospitals, sometimes many banks have a UH-60 Blackhawk Helicopter which could be owned by the Bank Manager.
Company Placeholder Field Armoury This bunker is the Company's primary technology structure. They hold very important upgrades and top secret research for vehicles & aircraft to specialise for use on the field, unlocks Tier 3 units for the commander of the Company to train and build for use on the field.
Company Fuel Air Missile Silo Fuel Air Emplacement A structure which holds the Company's Fuel Air Missile superweapon, Engineers of the faction modified several SCUD missiles and guide them via co-ordinates from a satelite in space into hostile locations, setting off its fuel air payload, the facility consists of a main structure to oversee and look at the launch protocols, along with a silo & flagpole.

Defense Structures

The Company's defensive buildings consist of modern & classic anti-land and anti-air structures which include stationary turrets, missile systems & machine gun emplacements inside this section.

Defensive structures built by the Company of Liberty at first are weak, but later on they get better.

Cameo Name Description
Company Pillbox Icon Pillbox World War II era bunkers which help support Company bases with anti-infantry defensive purposes, this defensive building is capable of revealing stealth units whilst being equipped with a combat shotgun for anti-infantry roles.
Company Gun Turret Icon Gun Turret Anti-Tank emplacements capable of destroying incoming vehicles with a series of 120mm cannon shots these defenses are capable of revealing hidden enemy forces, can upgrade to equip a double barrel for more damage.
Company Placeholder Anti-Air Emplacement

Structures capable of destroying aircraft threats, this stationary defense starts off as a twin-barrel, these emplacements can upgrade to a quad-barrel for extra results against planes and even helicopters.

Anti-Air Emplacements are capable of detecting hidden aircraft and also ground units.

Company Placeholder Inferno Defense Artillery Large defensive structures which can fire green napalm shells at far distances, Inferno Defense Emplacements can attack enemy units from a long range exchange its single darrel to a double barrel defense, capable of detecting close range units.


The Company of Liberty is known for its acts of freedom and anti-terrorist movements, many believe that the faction is using old fashioned techniques for combat and technology to help their forces perform well when deployed, purchasing additional equipment to upgrade its army during battle; from adding additional armour plates, installing additional weapons and helping tanks get the best out of their ability, these upgrades below will allow the Company's forces to operate better in wars ahead.

Cameo Name Description
Capture Building Capture Building Grants Rookies the ability to capture enemy buildings and neutral tech structures.
Improvised Armour Improvised Armour Equips the D-34TR Steelrats, Hummer Ambulances & Mules with a set of spiked bumpers and armour plates, this upgrade increases armour on the vehicles battlefield by 10%.
Company Placeholder Green Napalm Payload Equips the Ju-87B Tycoon a green napalm bomb, replacing its standard iron bomb which can do more damage, causes a firestorm after dropped.
Mule Machine Gun Upgrade Mule 50. Cal Machine Gun Installs a 50. Cal on a Mule, turning it into a light anti-infantry transport vehicle instead of an unarmed varient.
Mule Rocket Launcher Upgrade Mule Rocket Launcher Installs a 50. Cal on a Mule, turning it into a light anti-infantry transport vehicle instead of an unarmed varient.
Company Placeholder MANERGY Drinks Gives all Infantry within the Company bottles of MANERGY, improving their survival capabilities to 10%, this also increases their speed on the battlefield.
Company Placeholder Mortar Upgrade Installs a mortar on a Dragoon tank, turning it into a heavy artillery which also improves range and visuals, allowing it to rain death on an enemy location.
Steelrat Missile Kit Steelrat Missile Kit A cheap and useful missile kit for Steelrat Tanks, mostly seen on older Scorpion models in the previous war, they do not do much damage unlike the GLRF Scorpion tank's missile.
Company Placeholder Helicopter Weaponry Upgrade

All Mi-24 HindsAH-64 Apache Gunships recieve a set of rocket rods and UH-60 Blackhawks recieve a set of gauss cannons.

This upgrade allows the Hind to target hostile aircraft within its range of fire, allows Apaches to launch a small mini-earthquake and allows the Blackhawk to attack, the Hind and Apache ground weapons are not effected but provides additional weapons.

