Brotherhood of Mercenaries
Brotherhood of Nod Emblem
The emblem of the Brotherhood of Mercenaries, found on all vehicles and infantry
Formation January 23rd 2007

Sarajevo Flag of BH Small
Bosnia & Herzegovina

Faction Color Dark Red
Type of Faction Mercenary Faction

"United Brotherhood"

Leaders Brother Kane
Officers Brother Marcion

Brother Hassan

Special Weapons None
Strategies Hireable Mercenaries

Homebuilt Equipment
Refurbished Vehicles
Makeshift Aircraft

Strengths Strength in Numbers

"Peace Through Power"

Weaknesses Unknown
Status Ingame

30% of Units Ingame

Unknown to factions across the world, the Brotherhood of Mercenaries are known to operate over all regions across every country across the world. Either working for terrorist purposes or freedom, they are known to be controversial soldiers usually operating under disguise as civilians, with a series of vehicles to help them fight those who are beginning to become a threat towards them.

The force is led by their leader, Brother Kane. Whom brothers Marcion and Hassan operate the faction on various fronts on the battlefield including Africa and Europe, their forces were also known to operate in South America during the South American Civil War but not working for any faction, Brother Marcion leading infantry divisions with freedom fighters and soldiers to assist foothold operations whilst Brother Hassan is operating all vehicle divisions.

Current Activity

At the moment the organisation is mostly under the radar and been observing several factions, including the Company of Liberty and the GLRF in the Middle East with several followers and brothers in the BoM's Europe chapter observing the ECSN and PLA Forces currently patrolling the area for potential terrorist threats, however during the course of 2028 the faction have been classed as a potential terrorist threat by the Eurasian Continental Militia which led to the current ongoing ECM-Brotherhood Conflict even during the Second Eurasian Conflict but no other factions have intervened.

Even whilst they are observing movements by military forces from other parts of the world including operations in their territories, the Brotherhood of Mercenaries have been working on ensuring a promise to everyone that all of the BoM's territories will be secure from all types of enemy personnel even the GLRF & the USTF will be engaged upon if they do intend on threatening the followers of kane. Currently all types of Brotherhood territories consist of Bosnia & Herzegovina, Iceland, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Poland, several parts of Russia, Ukraine & in Yemen, as part of their plans to liberate countries affected by war & terror over the past few years even with the elimination of full-scale terrorism in Iraq after 2015 when it was attacked by militants, currently right now as of the ECM-Brotherhood Conflict the faction has been engaged full on with the Eurasian Continental Militia as that particular action has attacked railroad routes operated by the Brotherhood along with several of Kane's high rank Confessors & operatives were attacked by enemy units.

ECM-Brotherhood Conflict

To be added...


Within the Brotherhood of Mercenaries, there are several units which can be contracted by various factions but will available from various buildings, they also have seperate buildings for training, basic vehicle construction and aircraft housing.


Cameo Name Description
Brotherhood Militant Icon Militia Squad Recruits who were known to fight against enemy forces defending their shrines & leaders, Militia Squads are usually found in civilian districts in various countries. The operatives come equipped with an assault rifle & a shotgun for battles when called in by their leaders.
Brotherhood Confessor Cabal Icon Confessor Cabal Veteran combat specialists capable of increasing morale of many followers of the Brotherhood, Confessor Cabal operatives serve as the leaders equipped with a portable gatling rifle with toxic bullets & smoke grenades which can be effective against infantry.
Brotherhood Placeholder Fanatic Despite having rules against suicide, there are times followers will go extreme and risk their lives for the people, Fanatics inside the Brotherhood are specialists in explosives and is capable of using remote controlled RC Bombs rather than using actual vehicles.
Brotherhood Private Mechanic Armed Icon

Brotherhood Private Mechanic Unarmed Icon

Private Mechanic

Whilst going for helping allies when vehicles are in a bad shape if they are not in combat, Private Mechnics are experienced agents and workers that may come equipped with an automatic pistol for self defense but some without a weapon.

Private Mechanics are dedicated for assisting the brothers whilst engaging those who they are fighting against, whilst at the same time they are known to also take over whilst repairing vehicles operated by their allies.

Brotherhood Focus Trooper Icon Focus Trooper Equipped with a laser rifle, Focus Troopers are well-trained mercs who are known to assist local Militia, Confessors, Solstice tanks and Gridlock IFVs during a battle whilst they are usually good for combat situations in a fight against or for terrorism, can take on air units.
Brotherhood Black Hand Icon Black Hand Cleansing the world of terror with fire, Black Hand operatives are diciples of the Brotherhood of Mercenaries equipped with portable flame throwers, capable of clearing out occupied buildings and are known to burn things at high rates.


