Chameleon Cell
GLRF Placeholder
The symbol of the Chameleon Cell
Faction Global Liberation Resistance
Leaders General Zenans Ozilq
Headquarters Unknown Flag of Unknown Faction
Specialization Guerrilla Warfare
Status Active

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Signature Units of the Chameleon Cell

While a new Splinter Cell operating in the GLRF, the Chameleon Cell of General Ozilq follows the tradition of previous Cobra Cell in its Hit & Run tactics and extensive use of camouflage and disguises. Yet, as this is a new cell under new leadership, it takes a different approach and Ozilq now possess more greater firepower while keeping her invisibility, making her a "shadow of the desert".


Cameo Name Description
GLRF RPD Rebel Icon Stealth RPD Rebel

Zenan's main infantry, her RPD Rebels currently have camouflage capabilities rather than acquring clearence to gain access to stealth for her infantry.

There are no changes to the weapons or training of Stealth RPD Rebels, only camouflage is given to blend in with scenery.

GLRF Placeholder Desert Sniper

Surviving veterans of the Global Liberation Army which are specially trained in assassinating their enemies from a far distance with a Sniper Rifle like Jarman Kell.

Most of the Desert Snipers were recovered from regions which were targeted by the Company of Liberty and the Eurasian Commonwealth where they live, now serving as the primary sniper which followed Zenans Ozilq road against their enemies.


Cameo Name Description
GLRF Hammer Tank Icon Hammer Medium Tank

Salvaged Tanks from Russia. The old T-34 Hammer Tank was utilised with D-34A Scorpions and D-45DR Puma MBT battle tanks utilized by Rodall Juhziz and Osuma Deathstrike.

Although the Hammer are not better in battle with enemy vehicles head-on, the Hammer Tank works well with T-72 Devil Tanks and causing trouble with anyone who is against Zenans Ozilq when the Hammer tank has the Home-Made Rocket Upgrade, the tank is also good in protecting home bases.

GLRF Devil Icon Devil Battle Tank

Salvaged tanks from Russia which were utilised to use as the GLRF's battle tank to assist the GLRF in their war against the USA and the Chinese. The T-72 Devil is medium armoured and comes with a 105mm Cannon for combat against vehicles and a fitted 50.Caliber Machine Gun for defensive measures.

The Devil battle tank can also salvage pieces of scrap pieces to help improve the tank's firepower and armour so it can survive in harsh conditions, Zenans Ozilq was impressed with the T-72 during her childhood so she utilized these tanks instead of Puma Tanks due to their durability.

GLRF Ghost SUV Icon Ghost Combat SUV

Based on the civilian Mustang Blur SUV, the Mustang Ghost is a military variant which serves as an advanced technical for fighting off the enemy in dangerous situations and scouting missions.

Nowadays the Ghost can mostly be found off-road racing when not on duty and hunting down enemy infantry, the SUV is durable and is also a medium-weight alternate unit due to its weapons and handling compared to the Bandit Buggy.

GLRF BM-21 Icon BM-21 Rocket Artillery

A Light Armoured siege vehicle utlised for artillery purposes to replace the Uragan Scud Launcher for General Ozilq. This Russian Rocket Launcher was salvaged to use for combating the enemy from long range.

With the BM-21 Grad in Ozilq's hands, she can equip the rockets with a set of high explosives or she can equip special ABC classed dirty radioactive rockets which is an alternate solution to biological warheads utilised by both Desertstorm MLRS and the Uragan Scud Launcher.

GLRF Heavy Supply Truck Icon Hauler Supply Truck

Mainly a basis for the old UME based Bomb Truck, the Hauler is a heavy supply truck capable of carrying a bigger load of supplies for primary operations within the Chameleon Cell, despite them being known as convoy vehicles the trucks have been targeted since they have been affiliated with terrorist forces.

These heavy transporters can be useful for various roles, all-thou it is the best if the UME Haynes Supply Truck isn't carrying required loads, all-thou it isn't armed with any type of defensive weapon it is known to be heavy armoured against enemy units, allowing them to get back to base if under attack.


Cameo Name Description
GLRF Placeholder Production Structures Main structures such as Command Centers and Supply Stashes. Camouflage for main structures require Camo-Netting to become invisible, ensuring that they blend in with scenery in a similar fasion to base defenses
GLRF Placeholder Base Defenses All base defenses come with camouflage by default. This sneaky tactic has been mostly seen utilised by Prince Kassad during the last war, Zenans Ozilq currently uses this tactic for her defenses to hide within scenery.

Behind the Scenes

  • Chameleon Cell is currently a remake of the Cobra Cell, brought together and formed by Prince Kassad from the original Zero Hour. As Prince Kassad is now a commander of the whole GLRF, his place was taken by Zenans Ozilq.
  • Cobra Cell, previous stealth division, now became a terror division.

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