Capture Building
Capture Building

Mercenary Placeholder

Several USTF Riot Rangers capturing an Oil Derrick for extra funds
Faction All Factions
Cost $1000
Research At Any Barracks

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Affects: Riot Ranger, Red Guard, RPD Rebel, Rookie Blue Helmet, Imperial Peacekeeper, Conscript, Ward, MEA Rifle Infantry, Robotic Rifleman
Type: Infantry Upgrade


Allows infantry to capture any enemy structures or tech structures to use in their war effort

Pros of Capture Building

  1. Commanders can capture structures to expand operations or take over bases
  2. Useful if looking to take control of tech structures for economy, reinforcements, defense of various regions or mercenary recruitment

Cons of Capture Building

  1. Structures built or operated by commanders will be exposed to capture
  2. Base defenses built by enemy factions cannot be captured


To be added...

Behind the Scenes

  • Vital for all sides, this upgrade can be useful if commanders are looking to expand the borders of any control for benefits for extra funds for economy or if one wants to recruit mercenaries to help.
  • This is one of the original upgrades that is present in C&C Generals and in Zero Hour, and also the only C&C that allowed rifle equipped infantry to capture buildings, now available for the newer ones.
  • Right now the Eurasian Commonwealth Security Network don't require this upgrade since their Technic operatives can capture enemy, tech buildings and facilities operated by Minor Factions as part of their standard training procedures.

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