Cameo Name Description
Brotherhood Gridlock Icon Gridlock IFV Known as the Venom due to being popular in civilian towns and cities across the world, Mercenary forces across the world have acquired several numbers of these vehicles callsigned the Gridlock and converted them with armour pieces and auto-cannons.
Brotherhood Placeholder Runner Attack Cycle Motorcycles modified to protect riders from enemy attacks, Runner attack cycles are equipped with rocket launchers to engage all types of targets on the ground and in the air, they are also fast and known to be more advanced than GLRF operated motorcycles.
Brotherhood Placeholder Tracker Command Truck Can be accessable by any faction, Brother Kane and his loyal sets of members in the Brotherhood have been using ZIS-5V Trackers to command their forces on the battlefield.

Any faction that acquire these vehicles can command generals powers and attain radar.

Brotherhood Solstice Icon Solstice Battle Tank Old Soviet Union battle tanks which were successors to the legendary Hammer battle tank, the classic Solstice tanks were refurbished by Brother Kane and his followers to use as their main vehicles equipped with a 90mm cannon and machine gun.
Brotherhood Placeholder Guardian Heavy Tank Heavy tanks usually assigned with T-44 Solstice tanks and a next generation of AFVs, the GT-47 Guardian heavy tank is an armoured tank equipped with a 120mm cannon with a small laser cannon to engage all ground threats, costs more than a Solstice but armoured.
Brotherhood Placeholder Purifier Flame Tank Revolutionary AFVs used to clear out buildings if Black Hand units are not around to assist, FT-77 Purifier Flame Tanks serve armed forces of the Brotherhood to clear out garrisoned buildings and burn infantry into ashes, the tank is good to take on light vehicles.
Brotherhood Placeholder Zealot Anti-Air Drone Light combat drones, fast & good for anti-air attacks, AD-21 Zealot drones are equipped with a small pair of machine guns & rockets to engage all types of enemy aircraft, also just incase if aircraft units are equipped with PDL systemss but they can be destroyed easily.

Misc Vehicles

Cameo Name Description
Brotherhood Placeholder Brotherhood Command Truck

Utilised by the Brotherhood of Mercenaries, cannot be built unlike the faction's main ZIS-5V Tracker command truck and cannot provide generals powers, but will provide Radar coverage for operatives out on the battlefield.

The truck is not mainly available at all times and they are scarce for the BoM since the command truck can be easily targetted by enemy factions, so protection must be around at all times.


Cameo Name Description
Brotherhood Placeholder Railroad Runner Locomotive

Used by the Brotherhood of Mercenaries for transporting aid, food, drinks & ammunition to civilians & followers, GP40-2 Locomotives with the callsign Railroad Runners serve as long range rail freight hauling units, unarmed equipped with an armoured chassis.

Built between 1972 til 1986, several EMD GP40-2 Locomotives have been acquired by the Brotherhood of Mercenaries to use for the need of urgent transport of aid & supplies to ammunition & soldiers, the locomotive is rare but at the same time also protected by escorts mainly from the air.


Cameo Name Description
Brotherhood Placeholder Gyrocopter

Made from scrap pieces and spare parts, Gyrocopters are scout helicopters equipped with a series of machine guns and grenades.

These small helicopters are fast and capable of evading other enemy helicopters if pursued, they are good at anti-personnel and anti-air duties.

Brotherhood Placeholder Eagle Fighter Jet

United States fighters which were replaced by the F-22 Raptor, the F-15 Eagle whilst equipped for Mercenaries across the world, Eagles are known to have stealth devices but very weak against enemy anti-aircraft.

Lucky enough the Eagle has a bigger payload than the Raptor.

Brotherhood Placeholder Cheyenne Attack Helicopter

Experimental helicopters which were cancelled back in the 70s in the United States, the AH-56 Cheyenne was brought back into action against those who are against Kane and his followers.

These helicopters are equipped with machine guns and rocket pods, but at the same time its not fully equipped to compete with the American AH-64 Apache & other helicopters.

Brotherhood Placeholder Tarhe Airlift Helicopter To be added...
Brotherhood Placeholder Dakota Transport Plane

Old but still memorable cargo planes that were originally active in the United States, the C-47 Dakota is capable of transporting a set of 12 combatants to the battlefields or to bases, but despite that the aircraft is unarmed.

Even the aircraft is classed as a light transport, the C-47 Dakota is an infantry transporter that is also equipped with an enhanced chassis to protect the pilots & the occupants riding aboard.

Brotherhood Placeholder Spooky Airborne Gunship

May look similar to its original counterpart but with its guns moved to the wings, the AC-47 Spooky is equipped mainly with a pair of miniguns & a single howitzer for combating enemy units in the air and also on the ground & in the skies.

