Unknown Robot Empire
Company Placeholder
The emblem of the Robot Empire, first spotted by several forces in 2041
Formation April 6th 2037

Location Unknown
Possibly Antarctica

Faction Color Navy Blue
Allies No Allies Detected
Enemies United States Task Forces

Iron Dragon PLA
Global Liberation Resistance
Company of Liberty
Forth Reich of Yuri
Eurasian Commonwealth
New Andes Armada
Middle East Alliance

Type of Faction Secret Robot Faction
Leaders Gray Chen
Officers Adolf Steiner

(Intelligence Officer)
Phillipe Franchira
(Combat Supervisor)

Special Weapons Plasma Rifles

Red Volatile Napalm Fuel
Deadly Airborne Pathogens

Strategies Robotic Hordes

Use of Stolen Technology

Strengths Infantry Resistance to Radiation and Anthrax
Weaknesses Weak Starting Units

Expensive a each Tier

Status 50% of Units Ingame

Replacing the Boss General

This section relates to a new faction which will replace the original Boss General, this one will be an enemy faction to fight against in a series of missions and in Generals Challenge, to see the former boss general which will be playable in skirmish with many other Chinese generals, see General Leiong Leang.

Secretly formed during the Second Eurasian Conflict by several former commanders and generals from China and the United States, the secret and Unknown Robot Empire is a highy advanced combat army which is equipped with robot infantry forces capable of passing through hazardous materials with several vehicles and aircraft either stolen or acquired from other factions. Founded by former Chinese General Gray Chen with two of his specialised personnel, German Ex-Military Intelligence Officer Adolf Steiner and Spanish Ex-Military Combat Supervisor Phillipe Franchira, the faction has been preparing for combat for several years under the radar outside of mostly Eurasia and in the east and west of the world, but it is only until 2041 when several units of the Robot Empire have been spotted.


Records show the first instances of the Robot Empire were first spotted in 2037, observing positions of several factions including the Forth Reich, the GLRF and even the USTF whilst at the same time noting down potential weaknesses of the factions that Chen could exploit if plans for world domination is the primary objective. The empire is equipped with an army of robots built from replicas of several soldiers including Allied Tankgunner Acolytes and even Chinese Hackers, vehicles and aircraft in their primary forces have been found either stolen from storage facilities of factions or if any stolen if spotted abandoned.

No bases were reported across the world belonging to the empire so reports suggests that they could be located in either the North Pole or possibly in Antarctica, during several points in the late 2030s a blue C-130 and a Y-8 were spotted flying over the Middle East when the GLRF and the Company of Liberty were fighting, the Company was to liberate a town that was occupied by several terrorists affiliated with the GLRF. Both factions were distracted by the blue cargo planes, things began to change after several months of these sightings with am announcement from Gray Chen in 2039 saying that war will be declared if the fighting doesn't stop.


Whilst the other factions have been fighting each-other across the world, the Robot Empire didn't surface until field reports have found operational outposts and bases in several places across the world with the empire taking entire control of Antarctica which forced other factions to withdraw all operatives and civilians from the continent to avoid possible capture, the faction began the establishment of its military after 2037 mainly patrolling Empire occupied areas with mainly stolen or secretly acquired weapons.


The Empire utilises mainly robotic infantry which can survive a field of radioactive material or biological anthrax if ordered to pass through these areas that have also been considered hazadous, however this trait has also proves to faction commanders and also to the Empire's combat supervisor Phillipe Franchira that this can allow their infantry divisions to operate in these areas. However at the same time the armoured divisions of the Empire can still be possibly exposed to these hazard if they happen to pass over the areas, but most deployments of divisions are mainly the use of anti-aircraft systems including Avengers and Bushhunters to defend the skies that the faction operates, all-thou they have been aging but at the same time modernisation have been done to ensure that they do not fail if at any point a war breaks out.

