Scania "R470" Bomb Truck
GLRF Placeholder
A Scania R470 Bomb Truck seized by the Allied Nations
Faction Global Liberation Resistance
Cost $1500
Build at Arms Dealer
Requires Palace
Detailed Information
GLRF Placeholder Place of Origin Sweden Flag of Unknown Faction
Manufacturer Scania AB
Role Suicide Vehicle

Heavy Anti-Vehicle
Heavy Anti-Structure

In Service Active
- Explosive Payload (Standard)

- Biological Payload (Upgrade)
- High Explosive Payload (Upgrade)
- Glass Windshield (Broken)
- Truck Mufflers (Rusting)

"I will send them a clear message"
- Scania R470 Bomb Truck driver -

To be added...


Despite it being a large problem for unit battalions and forces, the Bomb Truck has been a good asset to the former GLA, but since the older model was phased out by Prince Kassad, the the newer version now packs better perks along with newer specifications.

Below are some renders of the old Bomb Truck, along with field shots and renders of the newer version:

Behind the Scenes

  • The Bomb Truck will receive a modern appearance along with a newer model, the older model will be HD and will be available for an upcoming download.
  • Despite having a newer appearance, the older model will be on the wiki for lore only.

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