Not to be confused with Rioters, another set of angry mob, but small groups

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  • Global Liberation Resistance - Replacing the Angry Mobs with soldiers, the GLRF's armed forces learned from mistakes from the GLA era, well trained operatives have been enlisted for combat
  • Robot Empire - Several machined versions of the Combat Mob have been spotted commanding soldiers, mostly escorted by other robotic infantry and armoured vehicles

GLRF Gathered Mobs

Battlefield Combat Mob
GLRF Placeholder
A group of Combat Mobs gathering outside a GLRF Command Center
Faction Global Liberation Resistance
Cost $800
Build at Barracks
Requires Palace
Detailed Information
GLRF Combat Mob Icon Place of Origin Various Regions Flag of Unknown Faction
Trained Unknown
Role Combat Squad

Advanced Anti-Infantry
Advanced Anti-Vehicle

In Service Active
- IMI Mini-Uzis, (When Upgraded) AK-47 Rifles

- RPG-7 Launchers
- Molotov Cocktails
- Civilian Clothing (To Blend In)
- GLRF Flags (Occasional)

"AK-47s, for Everyone!"
- Combat Mob Leader -

First from Angry Mobs, the new Combat Mob is a combat unit which consists of 6-8 operatives in the GLRF armed forces banding together and taking a fight to those who oppose them, they'll be utilising several weapons such as the Uzi, RPG-7 and Molotov Cocktails, but won't do much damage unlike actual counterparts of combat units since Combat Mobs are good for distracting enemy units from their main objective.

Since they are good in numbers they do a good job in holding down a region from forces who oppose them, but at the same time they are mostly vunerable to riot control equipment such as Flashbang Grenades and StummGas Compounds, but they won't go down without a fight.


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Strength in Numbers

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Known Gatherings

"We better be going to a fight"
- Inpatient Combat Mob Soldier -

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Machined Variants

Robotic Combat Mob
Company Placeholder
Robotic versions of the Combat Mob gathering for combat
Faction Robot Empire
Cost $800
Build at Robot Factory
Requires N/A
Detailed Information
Company Placeholder Place of Origin Unknown Flag of Unknown Faction
Trained Unknown Robot Construction Facility
Role Combat Squad

Advanced Anti-Infantry
Advanced Anti-Vehicle

In Service Active
- Mac-10 Micro Uzi, (When Upgraded) M4A1 Carbines

- M72 Law Launchers
- M62 Fragmentation Grenades
- Civilian Clothing (To Blend In)
- Robot Overlord Flags (Occasional)

"Wake up boys, we're called in"
- Robotic Combat Mob Leader -

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Behind the Scenes

  • Combat Mobs are the successors of the original Angry Mob, now featuring some modifications and new additions such as RPG-7 Launchers and Pistols being replaced by Uzis.
  • There will be experienced soldiers rather than civilians, but since Angry Mobs will be replaced there will some infantry units like the angry mob but will be seperate as single units.

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