Ground and airborne divisions of the Robot Empire mainly consists of American, Russian and Chinese equipment acquired through various means but mostly after several raids of abandoned bases on Antarctica ground vehicles including a stash of decommissioned Stubber drones were put to use in regular patrol routes across the continent to ensure nobody is trying to sabotage the preperations of the Empire, airborne forces have been known to be seen flying across the continent defending the waters of the islands where bases have been building up. Primary units in the faction consist of Chinese Annihilators, Russian Rhinos and even American Bronco supply trucks for the roles of defense, patrol and collection of supplies to aid the income and in order to build and deploy new weapons for the fights ahead of them.

Declaration of War

In 2039, a Declaration of war was recorded and broadcasted on worldwide television to warn "the following factions must stop fighting and make peace or else war will break out with the destruction of bases and outposts", a tape of the declaration was recovered in an undercover infiltration mission between Chinese-Company covert operatives on May 18th 2039 two days after the broadcast went live. The message follows:

-Transmission Begin-

Gray Chen - War, breaks the lives of our planet's people along with destroying anything that we have worked on from cities to various factories that worked our lives from the B.C era, but now we must fill a void that must be told as of now. I hereby declare that the following conflicts that our people must suffer throughout have been known to cause loss of lives within the thousands, which is unacceptable, I also declare a creed that war must end by 2044 because we cannot see what the impact of the following conflicts including from World War II have caused to our people, the loss of known figures and people have caused serious impact to our lives.

Today, as the South American Civil War rages on, the Kalini Crisis that have reduced Russia into a nuclear wasteland by terrorists and aggressors, along with the Middle East Alliance which is still causing grief to those who are dying from the impact of the conflict and also starvation whilst the people are pillaged by bandits and terrorists, this is out of order! We do not want a World War III right now and we must rebuild our countries and ensure this do not happen again, I hearby declare a referendum on behalf of the people of Earth starting from today that the following factions must stop fighting and create a treaty of peace with a deadline of 2044 or else We will end it all by force, with the destruction of all bases and outposts.

-Transmission Ends-

More to be added...

Robot Infantry

Infantry of the Robot Empire mostly consists of machined clones of soldiers from other factions, several numbers of these types have been known for fighting their enemies but is also equipped with a unique addition for their metal skin, immunity to hazardous materials such as radioactive fallout, toxins and biological fields.

Cameo Name Description
Company Placeholder Robotic Rifleman

The standard infantry and vehicle crew usually equipped with standard issue combat weapons for dealing with enemy personnel, the Robotic Riflemen are primary personnel that cannot be squished by vehicles or harmed by any hazardous materials.

Another varient of the Robotic Rifleman is a Leader class upgradable from a standard version, can swap out its standard assault rifle with a specialist new American built laser rifle.

Company Placeholder Robotic Tankgunner

Replacing the recoiless rifle with imported MR199 rifled railguns, robotic versions of the Tankgunner Acolyte are the standard anti-vehicle units for dealing with enemy armour, at the same time the railguns used can be used to deal with any sort of threat along with structures.

Unlike the human tankgunners, these robot varients have a secret to the threat of enemy aircraft, their rainguns can deal with enemy aircraft if in range unlike the recoiless rifles used.

Company Placeholder Robotic Pyro Acolyte

Flame throwing robot warriors, Robotic Pyro Acolytes serve as the Robot Empire's garrison cleaners before the Salamander tank, being made of metal, the robot can resist anthrax and even nuclear radiation.

Whilst working on clearing out any garrisoned buildings that may be in the way of the Robot Empire's path, the fuel used by the robotic Pyro Acolyte is known to be extremely volatile and it can become an extremely dangerous weapon, if destroyed by any type of explosives the fuel tanks on the back will explode.

Company Placeholder Robotic Hacker

Based on original programming for hacking, Robotic Hackers are good for going into the backdoor of installations for disabling any power for structures and also going through the firewalls of any enemy forces on the internet, allowing them to acquire any funds to keep the empire's war machine going.