Company Placeholder Followers of Liberty Grants Battle-Squads 4 additional members, making the group a 12 man platoon to make it a multi-role group, there will be 4 Skyguards to the group which will help in anti-air.
EMP Resistant Armour EMP Resistant Armour Upgrades Dragoons & Salamanders with EMP resistant armour, making them immune to electro magnetic pulse based weapons.
Company Placeholder Coilgun Batteries Grants M5A3 Leopards with special batteries which improves the rate of fire and the range on how far the tanks can shoot, making them more reliable than their older coilguns. The new batteries grants two additional gauss barrels onto Leopard tanks.
Company Placeholder Spitfire Jet Package (Peace Brigade Special) - All-thou modern looking already with the new weapons and technology, this upgrade will transform any newer built Spitfires into full jet fighters replacing their propeller engines, making them faster for attack runs.
Extra Turret Barrels Extra Turret Barrels All combat defenses, such as the Gun TurretsAnti-Air Emplacements & Inferno Artilleries recieves additional barrels, allowing them to do extra damage to against enemy units, this also updates them to a new standard of base defense. This don't work the Pillbox.

More Upgrade Entries Coming Soon

Peacekeeper Brigades

Within the Company of Liberty, the Allied Nations have several divisions and brigades which can help Company operatives within the faction to take the battle to their enemies in their favour; throughout the Peacekeepers time within the Second Eurasian Conflict, there are various types of weapons which were utilised by the commanders in the brigades.

Unlike the terror cells and divisions within various other factions, the Company of Liberty has various points in the Allied Nation's chain of command; they are also pretty tough to conquer, A brigade of a commanders choice can be accessed via the Command Quarters.

Other Brigades or Regiments

Despite having 5 primary combat brigades, the Company of Liberty also has other types of combat brigades or regiments either commanded by another commander or a general.

  • Company Naval Regiments - Commander Dane Clarence - Also in command of the Gauss Brigade, Dane is also one of the head commanders that uses the faction's naval units of the entire faction, including the known ANCS Gallardo Flagship, along with several other types of naval units along with specialist aircraft carriers, early warning ships and oil tankers.

Generals Promotions

Rank 1 Promotions

Cameo Name Description
Company Vertigo Icon Vertigo Stealth Tank Grants Company commanders access to build the Vertigo Stealth Tank
Company Placeholder PMC Specialisation Company operatives through PMC recruitment will be able to hire, Heavy Operative and Phoenix Sniper, Pyro Acolyte
American Armour Piercing Rounds Firefight Training Rookies, Tankgunners, Skyguard Acolytes and Battle-Squads will be trained to veteran status

Rank 3 Promotions

Cameo Name Description
Tycoon Bomber Strike Tycoon Bomber Raid Calls in 3 Tycoon Bombers to drop several bombs on a large area
Company Placeholder Heavy Aircraft Promotion Grants Commanders to use of Heavy Aircraft & Heavy Airfields
Napalm Strike Burning Revolution Grants Type-56 Salamanders & Pyro Acolytes veteran status
Airborne Paratroopers 1 Drop-Pod Reinforcements Level 1 Calls in an An-255 to drop soldiers in 1 special designed drop-pod
Airborne Paratroopers 2 Drop-Pod Reinforcements Level 2 Calls in 2 Pelicans to drop soldiers in 2 special designed drop-pods
Airborne Paratroopers 3 Drop-Pod Reinforcements Level 3 Calls in 3 Pelicans to drop soldiers in 3 special designed drop-pods
Emergency Repair 1 Emergancy Repair Level 1 Repairs Vehicles with 15% health
Vehicle Snipe Head Hunting Company Commanders earn a 10% cash bonus for every kill
Company Iron Storm Icon Type-75 Iron Storm Authorisation Grants Access to the Type-75 Iron Storm MLRS
Missile Strike Explosive Missile Barrage Code High Explosive Launches 4 High Explosive Missiles at a target area
Missile Strike Napalm Missile Barrage Code Green Napalm Launches 4 Green Napalm Missiles at a target area
Missile Strike Shockwave Missile Barrage Code Shockwave Launches 4 Shockwave Missiles at a target area

Rank 5 Promotions

Cameo Name Description
Green Napalm Flare of Liberty Calls in an An-255 to drop 6 Green Napalm bombs on a target area
Special Forces Training Special Forces Training Grants Leopards, Steelrats & Dragoons Elite status
Company Fuel Air Missile Silo Fuel Air Armada Grants commanders to build the Fuel Air Emplacement super-weapon
Peacekeepers and Regiments of the Company of Liberty Paramilitary

Flag of CoL

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