Kojima-36 "Blizzard" Heavy Destroyer
Eurasian Blizzard Tank
The Kojima Blizzard, Japan's investment for Eurasia's security forces
Faction Eurasian Commonwealth
Cost $1100
Build at Battlements Warehouse
Requires N/A
Detailed Information
Eurasian Blizzard Icon Place of Origin Japan Flag of Japan Small
Manufacturer Kojima & Heavy Industries
Role Field Support Tank


In Service Active
- 100mm Freeze Cannon

- Advanced Laser Sights
- Crew of Three
- Scanning System
- Automatic Bell (Tea Every Hour)

"Freezer ray ready to freeze."
- Blizzard operator -

Built as an investment for Eurasia's anti-personnel purposes, the Kojima Blizzard Heavy Destroyer is a tank based unit which can freeze enemy ground units, the Blizzard is equipped with a 100mm Freeze Cannon which can be is good for subduing and arresting enemy infantry who oppose the Eurasian's forces.

Good for dealing with enemy vehicles if there is many on the field, making them good for co-operation with Osorio and Judge tanks which can allow nearby allies finish off frozen vehicles on the field, disabling the threat and preventing it from causing anymore harm.


To be added...

Freeze Ray Technology

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To be added...

Second Eurasian Conflict

To be added...

Behind the Scenes

  • The Blizzard is inspired by the Allied Nations' Cryo Copter from Red Alert 3.
  • Design for the Blizzard tank is based on the GDI Predator tank from Tiberium Wars with a crisp red paintcoat, the model for the Blizzard suits a futuristic look for Eurasia's forces.

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