All-thou there were concerns of them randomly hacking friendly structures instead of ones built by enemy forces accidently, also the Robotic Hackers can be targets all the time so they must be protected whilst doing their work, but also they can use Robot Empire built Internet Centers for better effects.

Company Placeholder Robotic Sniper

Equipped with long range rifle, capable of attacking enemy units from a distance, Robot Snipers are based on the Company's specialist Phoenix Sniper units equipped with the same weapons but with resistance, allowing them to operate in harsh regions.

Not being equipped with camo netting to blend with parts of cities or even jungles, Robot Snipers do have a built in camouflage system that can allow them to stay hidden and attack any hostile personnel whilst not moving, the system will stop if they do begin moving about making them targets for other snipers.

Company Placeholder Robot Heavy Weapons Operative

Mainly anti-aircraft infantry, but at the same time anti-personnel when it comes to dealing with infantry strikes, robotic assembled Heavy Weapons Operatives serve Gray Chen's forces as the empire's heavy weapons handler for various roles in combat.

Thanks to its exo-skeleton and upgraded strength joints Robotic built Heavy Weapons Operatives cannot be harmed by any contaminated regions, they won't act slow whilst they damaged by enemy fire and they cannot be crushed by medium sized units & vehicles, but they can be crushed by bigger vehicles

Company Placeholder Robotic Combat Mob

A team of robots assembed to take on vast amounts of enemy forces, Robotic Combat Mobs equipped with a set of assault rifles, rocket launchers, uzis and also grenades to attack all signs of enemies and also equipped with resistance to go fight in many biological substances and radiation.

Once upgraded from using Uzis, they will be equipped with a set of stolen M4A1 Carbines for most forces in the mob, the mob are good for various attacks against enemy forces and can be useful for various situations, including base defense and attacks.

Commando Units

Cameo Name Description
Company Placeholder Robot Thunderstrike

Equipped with a fully automatic shotgun for all infantry combat roles and timed C4 charges, Robot Thunderstrike is a metallic clone of Company commando Khaled Deathstrike, known as Thunderstrike in battle.

As a robot, the metallic clone is capable of moving through any harsh battlefield or environment thanks to its equipment that can allow it to resist biological substances and even nuclear radiation, making Robot Thunderstrike good for dealing with any infantry that is capable going through radiation or toxins.

Company Placeholder Metallic Lotus

A robotic clone of the Iron Dragon PLA's Iron Lotus operative, the Metallic Lotus is a machined variant that can resist many types of hazards, also the robot commando is capable of doing any type of hacking activity 10% more faster.

With capturing buildings, disabling vehicles and even hacking into Supply Centers to steal funds from any hostile generals when deployed, the Metallic Lotus can also disable enemy structures and even also plant a briefcase bomb which can be detonated by remote at the cost of an very long recharge.

Company Placeholder Metal Terminator

The third robotic commando of the Robot Empire, the robotic clone of Arnold Johnson, the Metal Terminator is equipped with the regular grenade launcher like the human counterpart and is capable of knifing infantry whilst hidden.

Being a threat to enemy vehicles, the Metal Terminator is good for dealing with any units either alone or with nearby vehicles that can assist the robotic commando in combat. Along with being capable of attacking ground vehicles with grenades & a knife for infantry, the clone can call in airstrikes.

Ground Vehicles

The empire's selection of vehicles, well they are from several factions but how they got them, it is known that they were either stolen or acquired from unknown sources from the outside world. They are equipped with a scout drone, recon vehicles, anti-aircraft and even unique artillery with their own upgraded version of the Scarab Super Tank to utilise in combat if things go wrong.

Cameo Name Description
Company Placeholder Wild Raider Scout To be added...
Boss Stubber Icon Stubber Scout Drone

Used for scouting operations, spotted backing up Grey Mann's empire operated Wild Raiders and Rhino tanks in scouting missions if there are potential hidden enemy units around the area of patrol.

