Civilian Hospital
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Civilian Hospital

A Random Civilian Hospital ready to assist fellow soldiers during battle
Faction No Faction Specified
Cost N/A
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Serving as vital points for healing soldiers on the battlefield, a Civilian Hospital is a tech structure which can provide a faction with medical supplies for their fellow infantry along with assistance.

These buildings are vital to war efforts and must be protected from hostile takeovers and attacks, Hospitals play vital roles in ensuring that their owning commander is getting the best from the staff that work at the facility.


The Civilian Hospital provides soldiers healthcare and first aid if they are injured during a battle against their enemies or hostile encounters.

The hospital will automaticly heal any soldiers across the course of a firefight between them and hostiles to give an upper hand against their foes, all-thou the hospitals are sometimes rare on a battle field, they do some prepared for any occassions.

This is also good if there are no units on any factions unlike the Company of Liberty, New Andes Armada or US-Task Forces on the battlefield, but ensuring a Civilian Hospital stays around on their owning commanders side will keep an upper hand in war if things get rough.

Related Buildings and Units

Over time, Civilian Hospitals are not the only types that can heal soldiers on the battlefield. During the sightings of OAT MedicsMedic Stations, Shamen and Medical Drones, there are still some units that have been active to help protect and also heal up units.

  • Hummer Ambulance - Used to be in United States service, now currently being used by the Company of Liberty to heal and transport personel from battles.
  • OAT Medic - Operatives currently serving the Company of Liberty as field operatives to heal soldiers, equipped with modified MP7 sub-machine guns which shoots out needles.
  • Medical Tent - Stationary bunkers, set to heal soldiers on the battlefield. Can also be garrisonned for extra defense against enemy attacks.
  • Shaman - Heals soldiers and repairs vehicles. Currently in active service with the New Andes Armada in the Civil War between the Martollo Cartel.
  • Healer Drone - Replacing the Ambulance in the United States Army, built by Tenzai Robotics of Japan, the Healer Drone is utilised to heal soldiers. Can clean up biological spills and nuclear waste, also attack with a machine gun if threatened.

Behind the Scenes

  • The Civilian Hospital, you guessed it, is based off its original counterpart from C&C Generals.
  • Codes will stay the same, there might be some other models of hospitals in the future to suit the environment for Reign of Conflagration.
  • The current model will be mostly used for American and European environments.

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