Combat Engineer
Forth Reich Placeholder
A single Combat Engineer building a Makeshift Bunker and Rocket Turrets
Faction Forth Reich of Yuri
Cost $500
Build at Underground Training Facility
Requires Tier Upgrade 1
Detailed Information
Forth Reich Placeholder Place of Origin New Russia Flag of New Russia Small
Trained Various places
Role Support Infantry

Defense Builder

In Service Active
- Nagant M1895 Revolver

- Toolbox /w Tools
- Hardhat
- Clean Overalls
- Personal Torch

"Somebody called for an engineer?"
- Combat Engineer asking a question -

The Combat Engineers are the Forth Reich of Yuri's personal support units, serving in solving answers to offensive attacks with defensive countermeasures. They are known to set up makeshift bunkers and even small but efficient defensive turrets to hold down an area for Yuri in record time, since their intelligence and skills in building have been a very efficient.

From a Warm Bureau into the Cold Wasteland

During the Kalini Crisis, a large portion of Combat Engineers enlisted into the Reich as volunteers from the working class to help Yuri in making provisional fortifications for their comrades, but it has been found out that in desperate situations several professors from various divisions were brought into conscription.

Those were not happy with it, but many find it beneficial being on the frontlines and quickly setting up bunkers and missile defenses as part of Yuri's plans to fortify various positions in defending key locations across various parts of New Russia. As a reward, if they work hard enough they can become Yuri's personal and expert class scientists in weapons and technology research.

Current Status

Due to the Kalini Crisis being a problem for Yuri's forces on the battlefield, Combat Engineers who utilised their intelligence and building skills for the future of the Reich.

Whilst preparing all combat training and strategic planning for locations which Yuri wishes to capture, these Engineers are known to take on enemy infantry without any hesitation if they are provoked by anyone who interupts their important work; Whilst these combat class Engineers are being part of Yuri's main plans to take New Russia from Occupying Resistance forces, thus cutting off combat links and alliences with their contacts which have been supplying them with weapons and equipment.

Support Provided

The Combat Engineer has since his professional careers as scientists/professors within Russia have been looking at the Kalini Crisis as a problem, these men have been working on their creations such as small defensive settlements and bunker, the Combat Engineer can also setup small defensive turrets which can operate via AI system specially developed by Forth Reich scientists of Zarkov N.65 Labs, a secret facility located somewhere in New Russia.

  • Makeshift Bunker - A Small settlement which can hold up to five soldiers, these bunkers are made of cinderblocks & cement which can withstand a beating until they begin to crumble.
  • Micro-Rocket Turret - Combining the research into Micro-Rockets utilised by the T-95 Tiger-Claw tank and building a small base with a launcher for the rockets, these small but powerful defensive turrets can bring be a vehicle operator's nightmare when they are combined together with Makeshift Bunkers.

Behind the Scenes

  • The Combat Engineer is based off its counterpart from Red Alert 3, which can build makeshift bunkers and attack enemy units.
  • The fun fact, the Combat Engineer, like in Red Alert 3, might also be "previously" a professor before he was conscripted to become a Combat Engineer, effectively decreasing his political status, something what was happening in various socialistic republics of the Soviet Union during the Cold War.
  • Combat Engineers will cause big damage against enemy infantry when they are weaken down, they can also take on other types of engineers with a revolver.

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