The Empire operated Stubbers come only with a machine gun as standard but can gain a gatling gun as an upgrade for better fighting capabilities later on during a full-scale battle.

Boss Rhino Icon Rhino Battle Tank

Cold War era built Russian battle tanks, and the empire's main armour divisions for when dealing with enemy forces across the world, the T-83 Rhino Tank is a medium armoured battle tank which comes equipped with a standard 105mm tank cannon for all attacking purposes.

Rhino tanks can acquire block armour plating for better survival on the field, also available for Tiger Claws, Overlords and Salamanders.

Company Placeholder Tiger Claw Micro-Rocket Tank To be added...
Boss Overlord Icon Overlord Heavy Tank

The tank that spawned a series of tanks within its lifetime, the well known Chinese Type-93 Overlord Heavy Tank is the best tank Shanghai Battle Tanks Inc. have offered since 2014 for better offense and defense activities when required.

Despite being replaced by new models known as the Type-93RD Warlord heavy tank, several Overlords have been spotted by PLA spies in several covert-ops using either a gatling cannons or speaker towers for various purposes.

Boss Salamander Icon Salamander Flame Tank

Armoured garrison cleaning and anti-personnel units, China's latest Salamander tanks have seen service and action in the Robot Empire's divisions as Overlord Gray Chen's specialist flame tank, it can fire streams of red napalm or switch to use a non-lethal StummGas compound hose for a defensive wall.

In a message between Chen and one of his advisers he has history of using the Salamander on the field during his service in China's army.

Boss Bushhunter Icon Bushhunter Flak Crawler

First built in Russia as a base model, locally built in China, the amphibious Type-84 Bushhunter is an anti-aircraft combat crawler capable of transporting a battalion of 8 soldiers into battle when needed.

Its advantage known for crossing lakes and areas where other ground vehicles cannot cross before, along with crossing the water and being able to take on enemy aircraft and ground units it can become an immobile bunker if gets destroyed.

Boss Avenger Icon Avenger Anti-Air Humvee

Older versions of the Avenger Anti-Air Systems that were used by the USA's armed forces in the past before being replaced with laser newer railgun equipped versions, this old version of the Avenger is the main anti-aircraft systems in the Robot Empire used for air defense today.

Without lasers to help its allies for combat, it is capable of taking on light armoured units with a light machine gun if they encounter either infantry divisions or scout units.

Boss Juggernaut Icon Juggernaut Deployable Artillery

Eurasian artillery acquired through private means from various contacts from the Eurasian Commonwealth, the deployable UltraTech-48 Juggernaut Mk.II is the newest envestment of the artillery which replaced the first model after 2032.

The artillery is capable of firing a barrage of red napalm at any position as desired, the juggernaut is known for its infamous use by terrorists in the past but the model is known to out-pace the first generation Juggernauts.

Company Placeholder Howler Rocket Artillery

Soviet era rocket artillery that have seen service in the military forces of Russia and China, the TOS-1 Howler used by the Robot Empire is equipped with a set of standard issue explosive rockets to deal with enemy structures and enemy groups.

Howlers have known to be an alternative for the Juggernaut if or military budget is a concern, generals working under Gray's army can select either the Howler itself or the Juggernaut whilst they are in combatwith enemy forces.

Support Vehicles

Working for base construction and supply gathering operations, these vehicles are used for Gray Chen's own forces, unlike others used by the currently fighting 8 factions the lineup of support units in the Robot Empire are known for various capabilities including armoured construction vehicles and armed supply gatherers.

Cameo Name Description
Boss Landsweeper Icon Landsweeper Construction Vehicle Used by the Company of Liberty, armoured but slow at the same time, the Landsweeper is one of the known construction vehicles used in the Robot Empire as of now despite its previous use with the old Global Liberation Army.
Boss Supply Truck Icon Bronco Supply Transport Operated by several remote systems instead of using regular human operators, Bronco Supply Trucks inside the Empire are equipped with a machine gun for defense and is capable of transporting sets of $375 in supplies.


