Not to be confused with the UAC-66 Challenger Tank

Challenger Zone Trooper
Andes Armada Placeholder
A set of Challengers preparing to part in action against hostile armed forces
Faction New Andes Armada
Cost $1100
Build at Recruitment Barracks
Requires Technology Lab
Detailed Information
Andes Challenger Place of Origin South America Flag of Venezuela Small
Trained Caracas School of Prism - Venezuela
Role Heavy Infantry

Heavy Anti-Ground

In Service Active
- M120 Prism Rifle

- Prism Lock
- Radio Pack
- Heads Up Display
- Zone Suit

"Lets go, troopers."
- Challenger -

To be added.

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • Challengers serve as the New Andes Armada's heavy infantry.
  • They are based around the GDI Zone Trooper from C&C 3: Tiberium Wars.

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