• Crusader9112001

    Long time coming

    January 23, 2018 by Crusader9112001

    I have yet to really say anything regarding this mod.  It's been a long time project, and with everyone has obviously their lives to live.  I myself feel as though I have not contributed the way I should have.  And here I am now taking up on it where I can.  I see that Smasher has been hard at work in between his life with this project.  It is, after all his baby, and it's a growing girl alright.  

    My job in this?  Partially storyboard, creative ideas, and artwork I suppose.  I have some background in graphics and programming, but nothing like this - only from older C&C games to some degree.  I am currently coming up with some ideas for the Navies of the factions.  Of course, my favourite factions are Company of Liberty and United States, s…

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  • SmasherJackson

    It may of been a long time since the 15th of December, to the 14th of January 2013, Reign of Conflagration is now back with an upcoming update on the future of the modification, a preview of new units, structures and new factions will be presented but we are still looking for some additional help for some things which we can utilise for better effects and better quality.

    Below is a list of units that have been added into the game, models of existing have been improved or stats updated in time for testing.

    • Now we understand that this super-weapon has been added in other mods or so, for all USA Generals or maybe for 1 particular general, the Tomahawk Storm is a unique super-weapon that was found in the game files, but was cut from the final rel…

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  • VolteMetalic


    July 15, 2011 by VolteMetalic

    When now there are the subfactions, we should list them there.

    There will be probably 5 subfactions within one major faction, that would be enough to show different tactics and all technologies.

    • General "Pinpoint" Townes, Laser General - Ground units equipped with laser projectors and hand held laser rifles or projectors, Special laser equipped Apache Gunships replace Comanches.
    • General Malcoml "Ace" Granger, Air Force General - Advanced and high-trained aircraft pilots, special airborne support, paratrooper attacks
    • General Alexis Alexander, Super Weapons General - Cheaper Particle Beam Uplink, more powerful bombs and cruise missiles, devastating ground weapons
    • General Robert "Bob" Travis Ironside, Armor General - Advanced armoured battalions, hea…

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  • VolteMetalic

    Yeah, just I thought there should be a list of models which we should use from other mods or modders (with their permission) for our mod. So lets take a look on it.

    This will be really long...

    • Flak Track - Light half-tracked vehicle with AA gun, can do some good pounding to light vehicles. Its faction would be Martollo Cartel, and maybe GLRF. Model from C&C Vengeance. Image

    • M2 Bradley - Possible IFV for General Ironside or Granger. In case we will gain it, it will need some more work onit, specifically the turret. Model from SWR's Shockwave.
    • M8 Hoplite - Experimental tank with hover engines, capable of crossing the water plains. Model from SWR's Rise of the Reds. (US Crusader 2 Tank)
    • M9/T9 "..." MBT - A possible prototype of heavy-armored tank. Mode…

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  • SmasherJackson

    Well, there has been some changes going on in Reign of Conflagration sometime this month. Below is a list of what we have added into Reign of Conflagration, what will be added and what we'll be updating on later on during the project development.

    • We have added in a Gloster Meteor Interceptor, a World War II Tier 2 Aircraft which can intercept enemy units on the ground. When at Heroic status, the Meteor will acquire four 20mm Auto-Cannons. If your a fan of the Gloster Meteor, this mod is lucky to have it!
    • A model for the AH-64 Apache Gunship for the Company of Liberty has been added ingame. Model by Zeke, only changes present are chassis skin and missiles.
    • Some New Andes Armada units have been added into game, all-thou there isn't any wiki art…

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  • SmasherJackson

    If you have any ideas or suggestions for the modification, or maybe you want to post an issue about a bug in the modification once its released, you can post'em in this here blog. Help on how to install the mod maybe avaliable, but it'll be around once its sorted.

    Feel like that you got ways to help improve the modification, such as new units, balancing, abilities for units or maybe additional lore for the wars ahead for our factions in Reign of Conflagration? Feel free to tell us & we'll make a consideration to add or not.

    Feel theres something wrong with a unit, a building, an ability or something else? Feel free to send us a suggestion to the members of Reign of Conflagration. We'll try and make something to meet the standards you wish to…

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  • VolteMetalic

    This blog will be for posting a suggestions for USA. I have some contribution for this:

    While I am discussing with shark-shark, I remembered two of his models made in past which have caught my attention during a stage of my modding life about making a mod featuring many units in one faction. These units were F-15 Eagle and F-16 Falcon. I asked him about them, and he said he dont has them already. I asked this because I thought they can be somehow used there in Reign of Conflagration, thought I dont have an idea how.

    What do you think about it, SmasherJackson? When I will gain them, would you found any use for them? I am also speaking with sharp-shark about his Abrams model for USTF (which is planned). By me, his Abrams is the best you can f…

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