To be added...

Cameo Name Description
Company Placeholder Exterminator Super-Heavy Tank

Built with several similar characteristics as the the Middle East G5K10A Scarab super-tank used today by the GLRF's forces for extreme measures, the R3D3T4R Exterminator is equipped a set of with Type-40 rotary cannons, rocket launchers and a 120mm rifled cannon.

Its heavy armour makes the Exterminator the most feared tank used by the Robot Empire but all-thou it mainly used for cases if battles get dangerous, the heavier armoured tanks are known to be found with escorts of robots or tanks.


To be added...

Helicopters & VTOL

Cameo Name Description
Boss Comanche Icon Comanche Reconnaissance Helicopter

Mostly stolen from several USA bases within the country's operated territories of Antartica and on the mainland of the world where most battles are taking place today, RAH-66 Comanche helicopters is the primary attack helicopter used by the empire.

The helicopter is equipped with a set of fast fire rocket pods which fire 24 rockets unlike the regular rockets used by the production version, also equipped with a light machine gun and is capable of hiding in the clouds with its stealth technology.

Company Placeholder Halo Combat Transport

Restored, re-equipped and also rebuilt with newer materials inside robotic facilities, Mi-26 Halo transports were used by the Russian Airforce and Soviet States prior to the breakup after the Cold War, today the helicopter serves as large combat transport helicopters for factions.

Used inside the Robot Empire, the Halo is equipped with several fireports that can allow robotic infantry to engage any hostile units within their range of the helicopter, thanks to the helicopter's restored systems along with new armour plating it can withstand attacks despite being un-armed.

Company Placeholder Kangaroo Heavy Transport

Acquired through various means, also tricking manufacturer with unknown ideas and bribery with cash in backdoor like deals, the Robot Empire has a small fleet of Sweden's new GEA-67 Kangaroo VTOL in its inventory.

Specialized for heavy vehicle transportation, also packing heavy armour plating to protect it from enemy attacks and a set of machine guns for self defense against airborne units it can be a valuable asset to the Robotic cause, allowing it to be a light threat since its a heavy lifter.

Planes & Fixed-Wing

Cameo Name Description
Company Placeholder Sultan Jet Fighter

Equipped with a primary set of rockets for airborne and ground attack purposes, but without an automatic cannon, these fresh fighter jets were spotted flying over Yuri's New Russia but not in traditional Forth Reich livery however, several Su-35 Sultans however were found in storage areas in abandoned Russian bases in the Antarctic.

Despite the age of these classic fighters, Sultan fighters in the Empire are known to be spotted in formations along with their fellow airborne allies whilst in combat, unlike the restored versions used by Yuri's air platoons these versions may go down easily.

Boss Annihilator Icon Annihilator Interceptor

Primary airborne interceptors that have been used by the PLA's airforce primary fighters with a set of napalm rockets and automatic cannons for airborne attacks and also attack runs on the ground, Annihilators used by the Robot Empire were acquired in an abandoned Chinese airforce storage base on Antarctica after the Iron Dragon PLA cleared out.

These classic fighters have been known to be in formations with several other fighters including Hornets, Sultans and Blue Eagles, however due to their capabilities they are good for the defense of bases used by the Robot Empire and also to intercept enemy aircraft.

Boss Blue Eagle Icon Blue Eagle Stealth Fighter To be added...
Company Placeholder Hornet Ground Bomber To be added...
Company Placeholder Predator Missile Drone To be added...
Company Placeholder Ocean Airborne Recon Drone To be added...
Company Placeholder Jackal Cargo Plane

One of China's best airborne cargo planes, the Chinese built and strong Shaanxi Y-8 Jackal is capable of parachuting a squad of robotic infantry into the battlefield by small pods, these aircraft in the Robot Empire is part of a lineup of cargo planes for roles.