However, it must change combat configurations in order to take on all types of threats so AC-47 Spooky operators must equip the miniguns for aircraft but it can engage ground units, on the other hand the Spooky's howitzer restricted for ground assaults.


Primary Structures

Cameo Name Description
Brotherhood Placeholder Brotherhood Shrine

Structures where followers of Brother Kane worship and defend at all costs, the Brotherhood Shrine serves as the headquarters for all types of operations the faction but at the same time can be targets by terrorist forces attacking Brotherhood territories.

If captured, all structures & defenses linked to a network that is opened by the Brotherhood Shrine will become open for use to the commander who commandeers the structure, upon capturing the Shrine generals can field soldiers Brother Kane once they meets a designated prices for recruitment & building by operators.

Production Buildings

Cameo Name Description
Brotherhood Placeholder Hand of Brotherhood Followers who help out Kane and his brother fight on against the oppressors who fight against them can train for combat against their enemies here, the Hand of Brotherhood allows recruitment of all types of infantry including Mechanics.
Brotherhood Placeholder Brotherhood Machine Shop Builds all ground vehicles operated by the Brotherhood's mobile armed divisions under Kane's hand, Machine Shops can build & assemble vehicles like T-44 Solstice tanks, ZIS-5V Trackers & the Mustang Gridlock in an underground garage.
Brotherhood Placeholder Brotherhood Airfield Equipped with all standard requirements for airfields, the fortified and heavy built Brotherhood Airfield can deploy a series of units such as the F-15 Eagle fighter, the Gyrocopter scout and also the outdated AH-56 Cheyenne prototype helicopter for combat.
Brotherhood Placeholder Brotherhood Heavy Airfield Fields the C-47 Dakota transports & AC-47 Spooky gunships for refueling & to re-arm, the Heavy Airfields are used to keep the bigger aircraft at their best but at the same time it can serve as a drop-off point for passengers riding in C-47 Dakotas.

Defensive Structures

Cameo Name Description
Brotherhood Placeholder Shredder Turret Anti-infantry emplacements, equipped with a set of shotguns & small lasers to deal with all types of infantry within their range, Shredder Turrets serve as the Brotherhood's defense system along with the Anti-Air Turret behind their iconic defense system.
Brotherhood Placeholder Enlightened Anti-Air Turret Missile equipped defense turrets, can fire a set of laser cannons at a fast rate than any other type of laser equipped vehicle or base defense, Enlightened Anti-Air Turrets are known for dealing with all types of enemy aircraft and is capable of bypassing all types of countermeasures & flares used.
Brotherhood Placeholder Obelisk of Light Iconic structures, and also one of the biggest defensive weapons that can cause massive damage to enemy units, the Obelisk of Light is the Brotherhood's famous used base defense that have been tested and exported to other factions after establishment.

Behind the Scenes

  • The Brotherhood of Mercenaries isn't just any simple type of faction, but it is a small minor-provisional force inspired by the Brotherhood of Nod from other C&C games from the Tiberium series, many of its its characters are inspired from already existing Nod characters as well.
  • Also, the Brotherhood is the first faction to operate private military freight & transport services by rail with its own locomotive unit & train, this is a reference to Nod using trains on several missions during the campaign missions in C&C Tiberian Sun.
  • It is mainly themed on the Brotherhood of Nod from C&C 3 Tiberium Wars since most of the faction's units are based on similar counterparts from the game itself, there will also be some real-life units to keep the faction balanced with Tiberium Wars, Reign of Conflagration & Real-Life themed units & weapons.
Brothers, Followers and Guardians of Kane and the Brotherhood

Flag of Brotherhood

Ground Forces
Infantry Militia SquadConfessor CabalFanaticPrivate MechanicFocus TrooperBlack Hand
Scouts Mustang GridlockRunner Cycle
Important Vehicles ZIS-5V Tracker Command Truck
Tanks T-44 SolsticeGT-47 GuardianFT-77 Purifier
Anti-Air AD-21 Zealot
Misc Units Command TruckEMD GP40-2 Railroad Runner
Fighter Jets F-15 Eagle
Airborne Gunships AC-47 Spooky
Scout Helicopters Gyrocopter
Combat Helicopters AH-56 Cheyenne
Transport Aircraft CH-54 TarheC-47 Dakota
Headquarters Brotherhood Shrine
Production Hand of BrotherhoodBrotherhood Machine ShopBrotherhood Airfield
Defenses Shredder TurretEnlightened Anti-Air TurretObelisk of Light
Prominent Characters
Leaders Brother Kane
Military Personnel Brother MarcionBrother Hassan
Faction Information
Detailed History History of the BrotherhoodECM-Brotherhood Conflict

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