Despite being modified to drop-pods similar to the Pelican used by the Company of Liberty, the Jackal in the Empire is known to transport any specific robotic operative or soldiers into the field if required, it is also equipped with heavy armour plating unlike the other variant used by the Iron Dragon PLA.

Company Placeholder Ruslan Cargo Plane To be added...
Company Placeholder Hercules Cargo Plane To be added...
Boss AC-130 Icon Spectre Heavy Combat Gunship To be added...


Cameo Name Description
Company Placeholder Command Node

The primary hub for various forward bases operated in the battlefield by the Robot Empire, Command Nodes serve as the primary Command Center that can provide upgradable radar along with linkup to the Empire's primary station from space.

Using the same construction layout of the Iron Dragon PLA built Command Temple but using different materials, the structure is known to assemble construction vehicles but it can be a primary target by enemies of the Empire, the Node is powered and must be protected at all cost from any form of attack.

Company Placeholder Bio Reactor To be added...
Company Placeholder Robot Factory To be added...
Company Placeholder Supply Bunker To be added...
Company Placeholder Vehicle Factory To be added...
Company Placeholder Airfield To be added...
Company Placeholder Internet Hub To be added...
Company Placeholder Propaganda Center To be added...

Base Defenses

Cameo Name Description
Company Placeholder Gatling Bunker Built for anti-infantry & anti-air purposes, Gatling Bunkers built by the Robot Empire is a garrisonable structure that can allow five units to take cover & provide suppressive fire for fleeing units, it will require power to use the mounted turret.
Company Placeholder Patriot Missile System To be added...
Company Placeholder Speaker Tower Used to broadcast messages to robotic forces on the battlefield, the Speaker Tower built by the Empire can allow units to fight better and at the same time can cause exo-skeletal bodies of robot soldiers & vehicles to go into self-repair.
Company Placeholder Tunnel Network Similar to the Global Liberation Resistance built counterparts but equipped with a more heavier machine gun, Robot Empire created Tunnel Networks can allow forces to move about the battlefield and attack enemies on another end, also more strengthened.


Cameo Name Description
Company Placeholder Particle Cannon Built using plans stolen from various US bases in Antarctica along with being equipped with a powerful particle laser, the advanced & powerful Particle Cannon can create a scar on landscapes and destroy bases reflected from space satellites.

Despite being similar with the USTF operated counterparts, the superweapon is known to be an alternative to nuclear missiles since it don't require too much maintenance, it will require big amounts of power from Bio Reactors and it can be unstable due to the cannon overheating if it gets destroyed.

Company Placeholder Fuel Air Emplacement

Prepared without the long wait, Fuel Air Emplacements built by the Robot Empire take 10% less time to build but also at the same time preparing the missile for launch will take around seven minutes before it can be ready.

The structure is more durable and stronger than the regular others built by the Company of Liberty, despite being almost similar to the other structure it has more of a bunker design as the base rather than the regular ones used.

Company Placeholder Tomahawk Storm

Gray Chen's heavy hitter like the Fuel Air Emplacement and the Particle Cannon, the Tomahawk Storm is the Empire's third superweapon that could cause a devastating blow to any enemy forces on the battlefield at anytime.

Using less power thanks to solar panels along with having the missile prepped with a mix of napalm and explosives, Chen's own version of the Tomahawk Storm can destroy vehicles with ease and burn any incoming infantry with a firestorm left behind from the blasts, this combination can lead with deadly results.

Primary Faction Sectors

Despite being unknown, various scientists and even Gray Chen's personnel know what combat and specialist sectors the Robot Empire is operating for many purposes, the defense divisions of the Empire are tasked with defending regions operated by the forces, offense divisions are tasked with invasions and dealing with enemy forces who oppose against the Empire by all means.

Other sectors include technology and science divisions for researching new technology for the forces of the Robot Empire to utilise, they only operate 5 sectors for primary offense and defense roles.

  • Planetary Invasion Protocol Division - Operated by Commander 317 who leads all forces of the Robot Empire for the invasion of various planets in the solar system, this unknown commander currently as of the current gathered intel, Commander 317 is currently in charge of all planetary invasion forces.

Skirmish Sectors

These sectors will also appear in missions and also in a new robot invasion style campaign, but will also be playable in some missions who will assist Commander 317 during the course of their war against the big 8 factions along with being enemy forces.

  • Biological Weapons Sector - Operated by Alex MacTavish, this sector weaponises biological toxins and pathogens for combat within bullets, tank shells and even in rockets for units for that extra effect when fighting any enemy forces who try to stop the Empire.
  • Field Defense Sector - Operated by Gerald Sheppard, with a primary focus in defending various regions, the Field Defense Sector is known for extensive defense and will strike once an enemy has been weaken down for that final blow.
  • Invasion Force Sector - Operated by Jose Menendez, all-thou not a planetary invasion sector but rather a small and a field sector, the Invasion Force Sector is known for getting units into combat more quicker than the other sectors within the Robot Empire.
  • Plasma Weapons Sector - Operated by Kevin Loren, various tanks and aircraft including the faction's Robotic Tankgunner divisions within this sector will be equipped with plasma weapons that have been produced by the Empire's scientists.
  • Red Napalm Weapons Sector - Operated by Sam Harris, like being equipped with plasma weapons for many of the Empire's forces, the Red Napalm Weapons Sector can equip all weapons equipped from tank shells to rockets with an infusion of red napalm, can cause firestorms when in groups.


To be added...

Generals Promotions

Rank 1 Promotions

To be added...

Rank 3 Promotions

To be added...

Rank 5 Promotions

To be added...

Robotic forces and legions of the Unknown Overlord

Flag of Unknown Faction

Ground Forces
Robot Infantry Robotic RiflemanRobotic TankgunnerRobotic Pyro AcolyteRobotic HackerRobotic SniperRobot Heavy Weapons OperativeRobotic Combat Mob
Human Infantry (Earth) ScoutGrenadierLasherRobot MasterField Observer
Human Infantry (Moon) CosmonautMoon MinerScoutGuardianDisk Thrower
Commando Units Robot ThunderstrikeMetallic LotusMetal Terminator
Scout Vehicles BRDM-4 Wild Raider
Drones Tenzai-47 Stubber
Tanks T-83 RhinoT-95 Tiger ClawType-93 OverlordType-56 Salamander
Super Unit R3D3T4R Exterminator
Anti-Aircraft Type-84 BushhunterAN/TWQ-1 Avenger
Utility Vehicles MK.V LandsweeperEvans Bronco
Siege Units UltraTech-48 JuggernautTOS-1 Howler
Helicopters RAH-66 ComancheMi-26AC Combat Halo
VTOL GEA-67 Kangaroo
Fighters J-10 AnnihilatorJ-20 Blue EagleSu-35 Sultan
Bombers & Gunships F-18 HornetAC-130 Spectre
UAVs & Drones MQ-1B PredatorMQR-73R Ocean
Cargo Aircraft Shaanxi Y-8 JackalAn-124 RuslanC-130 Hercules
Main Command Command Node
Production Structures Robot FactoryMoon BarracksEarth BarracksVehicle FactoryAirfield
Resource Structures Bio ReactorSupply BunkerInternet HubPropaganda Center
Defences Gatling BunkerPatriot Missile SystemSpeaker TowerTunnel Network
Superweapons Particle CannonFuel Air EmplacementTomahawk Storm
Prominent Characters
Overlords Gray Chen
Advisors Adolf SteinerPhillipe Franchira
Military Personnel Commander 317Kevin LorenSam HarrisGerald SheppardJose MenendezAlex MacTavish
Faction Technologies
Weapons Plasma RiflesRed Volatile Napalm FuelDeadly Airborne Pathogens
Detailed Information
History War Against MachineUse of Robotic WeaponsCombat Preperations 2037-2048

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